Chapter 16: Your Concern is Chaotic

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Su Yi Mo was driving towards the location indicated by the tracking device when he felt his eyelid twitch. A feeling of unease suddenly washed over him, causing him to slow the car down to allow himself some time to think through everything properly.

Lan Kuang was someone who was very witty. Even if he did get Jing Qiu Han’s phone from Ran Feng Ge, there was no way he was not going to notice the tracking device, and seeing how the tracking device has yet to be destroyed… did that mean Su Yi Mo was about to walk into a trap?

Slamming his fists against the steering wheel, Su Yi Mo turned his car around and continued in the direction he came from.

On the other side, Lan Kuang received news from his subordinates that Su Yi Mo had suddenly turned back around. This made Lan Kuang stop his car immediately, cursing Su Yi Mo for his overly cautious character.

Lan Kuang decided in the end not to head towards the location where ‘Jing Qiu Han’ was being held, and instead, drove towards the nightclub in ‘A’ city.

Su Yi Mo judged that it was time to pull out the hidden card. He dialed a series of numbers on his phone that he had memorized from before.

The call remained unanswered for a while, and when it was finally picked up, the voice on the other end hesitantly asked “Who may you be looking for?”

Hearing the familiar voice coming from the receiver, Su Yi Mo felt relief course through his system and replied without hesitation “Ah Xi, I am Su Yi Mo.”

“Su Yi Mo?! How did you know my number?!” Chen Xi Ran asked in surprise.

Mi Le was about to deliver a tray of alcohol to a customer’s table when she heard the surprised shout from her boyfriend. Without moving a step, Mi Le leaned over the counter top to get better access to the conversation.

“I saw your number on Ran Feng Ge’s phone the last time you called. Enough with the pleasantries, let me ask you something! Is there something on Ran Feng Ge that can be used to track him down? What I am trying to say is that, is there something on him that is able to transmit data?”

Chen Xi Ran glanced at Mi Le, both thinking along the same line: If Su Yi Mo is asking for something like this, does it mean something has happened to that idiot Ran Feng Ge?

They had yet to reply when Su Yi Mo asked again, “Since he is your friend, you should understand his situation, don’t you? Stop hesitating and tell it to me now! I need to go save him!”

Chen Xi Ran looked towards Mi Le, and she promptly placed the tray she had been holding on to the bar top, before flipping herself over into the inside to pull out the red-colored laptop from before, pushing the power button as soon as she opened it.

Chen Xi Ran, on the other hand, had already replied to Su Yi Mo’s question. “There is! There is a micro GPS tracker embedded in his tooth. Give me a sec, let me find out his location for you!”

The startup speed of the laptop was really quick. By the time Chen Xi Ran finished his sentence, Mi Le had already opened up an application and her ten fingers were soon flying across the keyboard, opening a map of ‘A’ City. There, on the map, at the corner of the lower left-hand side, a red dot was flashing.

Without missing a beat, Mi Le had expanded the image, saying: “Xiao Ge is being held at the downtown southwestern gymnasium! Third floor, billiards room!”

Upon hearing a woman’s voice through the phone, Su Yi Mo felt a little stunned. Within Ran Feng Ge’s circle of friends, there were also females?

Ran Feng Ge sure was lucky to be acquainted with so many different types of people – males, females, young, and old! Furthermore, all these people were so good to him. They were even privy to information such as the tracker in his tooth and were anxious to help out the moment they found out he was in danger.

An unknown feeling was disturbing Su Yi Mo. He couldn’t help but feel like he was way more frustrated now than before he enlisted their help to locate Ran Feng Ge.

“Oi, Su Yi Mo! What has happened to Ran Feng Ge? You better not involve him in your power struggle nonsense. A body double is only required to be a body double, to perfectly imitate the person he’s paid to do – anything else other than that is not part of the job! I am warning you right now, if something happens to Ran Feng Ge, we will never let you go. Hmph! Who cares if it is Falcon or Chasing Hawk, either way you will all become dead birds!” Mi Le spat angrily at the receiver.

Chen Xi Ran wanted to add on a few words of his own, as it was not everyday one got to chastise Su Yi Mo, the head of Falcon. However, before he could even open his mouth to say a word, Su Yi Mo had already ended the call on his end.

“Fucker!” Chen Xi Ran threw the phone onto the bar top. “What sort of person is he? He didn’t even let me finish!”

“Boss, are my drinks not ready yet?” a voice yelled out from the corner of the bar.

The drinks that were supposed to be delivered to that person were promptly downed by Mi Le. “My apologies everyone, but this shop is going to be closing early today! Everyone’s bills will be on the house, so if you will all leave, please!”

“What? How can you do this?”

“Ooh, but free drinks!”

“The boss of this place is a little too carefree, isn’t he?”

“Ah, forget it, forget it. It isn’t the first time they’ve closed the shop early on a whim.”

“Right… Let’s go then! We can just come back another day.”

Once all the customers had left, the two of them disregarded the mess in the bar, grabbed their necessary equipment, locked the doors tightly, and ran towards their garage.

They both knew innately that Ran Feng Ge needed their help.

Although they had zero information on the situation right now, they were highly worried.

A red convertible sped past the beautiful night lights, speeding down the road in the direction of ‘A’ City’s southwest gymnasium.

Chen Xi Ran was at the wheel while Mi Le was by his side in the passenger seat, organizing the things they usually needed on missions. First, they had to change into skin-tight body suits, followed by removing all the unnecessary weapons and equipment on their waists and pockets. Mi Le removed all her jewelry and tossed them out of the window while her eyes followed the red dot that was on the screen in front of her. “The location is still the same. Ah, turn left at the junction in front.”

Chen Xi Ran made the turn smoothly without slowing down his speed whilst Mi Le finished organizing all the information she had on hand. “Okay, we are all set!” Mi Le called out.

With that said, Chen Xi Ran quickly removed himself from the driver’s seat, switching positions with Mi Le as she took control of the car so that he could prepare himself.

Both their movements were very clean and precise. There was no indication from outside the car that anything unusual was going on inside.

Chen Xi Ran situated himself properly onto the passenger seat before taking out the weapons he had modified himself, his eyes glued to the red dot on the screen. “What did this idiot get himself into this time? How did he get himself captured so easily? He should have abandoned the objective right then and there, and extricated himself from the situation the moment it got bad, right?”

“Unless…” Mi Le muttered hesitantly. “Unless this was because he agreed to it and this was part of the orders from his employer.”

“So, he gave up his right to escape and allowed himself to walk right into a trap?” Chen Xi Ran continued, cursing under his breath. “He is seriously a crazy idiot!”

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