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“How about next time? I still have something to do today, so I won’t linger here any longer. I’ll come and find you for a drink another day! Say hi to Mi Le for me!” Ran Feng Ge grabbed the glass of emerald-colored cocktail Cheng Xi Ran had just made and downed it in one gulp. He placed the glass down with a flourish and tossed his head back. Giving Cheng Xi Ran a thumbs up, he praised the man, “Wow, you are definitely getting better at mixing cocktails! Your future as a bartender is looking great!”

“You little punk!” Cheng Xi Ran was already used to Ran Feng Ge coming and going like the wind. He picked up the glass his friend had used and poured another cocktail for himself.

Mi Le walked over with a tray in her hands. She placed her elbows on the bar counter and asked, “Where did Xiao Ge go?”

“He left.”

“Already? And here I was thinking of having him try some of our new cocktail recipes! Exactly what kind of a job did he accept this time? He looks so busy every time we see him. Do you think it’s a dangerous job?”

“Hey, don’t display your concern for another man so obviously. I’ll get jealous,” Cheng Xi Ran said with a straight face. He put his elbows on the counter like Mi Le and leaned in close, gazing deeply into her eyes.

Looking at the handsome face that was just inches away from hers, Mi Le didn’t hesitate to lean over and give Cheng Xi Ran a big kiss on the mouth. She then said in a coaxing voice, “Be good. No other man is as charming as you. Your Mi Le won’t be snatched away just like that. Rest assured!”

“One more kiss.” Cheng Xi Ran could barely restrain his laughter but continued pretending to be displeased as he leaned in for another kiss.

Mi Le looked as if she didn’t know how to deal with his neediness, but her eyes were filled with smiles. She glanced around and saw that no one was paying any attention to them. She then forcefully slung her arms around Cheng Xi Ran’s neck and kissed him deeply.

Standing by the door, Ran Feng Ge looked over at his two friends who were making out without any regard for their surroundings. He smiled faintly and walked out of the bar.

Truly, people must feel happier when they have someone to love. Right?

Ran Feng Ge drove to the An Ping Clubhouse and parked by the side of the road. He then took the elevator to the 15th floor.

When he stepped out of the elevator, he saw Lan Kuang sitting at a table near the spas. Lan Kuang was wearing a white bathrobe, which was loosely knotted at his waist, exposing his well-built chest. His messy, wet hair was still dripping water down his neck. He looked quite comfortable and relaxed sitting there.

Lan Kuang had his legs crossed with a pair of sandals on his feet and a glass of wine in his hands. He glanced over at Ran Feng Ge as the latter walked up. A faint smile appeared on Lan Kuang’s face. “I thought you’d forgotten about our date.”

Lan Kuang had deliberately chosen intimate words. He didn’t miss the tiny knot that appeared between Ran Feng Ge’s brows in reaction to his words.

Ran Feng Ge sat down in the chair opposite of Lan Kuang’s. He picked up the wine bottle and poured himself a glass of wine. Between sips, he replied, “How would that be possible. No matter what, you’re still my savior.”

Lan Kuang suddenly reached out and caught Ran Feng Ge‘s wrist, preventing him from taking another sip of the wine.

Ran Feng Ge lifted an eyebrow and looked at him puzzledly. “Do you have to be this stingy? I’m not allowed even a glass of wine? Don’t worry, I’ll return your money after this.” Ran Feng Ge paused and tipped his glass towards Lan Kuang. “Including the money for this glass of wine.”

Lan Kuang gritted his teeth and looked at the other man. Ran Feng Ge had brought up money again. It was already the third time!

“Has your wound healed enough for you to be drinking? It may be red wine, but it’s still bad for your injury!” Lan Kuang’s voice held hints of helplessness and sullenness.

Ran Feng Ge stared at Lan Kuang for a few seconds before chuckling lightly. “I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with you.”

“I don’t want to bring you to the emergency room collapsed in my arms again.” Lan Kuang made his words sound even more intimate.

“It’s only a glass of wine. I’m not that weak.” Ran Feng Ge quickly changed the subject. “If you don’t want to drink with me, then I’ll just return your money and leave.”

Ran Feng Ge placed the glass on the table and pulled out a check from within his clothes. Pushing it towards Lan Kuang, he said, “Here, your money.”


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