Chapter 24: Really, I’m Not Short of Money

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The heavy clouds over Ran Feng Ge’s mind gradually cleared and his consciousness returned. Feeling a warm hand on his forehead, he opened his eyes and turned to look. When he saw it was Lan Kuang, who was leaning over his hospital bed and testing his temperature with a hand, he couldn’t help but stare in surprise.

“You haven’t left yet?”

When he had been pushed out of the operation room earlier, he hadn’t seen Lan Kuang around, so he assumed the man had left. It was already overly kind of a VIP like Lan Kuang to take him to the hospital personally. He didn’t expect anything else from the man.

So why was it that the first person he saw after waking up was still Lan Kuang?

Did he stay the whole time? Or did he leave for a while and then came back?

“What? You thought I’d left? Is that why you had on such a resentful expression while you were asleep? As if someone owed you money or something?” Lan Kuang did not remove his hand on Ran Feng Ge’s forehead. Instead, he rubbed the latter’s head in a seemingly intimate way. “I waited outside the operation room for quite a while yesterday, but you still hadn’t come out. I was worried that they didn’t have enough blood in the blood bank for a transfusion, so I went and asked a nurse. By the time I came back, your operation was already over. You had a fever this morning, so the doctor gave you an injection. Your forehead still feels a little warm. We’ll have to take your temperature in a moment. If it’s still high, you might have to get another shot.”

Ran Feng Ge blinked in surprise at the other’s words. He then blinked again. Why did it feel as if Lan Kuang was taking care of a child?

Please, he was a fully grown man. Why would he be afraid of getting a shot?

Getting injured and losing blood was a normal occurrence for him. Not to mention, this time he only had minor injuries and a fever. Even when he had been on the brink of death before, he still managed to survive.

Moreover, since when had the two of them become so familiar with each other?

“Thank you.” A torrent of thoughts whirled inside Ran Feng Ge’s head. The only words he could think of were those two. He paused for a bit and then continued, “How much was the operation? I’ll pay you back later. Oh, also… I’m sorry I dirtied your car. I’ll also pay the cleaning fee for it.”

When Ran Feng Ge finished, Lan Kuang immediately narrowed his eyes. The expression on his face also darkened.

What is up with this guy? Do I have the face of a loan-shark or something? Why does he talk of nothing besides returning my money?

Ran Feng Ge should be able to tell he wasn’t strapped for cash just by looking at his attire and that showy Rolls-Royce he drove.

“Really, I’m not short of money. So you don’t have to act like you have to pay me back immediately.” Lan Kuang took back his hand. Crossing his arms, he peered sideways at Ran Feng Ge.

“But wouldn’t that be inappropriate? After all, we don’t even know each other…” Ran Feng Ge gave a mocking laugh. He then loosened his expression and revealed a harmless smile. Internally, however, he was mumbling away to himself.

I know you aren’t short of money, but I also know how you really are. So it’s best I just obediently return the money. After I leave this hospital we’ll each be going our separate ways. You can go back to crossing your , while I’ll keep walking on my wide easy road. We won’t come across each other ever again!

“Strangers at first, but friends later. Don’t we know each other now?” Lan Kuang pulled a chair over and sat down. He then slowly said, “You look like one of my friends, so it’s understandable that I would help you.”

“Oh… Is that so?” Ran Feng Ge looked away. The last time he had seen Lan Kuang, he was under the guise of An Mu. Although he knew that, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He was afraid Lan Kuang would see through him. It would be awful if that happened.

“Yup.” Lan Kuang noticed that Ran Feng Ge was avoiding his eyes. A suspicion lit in his heart, and a trace of his wicked personality flickered into existence. He leaned close towards Ran Feng Ge and stared intently into the latter’s eyes. He then said while stressing each and every word, “Especially your eyes, they really are similar to his. No, they are exactly the same…”


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Translators: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Lyrick, PiKairi

Narrow log bridge and wide easy road are idioms meaning going separate ways. This can also be translated as “You can go back to your dangerous life, while I’ll keep living my honest one.”

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