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International star—Fiennes Tang, died at age thirty-seven due to a heart attack.

If he was already dead, then what was this situation now?

The stinging smell of disinfectant, ghastly white walls, a variety of life-maintenance equipment, and a breathing apparatus connected to him… For someone who had battled sickness for decades, he was very familiar with his current surroundings. But haven’t I died? Why am I lying on a hospital bed? His brain was a muddled mess and he had a terrible headache. He closed his eyes and vaguely heard the voices of a few nurses chatting nearby.

“How pitiful. His condition is already like this, yet he doesn’t have any visitors.”

“He seems to be a member of that really famous idol group. His looks are superb, but compared to that other member in the group, he doesn’t seem to be very famous.”

The nurses’ voices gradually grew fainter and fainter. He couldn’t understand what they were talking about. He’d only touched movies after his debut. Since when had he joined an idol group?

As he grew more troubled with suspicions, he fell into slumber once again, vacillating between periods of consciousness and unconsciousness. For the most part, he couldn’t even tell whether he was awake or asleep.

He was certain of one thing though. Everyone kept referring to him as “,” but he was not the same “Tang Feng” they were talking about. He’d already changed his name after entering Hollywood.

The body that he was inhabiting at the moment couldn’t be his thirty-seven-year-old body that had been constantly plagued with illness. It was a young body with a very fast recovery rate.

Also, he had a heart attack. He didn’t lose consciousness after falling into the ocean like the nurses had been saying.

He felt he had probably become someone else.

All his thoughts and guesses ended the day he became fully conscious and had the breathing apparatus taken off.

He asked the nurse to bring him a mirror. The nurse misunderstood him and said while looking at him, “Don’t worry. Your face hadn’t been injured.” He could only smile helplessly in response. Nonetheless, the nurse still dutifully handed him a mirror.

Seeing himself in the mirror, he finally confirmed his doubts. He really had become another person—a young, handsome man. That was good news; at least he didn’t turn into a woman. For someone who had fought a serious illness for thirty plus years, they would either be extremely negative about their current situation, or they would be like him, optimistic and lively.

See, how nice it was to be broadminded. Even after he had revived from death and swapped bodies with another person, he still accepted the matter with open arms.

“Does this body have heart disease? I mean, is this body healthy?” He couldn’t help but ask.

The nurse looked at him strangely and replied, “You are very lucky. Although you fell into the ocean and were unconscious for half a month, you’ve fully recovered. Your body is in great shape. You aren’t suffering from heart disease or anything else for that matter.” Once she finished replying, the nurse hurried out of the room. He presumed that she probably thought he had lost his mind after being unconscious for half a month.

Whatever made him this way, he wanted to thank God for giving him a second chance at life, and for giving him a healthy body.


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Translator: Nuddle
Proofreader: P.E.

The ordering of names is different in Asia than in Western countries. One’s family name comes first, followed by one’s given name. So here, “Tang” would be Tang Feng’s family name, and “Feng” would be his given name. However, you will see him be referred to as “Tang” occasionally in the story, but that’s just a quirk of certain characters. Another thing about Chinese naming is that a person is typically called by their full name (family + given). Only when you’re close to someone would you refer to them by only their given name or a nickname. All Chinese names in this story will be written in the Eastern order, and all other names will be written in the Western order.

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