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When Ran Feng Ge exited the room, Su Yi Mo’s underlings whom he had managed to lie to before, surrounded him before anything could be said – all thinking the same thought: they wanted to teach him a lesson.

With a roll of his eyes, Ran Feng Ge gave them a casual smile, his index finger lifting to his lips in a “hush” motion.

A few of the people were stunned as they watched the index point straight at them followed by it pulling back gently, indicating to them that they were free to attack him as they like.

Provoked by his taunting, Ran Feng Ge’s assailants all rushed up towards him together…

Without even breaking a sweat, Ran Feng Ge settled Su Yi Mo’s underlings with minimum hassle; leaving said underlings  crumpled in a pile to the side.

Acting as though he were a rich old master, Ran Feng Ge rested his leg on the large shoulder of the last remaining man, with an overly dramatic show of dusting off the ends of his sleeves – at which the big man decided to fall backwards, the back of his skull meeting the floor with a thud, effectively knocking himself out.

With a yawn, Ran Feng Ge pulled his leg back and leaned against the wall lazily with his arms crossed slowly counting sheep―how slow!

It was only after a while that Su Yi Mo finally opened the room door.

Ran Feng Ge straightened his body and decided to be the first one to act, swinging his leg forward.

Su Yi Mo had not expected Ran Feng Ge to react pre-emptively. He had even planned to get back at him first, yet this man had the nerve to provoke him before he got the chance! Because of that, Su Yi Mo quickly reacted, shutting the room door while evading Ran Feng Ge’s attack, and with a quick turn threw a punch right back at Ran Feng Ge!

Ran Feng Ge could tell that his opponent meant business. He jumped backwards with a quickstep, aiming a straight kick at Su Yi Mo

The head of Falcon… He should be quite formidable, no?

Okay, Rang Feng Ge had no interest in seeing how far he could push Su Yi Mo’s fury, all he wanted was to trade moves with someone of high caliber.

Su Yi Mo did not disappoint. Su Yi Mo’s every move was clean and agile, when Ran Feng Ge kicked forward, Su Yi Mo dodged it efficiently, as soon as the leg cleared and was at its weakest angle, he reached out swiftly, grabbing the ankle, and throwing Ran Feng Ge with a surge of strength.

Ran Feng Ge had always been nimble, with a flip in mid-air; he righted himself, landing softly on the floor, before once again throwing himself at Su Yi Mo.

Su Yi Mo avoided the body slam, and aimed a blow at Ran Feng Ge’s solar plexus. Ran Feng Ge held his breath as his knee came up to meet Su Yi Mo’s advancing elbow, his arm snaking across Su Yi Mo’s neck in an attempt to slam him, but Su Yi Mo refused to allow himself to be brought down; he lowered his center of gravity and straightened his back. Instead, he wanted to throw Ran Feng Ge onto the ground.

Seeing that he was not going to reach the ground, and not touching the ground meant that he was unable to gather enough force, Ran Feng Ge grabbed at Su Yi Mo’s shirt collar to regain equilibrium.

Because of the sudden pull at his collar, Su Yi Mo was knocked off balance, forcing him to take two steps forward, his steps unfortunately colliding into the ankle of one of his recently knocked out subordinates – Su Yi Mo was unwilling to take another step as he was worried he might accidently step on someone and cause said person injury. He may have a distant personality, but that did not mean he was cold-blooded. And so, his only alternative was to allow himself to fall on to Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge’s legs were also tangled up with the arms of the big guy from before, he was just about to right himself when Su Yi Mo appeared above him!

The weight of two people slamming against him was enough to jolt the unconscious man back into reality! With his blurred vision just clearing, the first thing he saw was his boss and… and his boss…?! Kissing?!

Ran Feng Ge’s back was aching, although there was someone to break his fall, it felt as though it had been nothing; the body of the big guy might as well have been steel!

Lifting his gaze, he caught Su Yi Mo’s agitated look.

I guess he didn’t think we’d end up kissing?

On the other hand, Ran Feng Ge felt nothing, they had already kissed on multiple occasions before, this was nothing new.

Su Yi Mo jumped up quickly, straightening himself at the side, anger and frustration on his face as he looked at the unfazed Ran Feng Ge.

Actually, the problem was not because he had kissed Ran Feng Ge, this was not even the first time they’d kissed, the problem was who the hell would want to kiss someone who looks identical to you?

Having allowed time to calm down, Su Yi Mo eyed Ran Feng Ge who was wearing his face, he was unable to let himself be angry anymore, after all, he can’t give his own face a punch can he?

“If you are done with this farce, come with me!” Su Yi Mo spat out as he headed down the corridor.

Ran Feng Ge used the back of his hand to rub at his still moist lips, an indescribable emotion bubbling up in his heart.

Having blanked out a little, Ran Feng Ge felt the curious stare from the subordinate under him. He lowered his arms, with a quick roll of his eyes, Ran Feng Ge turned around and stuck his tongue out at the big guy before standing up to follow behind Su Yi Mo.

Seeing his own boss stick out his tongue at him scared the big guy so much that he’d almost fainted. Su Yi Mo was definitely not someone who would do something like that, just who the hell was this genius? Impersonating the boss to cause chaos, and yet the boss did not get angry at him? What a miracle!

Should he tell the others that that the next time they see him, they should take a big detour?


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