Chapter 37: Shall We Have a Dance?

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Over the next month, Ran Feng Ge had Su Yi Mo dig up old news articles, interviews, albums, films, TV shows, and a string of other things on Jing Qiu Han that could be used as reference materials to imitate the actor. After he received the materials, Ran Feng Ge holed up at home and studied single-mindedly.

Su Yi Mo went out every day and returned at night. Ran Feng Ge didn’t bother asking his employer what he was doing; he only had to do some thinking to deduce why Su Yi Mo was returning late. Besides managing company matters, the most important thing to Su Yi Mo was naturally visiting Jing Qiu Han.

Occasionally, there were days when Su Yi Mo didn’t go out at all.

During those days, Su Yi Mo would sit on the couch and watch Ran Feng Ge, who would be sitting cross-legged on the floor, stare tirelessly at the computer screen as he watched and listened through a number of Jing Qiu Han’s movies and songs. Occasionally, Ran Feng Ge would put on earphones and walk around while listening to Jing Qiu Han’s songs. His posture, gait, and speed of his steps resembled Jing Qiu Han’s from the interview clips. Gradually, he became more and more similar to Jing Qiu Han.

“I’m not concerned about your acting skills,” Su Yi Mo couldn’t resist mocking one day. “As for other areas…I think you might not be up to par? Do you need me to find a few teachers for you? You need to know how to sing and dance. When you return to the company to prepare for your reappearance before the public, you will need to show your fans a perfect Jing Qiu Han.”

Ran Feng Ge pulled out his earphones, turned around, and looked down at the nit-picking Su Yi Mo. He shrugged and asked, “Want to hear me sing?”

Su Yi Mo answered him with a doubtful glance.

Ran Feng Ge once again sat cross-legged on the hardwood floor. He pulled the laptop onto his lap and searched for an instrumental version of one of Jing Qiu Han’s songs. He then placed the laptop on the floor and stretched his legs out contentedly. His legs were crossed at the ankles; his foot moving along with the music. At the part where the vocals came in, Ran Feng Ge started to sing.

He sang in Jing Qiu Han’s voice, stunning Su Yi Mo in just the first verse.

Su Yi Mo quietly looked at Ran Feng Ge, who appeared captivated by the song. In that moment, Ran Feng Ge was completely in character. His expression matched the feelings of the lyrics, displaying his incredible memory and level of comprehension.

This kind of dedicated Ran Feng Ge reminded Su Yi Mo of when the body double had impersonated Jing Qiu Han in the hospital. In order to not expose his identity, Ran Feng Ge had actually endured three days without eating!

Was he also this dedicated in his past assignments? He definitely had been, right? Otherwise he wouldn’t have become the industry’s best body double.

Thinking up to there, Su Yi Mo couldn’t help but trail off into another line of thought. If Ran Feng Ge could withstand not eating and drinking for three days, then what was he capable of doing when he came across danger?

Su Yi Mo had accidentally glanced upon Ran Feng Ge’s naked body a few days ago, but did not discover any actual scarring on the other’s body. Was it because of the body double’s top-notch skills? Was that why Ran Feng Ge was able to avoid danger every time?

Apparently, none of these posed as problems for Ran Feng Ge. Then…if Ran Feng Ge were to accept a job similar to the one Su Yi Mo had commissioned himself, where he would be entangled in emotions, would Ran Feng Ge still be this composed and capable?

In a brief loss of self-control, Su Yi Mo remembered the first time they had kissed and hugged. Suddenly, Su Yi Mo found that he was parched.

From the memories of that kiss, it seemed like Ran Feng Ge’s kissing techniques weren’t inferior to his. Exactly how many people had Ran Feng Ge kissed before? How many of those kisses were sincere? Perhaps most of them were for the sake of acting out his character?

Su Yi Mo couldn’t help but fix his eyes on Ran Feng Ge’s lips. The other’s lips were round and smooth with a faint touch of color. As Ran Feng Ge opened and closed his lips to sing, Su Yi Mo unexpectedly felt a special kind of attraction towards them.

Su Yi Mo’s heart suddenly skipped a beat; he found that he couldn’t accept his earlier thoughts about Ran Feng Ge’s work. The body double had put on acts and kissed an unknown number of people, had acted out being in love with them, and might have even slept with them…

Ran Feng Ge quickly finished singing the title track of Jing Qiu Han’s 2010 album. When he looked proudly at Su Yi Mo, he found that the man was staring at him blankly with a wrinkled brow, as if he were somewhat unhappy.

Could it be that his singing had been bad?

Su Yi Mo finally started and realized that he had been staring at Ran Feng Ge for quite a while. Su Yi Mo averted his gaze somewhat awkwardly and said in a low voice, “Yes, you’re quite good at singing. I underestimated you.”

“Many thanks for your praise.” Ran Feng Ge suddenly stood up and walked barefoot towards Su Yi Mo. He reached his hand out like a prince inviting a princess and smiled at Su Yi Mo. “Shall we have a dance?”


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