Chapter 32: I Like You the Way You Are

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Lan Kuang’s eyes twitched. He picked up the check and tore it in half, then tore it in half again. He continued until the check became a pile of snowflakes.

“Do you have a grudge against money?” Ran Feng Ge grumbled, “You could’ve just returned it if you didn’t want it. Why on earth did you rip it apart!”

Lan Kuang ignored him. With a wave of his hand, he sent the scraps of paper flying, some floating into the pools. The scene, despite the tension in the air, was somewhat romantic.

Tired of arguing, Ran Feng Ge stood up to leave.

Lan Kuang immediately grabbed him and smiled. “I had only been joking about having you return my money, but you actually took it seriously? Money means nothing to me. All that matters to me is getting to know you.”

Lan Kuang had said the words tenderly, though Ran Feng Ge suspected that the man was only trying to make up with him.

Ran Feng Ge pulled away and said, “Please. Save your flirting and pick-up lines for the women.”

“But I’m not interested in women.” Lan Kuang followed up with a retort and reached out to grab Ran Feng Ge again. Tightening his grasp, he stood up and approached Ran Feng Ge. “I’m interested in you. What do you think, you and me, together?”

Ran Feng Ge laughed, suppressing the rage surging up inside him. He glanced up at Lan Kuang’s sharp, handsome face. “For a rich, diamond bachelor like you, there should be plenty of people willing to throw themselves into your arms. Even if you aren’t interested in women, there should still be plenty of men for you to choose from!”

“I like you with your sharp tongue and sarcastic statements. I’m not interested in sleeping with those effeminate men.” Lan Kuang leaned even closer and asked, “Or are you saying that you are already taken?”

I simply don’t bat for your team, alright!

However, before Ran Feng Ge could even answer, Lan Kuang started rambling to himself, “Well, it doesn’t matter anyways. I like the challenge of stealing another man’s prey.”

Ran Feng Ge glared at him. It was obvious that Lan Kuang was so used to having his way that other people’s opinions didn’t amount to anything for him. Everything had to go according to his plans and no one was able to talk any sense into him once he had made his decisions.

And why is this prick so tall? I can feel the pressure just from standing next to him. Damn it, my neck is already sore from looking up at him.

Taking advantage of the shorter man’s silence, Lan Kuang slipped an arm around Ran Feng Ge’s waist. He used his other hand to lift Ran Feng Ge’s chin and asked mischievously, “What’s your name?”

‘’I don’t have one!’’ Ran Feng Ge avoided Lan Kuang’s hand and aimed a punch at the man’s torso. “I don’t have time for your nonsense!”

Lan Kuang nimbly dodged sideways and let go of Ran Feng Ge. He took two steps backwards and held his hands up in defeat, showing that he wasn’t going to do anything else. “Why don’t we try something else? My name is Lan Kuang. What’s yours?”

So for Lan Kuang, something else meant holding his hand out for a shake, introducing himself politely, and then asking for his name?

The corners of Ran Feng Ge’s mouth twitched, but he ignored Lan Kuang’s hand. He merely replied, “Ran Feng Ge.”

Numerous people knew the name “Ran Feng Ge,” but he wasn’t sure if Lan Kuang had heard it before. There was no point in giving Lan Kuang a false name, as the man could easily do a search and find out the truth. So he might as well tell Lan Kuang his real name, it might even make the latter a bit apprehensive about pursuing him.

After all, a relationship with someone who had a thousand faces was obviously going to end in tragedy from the start.

As a body double, Ran Feng Ge could switch in and out of character whenever and wherever he wanted.

If someone unrelated to the field wanted to start a relationship with a body double, then they’d certainly end up in the valley of despair with no one to save them.

Ran Feng Ge had met people like Lan Kuang before, but he was the innocent party in all this. He couldn’t possibly accept every person who had made a confession to him.

If you insist on harassing me and taking up a challenge you’re not ready for, then you should be prepared to deal with the pain of getting your heart broken.

Something flickered inside Lan Kuang’s eyes. He repeated to himself in his mind―Ran. Feng. Ge. Ran Feng Ge.

Interesting! The golden body double Ran Feng Ge. Could he be that person from back then too?

Thinking of how Ran Feng Ge’s eyes had gleamed when he was flustered, Lan Kuang was reminded even more of the person he held close to his heart…

“What a nice name,” praised Lan Kuang. “I will keep it in mind.”


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