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Su Yi Mo used the tip of his tongue to trace Ran Feng Ge’s teeth, coaxing gently until they parted, allowing his tongue to gain further entry into the moist cavern, entwining with Ran Feng Ge’s own tongue in a dance.

Ran Feng Ge did not actually mind this kiss.

In the beginning, Ran Feng Ge did just allow his body to go with the flow, but as the minutes ticked by, he could not help himself when he started to enjoy the emotions that were coming forth, and so instead of struggling, the hands that had been fighting to push Su Yi Mo away relaxed and started to inch higher. Ran Feng Ge’s arms hooked around Su Yi Mo’s neck as he pulled him closer, his right hand coming to rest at the back of Su Yi Mo’s head; pulling him closer as he deepened the kiss.

Seeing Ran Feng Ge’s reaction, Su Yi Mo was pleasantly surprised. However, surprise soon turned into annoyance as he felt some thing tickling the back of his throat – it was very uncomfortable.

It seemed that Ran Feng Ge was very adept at kissing, and this made Su Yi Mo very unhappy.

How many partners did Ran Feng Ge have before to become so proficient in kissing?

Thinking up to this point, Su Yi Mo started to lose the drive from before; his tongue quickly retreated back behind the comfort of his own lips. Feeling annoyed, Su Yi Mo just wanted to turn and leave in that moment.

Breathless, Ran Feng Ge forced his breathing to slow down as he purposely spoke in a sultry tone: “What? Dine and dash?”

Su Yi Mo’s eyes glanced quickly at the slowly reddening and swollen lips of Ran Feng Ge: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

Ran Feng Ge looked at Su Yi Mo with a self-deprecating smile, and said: “No worries, this happens all the time.”

When he first saw the sad smile on Ran Feng Ge’s face, Su Yi Mo felt a wave of regret overcome him, but as soon as his next words came out of his mouth, this happens all the time, Su Yi Mo felt his heart go cold as he turned and left the room immediately.

In actuality, Ran Feng Ge’s “this happens all the time” was different to what Su Yi Mo’s was thinking. To Ran Feng Ge who had to constantly remind himself who he was at any point in time – whether he was the body double of a client or himself, he was used to people losing control of their emotions around him whenever they saw the face of their loved one.

Raising an arm to wipe the remnants of saliva from the corner of his lips, Ran Feng Ge looked as though he were reminiscing about the kiss he just had, but if one were to look closely at his gaze, they would see the loneliness that was plaguing him.

It wasn’t that he’d never suspected that his new employer “Ah Mo” was the “Ah Mo” from his childhood days who vowed that he was going to marry him. However, his “Ah Mo” was not an iceberg like this; he’d always been so happy and full of life.

Besides, they had already been apart for so many years.

And even if he really was the “Ah Mo” from his childhood, he already had a new lover – so there was nothing else Ran Feng Ge could do anymore…

Therefore, confirming it or not, it was no longer important…

In his heart, Ran Feng Ge had already decided that this “Ah Mo” was not the same person as the one from his beloved memories even though there were some overlapping qualities.

Su Yi Mo returned to his room in a haze of anger and frustration.

He didn’t understand what was wrong with himself. He was supposed to spend the night over at Qiu Han’s home, but he stopped halfway through. He just wasn’t interested in doing it anymore.

Ran Feng Ge was only the body double, the face he had on was definitely that of Qiu Han, so why? Why was it that when he faced the original Qiu Han, he was unable to continue, but with Ran Feng Ge he had the urge to crush him under him?

Up to the point where he would be jealous of Ran Feng Ge’s past partners and history…


I must be… Crazy…

Su Yi Mo left his room feeling absolutely frustrated. He quickly made his way into the kitchen and pulled open the fridge to reach for a wine bottle. Unwilling to even look for the cork screw, Su Yi Mo placed the bottle to his lips and tore the cork out with his bare teeth and took two big mouthfuls. The strong smell of alcohol spread through his mouth, sliding down his throat, filling his belly with a warm intense heat.

Upon seeing Su Yi Mo by the fridge door, Ran Feng Ge was slightly taken aback as he thought Su Yi Mo had returned to his room to sleep, that was why he had come down to finally get a bite to eat.

Having lost himself in his memories for the entire day, Ran Feng Ge had yet to have eaten anything the entire day to the point of feeling weak from hunger.

Without acknowledging the other man in the room, Ran Feng Ge pushed past him and started ransacking the cupboards.

Su Yi Mo had half a mind to return to his room immediately, however he did not actually go through with it, instead he decided to feign disinterest and asked: “What are you looking for?”

“Something to eat. I’m hungry.” Ran Feng Ge answered without even looking up as he continued on his quest to find his next meal. Lucky for him, the next compartment he opened contained a bag of smoked ham and two packets of bread – this was all he needed to make a satisfying meal.

Su Yi Mo leaned against the kitchen island his expression dark: “You haven’t eaten dinner?”

“Yeah, who knew I would lose myself thinking about things…” Ran Feng Ge mumbled absentmindedly before he realized something was strange.

Without even needing to turn around, Ran Feng Ge could feel the intense stare on his back as he hugged the bag of smoked ham and packets of bread trying to figure out the quickest route of escape back to his room: “I’m going back to my room first, enjoy.”

“Stop!” Su Yi Mo yelled out suddenly, and Ran Feng Ge immediately stopped in his tracks. Suddenly realizing that there was no need for him to be afraid of Su Yi Mo, Ran Feng Ge quickly turned around as he pulled open one of the bread packets and mumbled: “What? Something you need?”

Su Yi Mo reached forward and grabbed the bread from Ran Feng Ge’s arms and promptly tossed it into the garbage bin.

Ran Feng Ge was taken aback by Su Yi Mo’s actions as he stared wide eyed at the other man: “What are you doing?!”

“You should not be eating these kinds of foods with no nutrition.”  Su Yi Mo replied as he reached for the other packet of bread residing in Ran Feng Ge’s arms.

Ran Feng Ge squeezed the bread in his hand to prevent him from taking it and his expression was uphappy: “I want to eat it; it’s not up to you!”

“Don’t forget that you just had surgery, if you don’t want your gastric disease to get worst, you better listen to me.” Su Yi Mo said as he grasped the bread packet and threw it into the bin.

Ran Feng Ge was pissed. When the hell did bread become something unhealthy? If it was truly unhealthy, why the heck was it in the kitchen cupboards then??

Feeling more and more indignant, Ran Feng Ge reached for the bottle in Su Yi Mo’s hand and threw said bottle into the bin in one smooth action.

Having been too quick, by the time Su Yi Mo registered what had happened; his freshly opened bottle of wine was now in the company of the bread in the trash.

Ran Feng Ge stared at Su Yi Mo’s surprised face and instead of feeling fear; he could not help the little smirk from appearing on his lips. Crossing his arms leisurely: “Drinking alcohol in the middle of the night is bad on the stomach. I am, being. Considerate. For. You.” Ran Feng Ge said as he laid emphasis on the last three words, sending them out like punches to Su Yi Mo’s gut.

Actually, Ran Feng Ge was counting on Su Yi Mo to continue the fight as he was still upset over not being able to have his smoked ham sandwich.

In the end, all Su Yi Mo did was hold Ran Feng Ge’s challenging gaze for a moment before he pulled Ran Feng Ge back into the kitchen and forcing him to take a seat at the counter: “Aren’t you hungry? I’ll make some porridge for you.”

“HUH?!” Ran Feng Ge was surprised, “Can your porridge even be eaten?”

Su Yi Mo had been in the middle of folding up his sleeves when he heard Ran Feng Ge’s comment; Su Yi Mo was already feeling irritated, even if the porridge is a disaster, at least he could find a distraction. Besides, it seemed as though his irritation was ebbing away the longer he stayed beside Ran Feng Ge.

It seems… He was eager to spend time with Ran Feng Ge…

Hearing what Ran Feng Ge said, Su Yi Mo couldn’t help feeling a little helpless before he gently said: “Well, if you sit right next to me as I work, you can point out my mistakes and correct them as we go along.”

“Fine, do your worst then.” Ran Feng Ge relented with a pout.

“You need to wash the rice at least twice, my dude!”

“Oi! That is too much water!”

“You need to let the green beans soak a little longer, add in the rice first!”

“The fire! The fire! Lower it down a little or else the water is gonna dry up!”

“Yeaahh, once the green beans open up, it will be ready.”

This could be counted as the first time Su Yi Mo cooked successfully. The first time where he followed the cookbooks did not count as all he did was fumble around and the things that were made could kill a person instead of save one. Therefore, Su Yi Mo really put his all in as he prepared this dish.

At the end, even though it was just an ordinary bowl of green bean rice porridge, this was his first successful attempt at creating something edible from scratch. Su Yi Mo couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of self-satisfaction bubbling up from within.

Scooping out a bowl, Su Yi Mo grabbed a spoon from the cutlery drawer and placed the finished product down before Ran Feng Ge: “Try it.”

Ran Feng Ge did not need to be asked twice and quickly tucked in. He was there during the entire preparation, so Ran Feng Ge was fairly certain this was going to be good. The faint scent of green beans permeated from the rice porridge as Ran Feng Ge brought a spoonful of it up to his lips, blowing it slightly before shoving it straight into his mouth. En, the rice is nice and soft and the green beans have mixed in really well.

Su Yi Mo stood to the side watching Ran Feng Ge eat with slight apprehension: “So, how is it?”

Coughing lightly, Ran Feng Ge quickly took on the persona of a lord: “Hmm, passable. As your first try, this is admirable. You pass!”

Su Yi Mo could tell right from the moment Ran Feng Ge took his first bite that he really enjoyed the taste of the porridge. He knew that Ran Feng Ge was being difficult on purpose but didn’t mind it at all. He took another bowl out and scooped himself a portion and settled down directly opposite Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge quickly slurped the remaining porridge down before getting up to get himself a second helping of the porridge from the pot. As he watched Su Yi Mo gracefully swallow each mouthful of the porridge, Ran Feng Ge slowed his eating speed down to gracefully match the other man.

The kitchen soon fell into a comfortable silence.

Su Yi Mo didn’t mind the silence but Ran Feng Ge couldn’t help but feel a little weird – two grown men sitting together drinking porridge in the middle of the night.

Clearing his throat slightly, Ran Feng Ge acted as though he were asking was about the weather: “So, why did you come home tonight?”

Su Yi Mo carefully placed his spoon against the side of the bowl and replied: “This is my home, do I have to report to you whether or not I’m coming home?” Su Yi Mo’s eyes gleamed.

Shrugging, Ran Feng Ge absentmindedly continued to shove spoonful’s of porridge into his mouth before replying: “I am only asking to make sure you don’t get hated by your little lover, that’s all! I didn’t rescue his little sister last time… Will this cause you trouble?”

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