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Cheng Xi Ran strolled over to the sofa and sat down. He lifted his right hand and propped his elbow up against the back of the sofa. He crossed his legs and assumed a negotiating position. His dazzling red hair appeared strikingly grim under the bar’s lights. “Why am I not allowed to know that your surname is Su? Also, secretly answering someone else’s phone is an invasion of privacy. I could sue you for this!”

Su Yi Mo looked at the frowning Ran Feng Ge asleep on the bed. He then walked outside and closed the door after him. “Exactly what do you want?”

He read the name of the other party that was displayed on Ran Feng Ge’s phone—it was a very intimate “Ah Xi”. This “Ah Xi” clearly knew that Ran Feng Ge had gone drinking last night and gotten very drunk. This proved that he wasn’t lying; he was indeed Ran Feng Ge’s friend.

Only… Su Yi Mo considered to himself. Cheng Xi Ran being concerned over whether his drunk friend had arrived home safely was normal, but Su Yi Mo’s own presence here at the mansion should be beyond the other’s knowledge.

With Ran Feng Ge’s personality, he would never take the initiative and tell others about his employer’s identity. Therefore, there was only one possibility—this “Ah Xi” had followed Ran Feng Ge back.

“I’m actually not calling about anything important.” Cheng Xi Ran laughed boisterously on the other end, but there was a sharpened gleam in his eyes. “You’re Feng Ge’s employer, right? Can I ask you… Exactly what sort of job you’ve entrusted him with this time?”

“That… There’s no reason for me to tell you, is there?”

“You can’t say that for certain. I’m also a remarkable body double in the industry. I might be able to help Feng Ge. I know he got injured after accepting your job, so if you’re going to say something like ‘It’s an easy job,’ I’d suggest you reconsider.”

Su Yi Mo chuckled coldly. “His injury had nothing to do with the job I’ve entrusted him with. He was injured when he was out taking care of personal matters. I’ve shown him exceeding consideration by choosing not to ask him about the matter. If you’ve called to criticize me, then I’m afraid you have the wrong person.”

Sensing that Su Yi Mo might hang up, Cheng Xi Ran asked, “Then do you know who hurt him?”

“I don’t know!” As expected, Su Yi Mo hung up after leaving behind those three words.

Listening to the sound of the disconnected line, Cheng Xi Ran gave an annoyed sigh. In the end, he hadn’t been able to pry any information out of Su Yi Mo.

Did he have to become personally involved in this?

Cheng Xi Ran glanced at the second floor where his beloved―his soon to be bride―was sleeping. If he interfered with Ran Feng Ge’s affairs, the peaceful days would come to an end…

No matter, the wedding was still six months away. At most, it’d be delayed for a few months. Le Le was kind and considerate, she definitely wouldn’t oppose the delay.

The three of them could join forces again and come out of this safe and sound! Then they could retire together!

After making up his mind, Cheng Xi Ran revealed a relieved smile. He put away his phone and locked up Tian Lan’s door, then took the stairs quickly towards the second floor.

This time, Su Yi Mo didn’t forget to delete the call log. At the same time, he also removed the dozen missed call notifications.

He opened the door to Ran Feng Ge’s room just in time to see a bit of the morning light shine upon the body double’s form, creating a calm and elegant atmosphere around him.

Ran Feng Ge…

This enigmatic man had once again roused his interest.

Su Yi Mo didn’t expect Ran Feng Ge to actually have a friend who was willing to go through thick and thin for him. He’d thought that body doubles wore masks every day as they wandered through every line of work. Through calm, through attraction, through scrutiny, and through inferiority, no one could see through to their heart. Even if they took off their masks one day and revealed their true faces, no one would be able to tell whether what they presented was sincere or fake.

If his shell is peeled away bit by bit, would I be able get a glimpse of his true self?

Suddenly returning to himself, Su Yi Mo realized what he had been thinking.

His heartstrings had once again been touched by this indifferent man who was as unruffled as the water in a calm lake.

After putting Ran Feng Ge’s phone back where it belonged, Su Yi Mo couldn’t help but stare at the body double’s handsome face.

Exactly what sort of charm did he possess to make people sink inadvertently into his grasp?


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