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The closest hospital was ‘A’ City’s affiliated sister hospital whose medical standards were above average.

As soon as Su Yi Mo stopped the car, he threw open the back door and hurriedly carried Ran Feng Ge towards the emergency department.

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le got out of the car and quickly ran up towards them. “Wait a moment!”

Su Yi Mo was a little confused. They had already reached the hospital, so why were they asking him to wait? The most important thing now was to seek medical treatment. What were they waiting for?!

Mi Le ran forward and blocked off Su Yi Mo’s way. “The face he has now is that of Jing Qiu Han’s. If you were to carry him in like this, what would people say? And if the news travels out and all the damned paparazzi were to come hounding here, what then?”

On her end, Mi Le was preventing Su Yi Mo from advancing any further. On the other end, Chen Xi Ran was already rummaging through the back seat to produce the little medicine bottle he always had with him. Pouring out a small handful of the liquid, Chen Xi Ran proceeded to rub it across the unconscious Ran Feng Ge’s face, especially at the junction of his head and neck. After a short while, a flimsy layer of skin-like material was lifted off his face.

As expected, Ran Feng Ge was looking worse than ever under the mask.

From the side, Su Yi Mo was frozen still while Chen Xi Ran pulled Ran Feng Ge on to his back. “Thank you for saving him today but Le Le and I can handle the rest from here. You are the big boss of a well-known company. If someone saw you carrying a stranger on your back, rushing like a headless chicken into the hospital, rumors are bound to fly. It’s better if you just leave; I’ll give you a call later.” As soon as Chen Xi Ran finished talking, he shot a look towards Mi Le and said: “Le Le, let’s go!”

“En,” Mi Le replied after a second of hesitation. She raised a hand and placed it onto Su Yi Mo’s shoulder. “So sorry for before; we were too quick to judge. It looks like you do worry for Xiao Ge after all. However, we still hope that you will never make use of him in this way again.” After saying her piece, Mi Le turned and quickly caught up with Chen Xi Ran.

It seemed as though Su Yi Mo was lost in his own thoughts. He had wanted to defend himself by justifying that he did not make use of Ran Feng Ge but the words just refused to leave his mouth.

Ran Feng Ge may be overly protective but these two were not any different from him. They treated Ran Feng Ge as their own and would willingly go to any length necessary to protect him—this was the first time Su Yi Mo felt their dislike towards him.

He turned his head slowly in the direction of the emergency department where Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le had just disappeared into, his eyes stuck on Ran Feng Ge’s back.

Soon, his brows furrowed.

What was wrong with him today? Why was he so worried and why was the sense of guilt still affecting him so? Su Yi Mo even felt like he was more worried than when he got the news about Jing Qiu Han.

This time, he could no longer use the “I worry because he looks like Jing Qiu Han” excuse to reason with himself, because from start till end, he had never once looked at him as that familiar face – instead, he had always only seen Ran Feng Ge.

Through that layer of mask that resembled Jing Qiu Han, all he saw was…

Ran Feng Ge…

And the fight they had…

He had never once gotten into an argument with Qiu Han, because as soon as Jing Qiu Han had on that forlorn, puppy-eyed look, all the anger in him would dissipate. But this time, he had no way of suppressing the anger in him; he even felt that Ran Feng Ge had wronged him! Su Yi Mo only had good intentions when he decided to rescue him. Yet, not only did Ran Feng Ge not reciprocate, he even accused him of involving his friends into the mess!

After arguing with Ran Feng Ge, Su Yi Mo felt that some of the steam and fury from before was no longer there. He hesitated for a moment as he stood next to his car. Not only did he not keep his word and leave, he also promptly closed the car door, quickly pulled the shades over his eyes, and entered the hospital.

In the hospital, Chen Xi Ran had already explained the situation to the doctor and Ran Feng Ge had been pushed into the surgical theater. In the corridor, both Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were absentmindedly pacing up and down.

“Le Le, let’s just knock him out and leave once he recovers from this, okay?” Chen Xi Ran sighed. “We can go anywhere—better yet, let’s leave the country!”

Mi Le could not help but roll her eyes at him. “If it were that easy, this would never have happened.”

“Tch, why is he like this? Why can’t he just follow in our footsteps and leave the industry?!” Chen Xi Ran rambled.

“As they say, you only live once!” Mi Le said as she crossed her arms and leaned against the hospital wall. “Maybe… The reason why he’s like that is related to what happened in the past.”

Chen Xi Ran imitated Mi Le and leaned against the hospital wall. “En… That’s what I thought too. Ever since that incident, he changed…”

Since the last time the two of them followed Ran Feng Ge to Su Yi Mo’s mansion, they had gone through numerous amounts of information regarding both Chasing Hawk and Falcon, Lan Kuang and Su Yi Mo – this made them more determined to find out what exactly were the mission details from two years ago.

Hard work begets results. Through Mi Le’s advanced computer skills, the two had found out that Ran Feng Ge’s previous work had affiliations to Lan Kuang and the An family, including the reason why Ran Feng Ge came back to them covered entirely in wounds.

The last sentence was also heard by Su Yi Mo who had just caught up to them. He had originally wanted to turn a corner and reveal himself to them, but at this moment, he stopped in his tracks and instead leaned against the wall to listen.

“I knew people involved in all these shady businesses were all shits! Grey, my ass!” Mi Le cried out in frustration. “They say they are all above ground and legal, but they can never get rid of the underground blood that is flowing deep within their veins!”

“Not only does he have to deal with Su Yi Mo, but now Lan Kuang is back into the equation as well! Both are also in the middle of a gang war—this is way too dangerous!” Chen Xi Ran was restless once more and returned to pacing up and down the corridor, pulling at his hair in worry.

“Forget it, I’m sure he knows what he is doing. At the very least, Lan Kuang still has no idea that he is the same man from two years ago. Su Yi Mo only hired him to act as Jing Qiu Han. As long as he stops doing such stupid things in the future and knows when and where his limits are… To be frank, if he really did want to leave all this behind, all the men from Lan Kuang’s side won’t even be enough to stop him. Don’t forget, he was able to escape from the situation back then; which means that he can handle himself. The only reason he didn’t escape unscathed was due to a clause in his contract and not because of a lack of abilities.” Mi Le reached out for Chen Xi Ran’s hand, squeezing it tightly. “Okay, don’t worry so much now. Worse comes to worst, we can gang up and give him a good beating so that he won’t be so professional next time!”

“En, that’s it! There is a limit to professionalism too! In times of danger, he should have known that his life is most important. That crazy lunatic!” Having Mi Le comfort him helped ease the feelings of worry in his heart. With a gentle smile, Chen Xi Ran leaned over and kissed Mi Le lightly. “Le Le, we should give him a hand this time round!”

Shrugging, Mi Le said: “Alright, better than standing around doing nothing. We’ll do as you say.”

“Le Le, you are the best. I love you so much! Come, let me have another kiss!”

With that, the two of them started laughing and joking around.

From around the corner, Su Yi Mo felt his shoulder relax as he slowly closed his eyes. From the exchange that he had just heard, he managed to catch onto some important details: two years ago, the An family, Lan Kuang, and being covered in wounds.

It appeared that, two years ago, Ran Feng Ge had a run in with Lan Kuang and ended up severely injured. This made him recall the time Ran Feng Ge came home drunk, the nightmare that had followed afterwards, and the words he had uttered: Lan Kuang, I’m not him, I’m not him.

There seemed to be subtle answers embedded in those details, making Su Yi Mo’s heart wrench with a mixture of emotions he had no name for.

Suddenly, Chen Xi Ran’s urgent voice sounded from around the corner, “Doctor! How is my friend?”

Su Yi Mo quickly collected himself and listened attentively.

The doctor removed the surgical mask from his face as he eyed the two people before him. Both were dressed in unconventional attire. “The patient’s immune system suffered due to having been deprived of oxygen. However, this is not the biggest problem at hand; adequate bed rest would be able to fix it in no time. The main concern at the moment is his gastric disease. There’s internal bleeding within the lining of the stomach, and if not handled properly, it could become a much bigger problem in the future!”

“Then, how is he now?” asked Chen Xi Ran.

“We have managed to stabilize him. The most important thing he needs now is proper rest. Make sure he has three meals a day at regular intervals; no raw or cold food, no smoking or drinking, and no overworking as well. There is no cure for gastric disease; there is only supporting care for it.”

“We understand. Thank you, doctor.”

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le were just about to follow the bed Ran Feng Ge was on to his hospital room, when they spotted the nurses looking at them strangely. Both thought to themselves as they looked down at their attires, feeling a little embarrassed and annoyed: All these people and their narrow mindedness. Haven’t they seen this style of clothing before?

The people involved in the military and special forces have even more outrageous-looking outfits!

Mi Le cleared her throat, saying, “What? Haven’t y’all ever seen cosplay?!”

With that, everyone quickly diverted their sight and those who could leave, left.

Chen Xi Ran hung on to a corner of the bed and was about to help push it when Su Yi Mo suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Seeing him appear unexpectedly, Chen Xi Ran stopped and wondered, didn’t we ask him to leave earlier? Why is he still here? The operation lasted two hours. Did that mean Su Yi Mo had been here the entire time? Or had he left and just came back now?

Observing that Su Yi Mo was still dressed in the white Taekwondo uniform, Chen Xi Ran was even more confused. It is more likely that he waited for the entire two hours, right? If not, why did he not even change?

Su Yi Mo did not even try to explain himself. He made his way to the side of Ran Feng Ge’s bed and looked at the unconscious man before turning to Chen Xi Ran to say: “I will take care of him!”

“You?” Mi Le looked at him dubiously.

“Yes. Let me take care of him. Unlike you guys, I am dressed rather unremarkably – no one will recognize me. The two of you are attracting too much attention. If this raises any suspicion, then wouldn’t our actions so far be all for nothing?”

Chen Xi Ran and Mi Le exchanged glances. Su Yi Mo was not wrong.

“If you really want to do something for him, why not make use of your conspicuous get-up and direct the focus to some other hospital?”


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