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Ten days later.

Ran Feng Ge’s wound had already started to heal. It wouldn’t hinder him too much as long as he didn’t perform any strenuous exercises.

When he saw Ran Feng Ge’s condition a few days ago, Su Yi Mo had wanted to cancel the press conference they set for today. After nipping the tiny bud of interest he had developed for the man, however, Su Yi Mo decided to continue as planned.

He had no reason to accommodate or pay special attention to Ran Feng Ge.

After getting up early in the morning, Ran Feng Ge was busy preparing in the bathroom.

A pile of brightly colored jars and bottles were placed on the vanity. Ran Feng Ge’s nimble fingers dipped in and out of them, collecting the materials to make the mask he needed for today’s conference. A serious expression was on his face as he concentrated on his task, making him extremely attractive.

When Su Yi Mo stepped into the bathroom to check on Ran Feng Ge, he was faced with this exact scene. As he had already mentally prepared himself, he managed to restrain himself from staring this time. He quickly looked away and asked idly, “Are you ready yet?”

Ran Feng Ge picked up the thin mask he had just made and looked into the mirror as he plastered it on. “I’m about done, just give me another minute.”

“All you’re doing is plastering it on? What if you start sweating or if someone bumps into you? Won’t the mask fall off?” Su Yi Mo leaned against the doorframe and asked curiously.

Ran Feng Ge answered while smearing something around his jawline, “It won’t. The mask won’t fall off even if someone punches me. I’m a professional, remember?”

Su Yi Mo didn’t respond and merely looked on as Ran Feng Ge walked out of the bathroom with a different face. The air about him had also changed into that of Jing Qiu Han’s. He really is a professional, Su Yi Mo wondered to himself in concealed awe.

Noticing that Su Yi Mo was silent, Ran Feng Ge walked up with a sly smile. “If you aren’t convinced, then do you want to try? Why don’t you punch this face and see whether the mask falls off?”

Ran Feng Ge knew Su Yi Mo wouldn’t punch a man wearing his lover’s face. It would be strange if he did.

As expected, Su Yi Mo’s expression froze and he turned away. “If you’re finished then we’re leaving!”

At the other’s response, Ran Feng Ge’s smile became even more gleeful. He followed after Su Yi Mo. As he was still recovering, his movements were a bit sluggish. By the time he finally left the house, Su Yi Mo had already driven the car out of the garage.

At this, Ran Feng Ge asked inquisitively, “Where’s my car?”

Jing Qiu Han was a popular actor and the lover of a company head. How could he not have a car? Ran Feng Ge hadn’t driven in quite a while, so he was itching to set his hands on the wheel.

“Your car is still at the company, so I’ll take you there. After the press conference is over, if you want, you can drive yourself back.” Su Yi Mo stared blankly at the other for a moment before he replied. He still wasn’t accustomed to Ran Feng Ge’s habit of suddenly changing voices.

“Alright, I’ll do as you say.” Ran Feng Ge opened the door to the passenger’s side and climbed in.

Su Yi Mo opened his mouth to ask why Ran Feng Ge wasn’t sitting in the backseat, but stopped himself before he could. On second thought, as Ran Feng Ge was pretending to be Jing Qiu Han, it was obviously more appropriate for him to sit in the passenger’s side.

The two of them sat there in the car, but Su Yi Mo still hadn’t left the driveway.

Ran Feng Ge turned to look at him. “Why aren’t you driving?”

“Your seatbelt,” Su Yi Mo reminded the other in a succinct manner.

Even at the reminder, Ran Feng Ge didn’t move. Rather, he asked coyly, “Ah Mo, why don’t you help me put it on?”

Su Yi Mo’s expression darkened and he abruptly turned to look at Ran Feng Ge. What he saw instead was the pale face of a recovering Jing Qiu Han. It displeased him greatly, but he finally sighed.

Su Yi Mo had almost forgotten that Ran Feng Ge was playing as Jing Qiu Han, and that they had to keep this act up for a year.

As expected, he wasn’t as good as a professional body double. Ran Feng Ge could switch in and out of character anytime, anywhere. He wasn’t capable of doing that.

Leaning sideways, Su Yi Mo pulled Ran Feng Ge’s seatbelt over and buckled it in. As he was doing so, he was met with the sight of Ran Feng Ge’s slim waistline. He couldn’t resist asking, “Does your wound still hurt?”

Was that question directed at Jing Qiu Han or Ran Feng Ge?

Neither of them knew the answer.

However, Ran Feng Ge smiled and replied, “It’s much better now.”

After that exchange, both of them fell silent the rest of the way.

Su Yi Mo focused on driving, while Ran Feng Ge leaned back into his seat, pretending to be asleep.

Pretense soon turned into reality. When they finally reached the Huanyu Building. Ran Feng Ge was sitting crooked in his seat, fast asleep.

“Qiu Han, we’ve arrived.” Su Yi Mo pushed his shoulder gently, waking him up.

Ran Feng Ge yawned and rubbed his eyes. While he was doing so, Su Yi Mo leaned over and unbuckled his seatbelt for him. Su Yi Mo then got out, walked around, and opened the door to the passenger’s seat. Peering in at Ran Feng Ge, Su Yi Mo said, “Let’s go.”

After Ran Feng Ge got out, a valet came over and drove Su Yi Mo’s car to the underground parking lot. Standing next to Su Yi Mo, Ran Feng Ge lifted his head and glanced up at the towering skyscraper in front of him. Slowly, he let out a long breath.

Luckily, he had come prepared. Faced with such a large venue though, he still felt a bit out of place.

The red carpet from the building’s door extended all the way to where they stood. Stepping up the stairs and into the building, Ran Feng Ge was met with the sight of a lavish and majestic hall. The VIP elevator leading up to the auditorium on the 10th floor was already open and waiting for them. The reporters who had arrived at the same time as them couldn’t resist and pulled out their cameras, capturing the two’s each and every move, even though they could take all the pictures they wanted in the press conference later.

After entering the elevator, they finally had a moment of peace.

Su Yi Mo glanced at Ran Feng Ge, who appeared unperturbed by the numerous reporters. He suddenly moved in front of the body double and reached out.

Ran Feng Ge unconsciously took a step backwards. When he saw that Su Yi Mo was reaching for his tie, he smiled and said, “Thanks.”

In pretend intimacy, Su Yi Mo fixed the other’s crooked tie. In a low voice, he asked indulgingly, “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, no problems on my side!”

Ran Feng Ge had always been practical and realistic. The things he could do he always accomplished to a degree of perfection.

Therefore, if he declared that there weren’t any problems, then Su Yi Mo could take his word for it.

Ran Feng Ge maintained a perfect smile and natural expression throughout the press conference. His low voiced carried a hint of weakness caused by his injury. His answers were ambiguous, but he was quick-witted and did not miss out on the opportunity to urge his fans to continue supporting him. Furthermore, he sincerely apologized for holding back the filming for his various shows due to his injury. Then, he openly admitted to being in a relationship with Su Yi Mo, but emphasized that his sexuality would not interfere with his acting. He added that if his female fans had their dreams shattered due to the news of his relationship, then he would take responsibility and help weave a new dream for them.

Unexpectedly, the drastic measures he took during the press conference won him the understanding of his fans. The president of his fan-club who represented all of his fans even made a speech saying that they sincerely wished for Jing Qiu Han’s happiness from the bottom of their hearts. They also hoped that he would continue to bring forth good works and share them with the world. The fan-club president then playfully warned Su Yi Mo to treat their idol well.

Afterwards, Su Yi Mo took over the conference and spoke about the company’s plans for the future and the filming progress on various highly anticipated TV dramas and movies.

Ran Feng Ge finally relaxed and lazily leaned back in his seat. His face was becoming increasingly pale and he was starting to feel lethargic. Calmly, he moved his right hand to cover the wound on his abdomen. Since the table in front of him served as a cover, the reporters and his fans still hadn’t discovered his condition.

Su Yi Mo, however, was sitting closest to him and immediately noticed. He knew Ran Feng Ge was feeling tired. Ten days of rest simply had not been enough. Even if the wound wasn’t deep, it was impossible for it to completely heal in such a short span of time.

Fortunately, at the moment, Jing Qiu Han was supposedly still recovering from his injuries. Even if other people noticed that Ran Feng Ge was acting sluggish and that his hand was covering his abdomen, they wouldn’t think too much of it.

Despite that thought, Su Yi Mo sped up his speech, wanting to quickly end the press conference.

At that moment, Ran Feng Ge’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at the unknown number reflected on the screen. Unhesitatingly, he rejected the call.

Not long after, his phone notified him of a text message.

I’ve already transferred the money to your account.

Ran Feng Ge raised an eyebrow in confusion. His long fingers quickly tapped the screen and sent a reply.

What money?

He didn’t get an immediate reply; the other side seemed to be considering how to respond. After a while, he received another text.

Medical fees.

Medical fees? Ran Feng Ge’s first thought was that it was the work injury compensation Su Yi Mo owed him. However, the man in question was currently sitting beside him. Moreover, Su Yi Mo wasn’t this generous, so it most likely wasn’t him. Then who was it?

After thinking a bit, Ran Feng Ge smiled and relaxed his furrowed brows.

An Chen?

An Chen smiled when he saw his name. This time, Ran Feng Ge himself was replying to him. He quickly tapped out a reply.

How smart! Want to eat out sometime? My treat!

Ran Feng Ge switched to an even lazier position and tapped on the keyboard.

I’ll accept the medical fees. As for eating out, I’m not interested.

An Chen wasn’t surprised at the other’s response, but he didn’t give up.

Don’t be like this! I’ve already apologized to you. Or…if you have conditions, then just mention them. I’ll do anything you want.

Ran Feng Ge sat straight up and stared down at his phone.

Then you can wait until I think of some conditions.

Pleased with that response, An Chen’s mouth lifted in a smile.

Alright, then I hope you can come up with them soon. I’ll wait for your good news!

Ran Feng Ge didn’t answer, he merely locked his phone and put it back in his pocket. Not long after, it vibrated again. He pull it out and looked at the screen.

Right, I have something else to tell you. I called you a few days ago but someone else picked up. You have to be careful. That employer of yours probably doesn’t trust you completely. If he’s picking up your calls, then it means he’s guarding against you. He’s low for taking advantage of you while you’re injured.

Su Yi Mo had secretly picked up his calls?

Ran Feng Ge turned his head to look at Su Yi Mo. Coincidentally, the other also glanced towards him. The only difference was that instead of being expressionless, Su Yi Mo’s eyes were brimming with love. When he noticed that Ran Feng Ge was looking at his phone, however, his eyes darkened slightly.

Damn it. When Su Yi Mo had accepted An Chen’s call a few days ago, he had forgotten to delete the record.

Sure enough, when Ran Feng Ge looked through his call log, he noticed that he had received a call from An Chen’s number. The time was…ten days ago.


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