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Su Yi Mo had no plans of hiding anything from Jing Qiu Han. He answered honestly, “He’s a body double I’ve employed. While you’re recuperating, he’ll be taking your place in the public world.”

“Body double?” Jing Qiu Han’s jaw dropped in shock. “Then he…” Why did that man act so brazenly? So unbridled?

“He’s only acting that way in order to play your character well. But don’t be afraid. I will warn him to stop bothering you!” Su Yi Mo comforted Jing Qiu Han. He rested a hand on the other’s shoulder and looked at him earnestly. “Xiao Han, do you have something you want to say to me?”

Jing Qiu Han didn’t dare meet his gaze. Looking down, he said shamefully, “I did get close to you with a goal in mind. It was also an act when I betrayed Lan Kuang in front of you and broken off with Chasing Hawk.

“But you were so good to me. I didn’t want to hurt you at all. Although I still sent information about the Su family’s branch of Falcon to Lan Kuang, I only did it after careful thinking. Everything I’ve given them seems important, but it’s actually worthless information!

“…I admit there were a few times when they’d pressed me too hard and I had to give them something more substantial… Three years ago, the fire in D City that caused Falcon to suffer disastrous losses… It was because I gave them your business plans… The incident at Sunshine Dock in B City a year ago… It was also my fault…

“I’m sorry… Ah Mo, blame me if you want. It’s all my fault due to my selfishness… I’ve let you down!”

Jing Qiu Han’s eyes were rimmed with red, full of pain and self-blame. His fingers brushed against the dagger he had used in his attempt to stab Ran Feng Ge earlier. He made a swift decision and grabbed the hilt, aiming the blade at his own throat.

Su Yi Mo reacted fast and reached out to stop his arm. “Xiao Han!”

The dagger cut across Su Yi Mo’s wrist. Bright red blood splattered onto Jing Qiu Han’s face. He glanced numbly at Su Yi Mo, tears falling from his eyes. In that instant, Su Yi Mo snatched away the dagger.

“Ah Mo… Ah Mo… I… I…” Jing Qiu Han mumbled incoherently. He fumbled around and tried to press his hand against Su Yi Mo’s wound. But the tears blurred his vision and his agitation made it difficult to control his movements.

Su Yi Mo didn’t pay any attention to his wound. He took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears and blood on Jing Qiu Han’s face. He pulled the man into his arms. “Xiao Han, don’t be like this. To be honest… I’ve more or less guessed the truth of what had happened in the past. I just couldn’t believe it. I was waiting for the day when you would come clean to me. Today… Let’s just treat today as the catalyst for your confession. We’ve already talked about everything with each other, so there won’t be anything between us in the future. I will definitely save your sister. Don’t have any strange thoughts, okay?”

“You don’t blame me?” Jing Qiu Han asked pitifully.

Su Yi Mo smiled for once. He comforted, “I do blame you. I blame you for not talking about this with me in the first place. I blame myself for not being reliable enough for you to talk to me. I also blame myself for not having the power to protect you.”

Hearing his response, Jing Qiu Han wrapped his arms around Su Yi Mo’s neck and kissed him. “Ah Mo… Ah Mo…”

No matter how many words they spun, they couldn’t find the correct ones to describe their current feelings.

Su Yi Mo tightened his arms around the other. He took the lead from Jing Qiu Han and deepened the kiss. It was quite a while before they let go of each other.

Su Yi Mo patted Jing Qiu Han’s head. “We’ll get you out of the hospital. I’ll take you to the mansion in the outskirts tonight. I’ve installed people there, nobody will be able to break in.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you,” Jing Qiu Han agreed.

Su Yi Mo released him and stood up. “Wait for me. I’ll bring the car around.”

“Okay.” Jing Qiu Han held onto his hand and said, “Be careful. Come back quickly!”

Su Yi Mo smiled and patted Jing Qiu Han on the hand. The latter let go reluctantly, eyes trailing after Su Yi Mo’s back as he left the room.

While the door was open, Jing Qiu Han focused his gaze on the floor outside his hospital room. There was a shadow of a person reflected on the floor, long and languid. It only straightened after Su Yi Mo left the room.

When the door closed shut, a vicious glint appeared in Jing Qiu Han’s eyes. Was it the body double?

The brazen man appeared to be the unpredictable type…

It would be best if the body double didn’t get in his way.


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  1. Navleu says:

    Just a few words and a staged suicide attempt and you believe him everything, Su Yi Mo? Aish. He’s brain dead.

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  2. JoLie says:

    It would be awesome If SYM is also just acting the love sick fool.
    It’s a bit too predictable If JQH is the only lying rat, lol…

    I also really hope SYM is not the main love interest, though from the synopsis it sure seems he is. D:
    Do not want, haha. I’m still waiting for a dark horse to appear, someone truly worthy of the almighty golden body double.

  3. Jaelaun says:

    This is so stupid. If I were Ran Feng Ge I’d be like, “SCREW IT. I QUIT.”

    • Ice Princess says:

      i totally agree with you i rather pay the penalty fee than risk my life for the love stricken fool who’s name is su yi mo.
      after all this i would definitely declare with a loud voice to him that i quit!

  4. kyunie says:

    I want Lan Kuang with Jing Qiu Han and Su Yi Mo with RFG

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  8. Haven says:

    Rang Feng Ge deserves better love options!!! He’s too smart and beautiful for these ungrateful losers
    Thanks for the translation!!

    • I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Su Yi is a blind fool who is hurting MC for the sake of a traitor, and Lang is even worse/truly not an option as he is a cold-hearted villain who somehow tortured MC in the past.

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