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The press conference closed under a sea of flashing camera lights.

Su Yi Mo stood up first and walked to Ran Feng Ge’s side to support him. His natural movements elicited delighted screams and clapping from the fans.

Ran Feng Ge then blew his fans a kiss, drawing louder screams from the crowd.

Su Yi Mo’s expression did a flip. He quickly pulled the injured man out of the auditorium and towards the VIP elevator.

Su Yi Mo’s actions weren’t over-the-top, as the fans assumed that he was merely jealous of the kiss. The fans smiled at the thought.

After following Su Yi Mo into the elevator, Ran Feng Ge smiled at his own reflection in the mirror.

Su Yi Mo pulled him to a corner and encircled him in a hug. Suddenly standing close together, Ran Feng Ge could feel the other’s breath and low voice by his ear. People who didn’t know better probably thought that they were flirting. In reality, Su Yi Mo had asked him a question, “He called you again?”

“He? Which he?” Ran Feng Ge answered with his own question.

This guy, doesn’t he think too highly of himself? He secretly accepted one of my calls and now he’s interrogating me for it!

“Stop pretending. You know who I’m talking about.” Su Yi Mo cupped Ran Feng Ge’s cheek, gazing deeply at him. Only the two of them knew, however, that Su Yi Mo’s look wasn’t one of love but a warning.

Su Yi Mo fixed his gaze on the other’s slightly pale lips, but he didn’t make a move. Ran Feng Ge took the first step and leaned in to kiss Su Yi Mo, though it was more of a bite than a kiss.

Su Yi Mo was astonished for a second, but he soon regained his senses and initiated a counterattack of his own. Not to be outdone, Ran Feng Ge doubled his efforts. The two of them battled with their lips and tongues for quite a while before releasing each other.

While Ran Feng Ge was gasping for air, he heard Su Yi Mo quietly say, “Since you’ve already accepted my job, then you should devote yourself to it!”

“I don’t need you to remind me!” Ran Feng Ge rolled his eyes at the man before him. Just as he was about to continue, the elevator dinged. Ran Feng Ge quickly fixed his wrinkled shirt and bowed his head shyly, transforming into a Jing Qiu Han who had just been kissed forcefully.

Even while arguing, the two managed to put on a perfect act, fooling everyone else around them.

As Jing Qiu Han was still recovering from his heavy injuries, they didn’t need to check in at the company office right away. Instead, the two of them headed towards the underground garage.

“Why don’t you drive your car back another day?” Su Yi Mo paused briefly beside a white BMW, indicating to Ran Feng Ge that it was Jing Qiu Han’s car.

Ran Feng Ge understood what Su Yi Mo was hinting at, but he did not act according to the script that the man had laid out. He stopped in front of the BMW and smiled enticingly at Su Yi Mo. “But I haven’t held the wheel in a long time, so I want to drive home this time. Besides, driving only requires me to sit in the car; I won’t be doing anything strenuous.”

“Alright.” After hearing Ran Feng Ge’s response, Su Yi Mo opened the passenger’s door and got in the BMW. “You can drive, I’ll just sit.”

Uh… Ran Feng Ge was surprised for a moment. When he saw Su Yi Mo’s questioning gaze, he pointed towards the Jaguar parked nearby. “I want to drive that one.”

Faced with “Jing Qiu Han’s” longing eyes, Su Yi Mo naturally conceded.

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the Jaguar, Ran Feng Ge appeared extremely excited.

A good car is simply on another level! Just sitting here feels fantastic! Someday, I’ll buy my own. It’ll surely look awesome on the road!

Even after they arrived at home, Ran Feng Ge was still deep in the happiness of having driven the Jaguar. When Su Yi Mo came in with a bag of medications and reminded him to change his bandage, he finally remembered that he had a date with Lan Kuang today.

Even though it was a “date,” he was only going to return the medical fees that Lan Kuang had paid for him.

Paying back Lan Kuang would be easy as he had a lot of savings. Plus, An Chen had just transferred a large amount of money into his bank account. There was also the work injury compensation Su Yi Mo had yet to pay him. He had more than enough to pay Lan Kuang back.

“I can do it myself.” He wasn’t used to being waited on by an iceberg like Su Yi Mo and accepted the new roll of gauze from the expressionless man.

Su Yi Mo didn’t object and merely stood off to the side as Ran Feng Ge took off his shirt, revealing his light honey-colored skin. He saw that Ran Feng Ge’s chest and abdomen still had the scars belonging to Jing Qiu Han, though they had been slightly altered from before. He didn’t know what Ran Feng Ge had used to cover up his own wound, as he didn’t see any traces of it at all.

Su Yi Mo paused when he realized he was staring and slowly moved his eyes away from Ran Feng Ge. “You still have a month of rest. After that, you’ll have to report in at the company and take over Qiu Han’s ongoing work.”

“Okay, I understand.” Ran Feng Ge used a clean cloth that had been dipped in a special fluid and wiped the skin around his own wound. After a few wipes, the covering dissolved, revealing his skin underneath. The skin around the shallow wound appeared pink. As Ran Feng Ge had been resting fitfully for the past few days, the wound still flushed an angry red where it joined together. He quickly pulled out the correct ointment and applied it to the wound. Afterwards, he stuck an extra-large band aid on his abdomen.

Ran Feng Ge cleaned everything up and grabbed his shirt to put it on. Su Yi Mo, however, stopped him with a hand.

“What is it?”

“The tattoo on your back looks kind of faded. Do you want me to redraw it for you?”

“Alright,” Ran Feng Ge answered readily.

While Su Yi Mo was busy redrawing the tattoo, Ran Feng Ge probed a question, “Do I have any holidays lined up at the moment?”

“You have something you want to do?” Su Yi Mo was reminded of the ill-mannered client he had spoken to on the phone and how Ran Feng Ge had been playing around with his phone during the press conference. A somewhat displeased expression came over his face.

Was Ran Feng Ge planning to accept the other man’s job offer?

“It’s nothing big.” Ran Feng Ge immediately understood what the other was thinking and explained, “After I had been injured, someone went out of their way to take me to the hospital. I’ve arranged to meet with him today… Not for anything big, just to return his money.”

“Since you’ve already arranged to meet, wouldn’t it be harsh for me to disapprove?” Su Yi Mo replied with his eyes lowered, his hand carefully retracing the goshawk on Ran Feng Ge’s back.

“Really? Thanks, Boss!” Ran Feng Ge smiled happily.

I can take advantage of this and return Xi Ran’s wallet too.

Su Yi Mo didn’t respond, but concentrated on redrawing the last wing of the goshawk.

“Can I borrow a car?” Ran Feng Ge asked greedily.

When they’d returned home and he saw the cars lined up in the garage, his eyes had grown red with lust.

“The keys are in a flowerpot, underneath the fifth step of the stairs in the garage. You can go pick one yourself,” Su Yi Mo replied lightly.

Ran Feng Ge’s mind worked over the normally stingy man’s reply. Why was Su Yi Mo so easy to talk to today? But he didn’t forget to express his gratitude, “Thanks a lot!”

“Don’t be too flashy,” Su Yi Mo warned. He then lifted his hand, the tattoo finished, and stood up.

“Yes sir!” Ran Feng Ge turned around and saluted the other. He pulled out the dummy he had made the last time he went out and placed it on the bed. He then removed the mask from his face and stuck it onto the dummy. He tinkered with it a bit and voila, a passable dummy of Jing Qiu Han lay on the bed.

It was fortunate he had a dummy to substitute for him. His act wouldn’t be exposed even if something were to happen.

Ran Feng Ge picked up both his and Cheng Xi Ran’s wallets and changed into a different outfit. He then hesitantly opened his mouth, “Oh right… Boss…”

“What is it?”

“My work injury compensation… When will I receive it?” asked Ran Feng Ge daringly.

“Work injury compensation?” Su Yi Mo lifted an eyebrow at his question. “What work injury compensation?”

“Obviously the medical fees for my injury!” Ran Feng Ge deadpanned.

Su Yi Mo smirked in response. Acting like the matter was unrelated to him, he answered, “That’s your personal matter. What does it have to do with me?”

“You!” Ran Feng Ge muttered away inside his head. Who’s the one that prohibited me from researching matters about Jing Qiu Han? This injury had been caused by Jing Qiu Han’s tattoo, so how does it count as my personal matter?

“Besides, hasn’t someone already paid the bill for you?” Su Yi Mo continued coldly, “That one client of yours injured you, but if he has taken full responsibility for the matter, then I have no objections.”

The expressionless man had given him no opportunity to reply, Ran Feng Ge could only swallow his words. He glared angrily at Su Yi Mo.

Ah, he sure is an unfeeling iceberg, with a bad temper and a stinginess like no other.

Ran Feng Ge continued cursing at Su Yi Mo with all sorts of profanities in his head.

“Alright, I’ll count this time as purely my fault.” Ran Feng Ge didn’t bother arguing with Su Yi Mo. He had only wanted to earn some extra money anyways, especially if it was the money of the wealthy. If he did manage to win some money, then he was lucky. Even if he didn’t, he hadn’t necessarily lost anything. After all in this world, how could anyone have a grudge against money?

“I’m leaving! I’ll bring back something delicious for you to eat tonight!” His mood quickly switching, Ran Feng Ge strode out of the house.

Su Yi Mo obtained another two insights into Ran Feng Ge’s character from that exchange. Not only did Ran Feng Ge wear a thousand faces, he was also thick-skinned and greedy.

Ran Feng Ge didn’t know what Su Yi Mo was currently thinking. He excitedly walked into the garage, picked out a key, and jumped into a black Mercedes. Slowly, he pulled away from the mansion.

He first drove to Tian Lan and looked for Cheng Xi Ran. Tossing the man’s wallet back, he joked, “I’ve used up a lot of your money, but I have no plans to pay you back.”

“That won’t do. You have to return at least half of what you’ve used!” Cheng Xi Ran accepted the wallet and shoved it into his pocket. He shook his leg along with the music playing in the bar, the fringe of his red hair bouncing with each beat. All in all, he was a handsome man.

Even though he was demanding Ran Feng Ge to pay him back on the surface, Cheng Xi Ran knew his friend had probably already returned every cent of the money he’d used. Ran Feng Ge had most likely even added a few extra bills as a form of gratitude. That was their way of doing things, never less but more. No matter who borrowed from whom, they would always return the money without talking about it.

That was the camaraderie between true friends.


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