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Su Yi Mo smiled coldly at him. “I definitely know more than you!”

“Oh? Is that right?” Ran Feng Ge whispered beside the other’s ear, “Then you are aware of the fact that he still has ties with the organization that he used to be in?”

“What nonsense are you babbling about!” Su Yi Mo frowned and pushed Ran Feng Ge away. He walked toward his car, unlocking it as he went. A beep from the car signaled that it was unlocked and ready.

Walking behind the other, Ran Feng Ge shook his head. He knew Su Yi Mo wouldn’t believe him.

Forget it. Like that old saying of “Seeing the Buddha all the way to the west,” he needed to do all he could in this situation. Since he was the one who had accepted this job, it was his responsibility to get to the bottom of this.

Before he left, Lan Kuang had mentioned something about a sister. If it were true, then Jing Qiu Han probably had his hands tied.

Su Yi Mo opened the car door. With a slight smile, he said emotionlessly, “Get in!”

“Okay.” Ran Feng Ge responded with his own smile.

Despite being in the same car, the two of them remained silent for the whole ride.

Sinking back into his taciturn iceberg behavior, Su Yi Mo focused on driving. Sitting in the back, Ran Feng Ge shifted into a comfortable position and fell asleep. When he woke up, they were already home.

“Hah―” Ran Feng Ge yawned and sat up. Drowsy-eyed, he got out of the car and walked in the direction of the living room.

Su Yi Mo pulled the handbrake into place and quickly followed after him.

The minute they stepped through the door, Su Yi Mo slammed Ran Feng Ge against the wall and grabbed his collar. “I’m warning you! Stop slandering Qiu Han’s name! Also, stop digging up things of the past and meddling in them!”

Ran Feng Ge narrowed his eyes, his mischievous smile immediately morphing into a displeased frown. He reached up and grabbed Su Yi Mo’s wrist, twisting it around. He then stated indifferently, “Su Yi Mo, I’m also warning you. This is beyond my control. Don’t forget that I am Jing Qiu Han right now! I’m the one those people are looking for. How am I supposed to carry out my act if I don’t know anything? If they see through my disguise, wouldn’t that just put your little lover in danger?”

In pain, Su Yi Mo released his grip on Ran Feng Ge’s collar. He frowned at the other’s explanation and asked, “Has someone come looking for you?”

Ran Feng Ge swung his hand and grunted in response.

“Who was it?” Su Yi Mo questioned.

“You should know who it is.” Ran Feng Ge replied truthfully, “He wants me to gather information on the head of your family and then give it to him.”

“That’s impossible!” Su Yi Mo couldn’t believe those words. He walked to a cupboard and pulled out a glass of alcohol. He twisted the cap open and downed two mouthfuls. “Qiu Han had probably been forced into doing it!”

Seeing the disbelief and pain on Su Yi Mo’s face, Ran Feng Ge was a bit unwilling to provoke him any further. However, he continued, “If he really had been forced into doing it, then has he ever discussed it with you? If he truly were experiencing difficulties, he would never hesitate to tell you. After all, you have the power to protect him from any external threats! Has he ever told you anything? Has he ever been truthful with you?”

Su Yi Mo didn’t speak and took another drink from the bottle. However, pain was evident in his eyes.

Ran Feng Ge was right. Nothing. After waking up, Jing Qiu Han had told him nothing. Despite having been together for seven years, Jing Qiu Han would change the topic every time he brought up Chasing Hawk.

He had assumed that it was simply because the name made Jing Qiu Han uncomfortable after becoming a traitor. He avoided bringing it up because of that reason.


“Of course he hasn’t! He was gathering information on you behind your back. Not only that, he was also gathering information on the head of your family and Falcon! He probably even got his hands on information about every industry and company that your family is involved in―”

“Enough!” Su Yi Mo swung his hand and sent the bottle of alcohol flying. It smashed into the ground beside Ran Feng Ge’s feet, shattering into hundreds of pieces. The sweet smell of the alcohol pervaded the room, but the two of them weren’t in the mood to savor the taste. “Enough! Shut up! Don’t say anymore!”

Ran Feng Ge stared at him for a moment, then sighed. “All right. I won’t say anymore.”

He turned around and walked up the stairs.

While turning around the corner, he saw Su Yi Mo smash a fist against the cupboard, adding another pile of glass to the floor.

Eh… Do all suppressed icebergs become violent when they are angry?

Ran Feng Ge shuddered and quickly climbed up the rest of the stairs and walked to his room.

Closing the door behind him, Ran Feng Ge shook off the feigned ease that he had been wearing. He tilted his head and listened for movement on the first floor, worry in his eyes.

If… Jing Qiu Han had already collected most of the information that Lan Kuang desired, he would definitely think of a way of getting it to Lan Kuang. If that were the case… he might as well go and ask for it back. He could use this opportunity to learn something. He had to report back to Su Yi Mo tomorrow in any case.

He couldn’t let Su Yi Mo .

Tonight, he was going to get to the bottom of Jing Qiu Han.


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赔了夫人又折兵 (péi le fū rén yòu zhé bīng). An idiom meaning to suffer a double loss.

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