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Ran Feng Ge decidedly bit down on his tongue. A spark of pain shot through him, jolting his muddled mind. At least now he wouldn’t faint from the anesthetic’s effect. He forcefully shoved Lan Kuang’s shoulder and said, “Sir, please put me down. I can walk by myself.”

Traces of blood from his injury were still on his hand. When he pushed against Lan Kuang, he had left a bloody handprint on the latter’s shoulder.

Lan Kuang did not stop; he merely looked down at Ran Feng Ge, who was clearly straining himself. After a while, he replied. “In this kind of situation, isn’t it normal to call the police and then go to the hospital?”

Ran Feng Ge tensed up on the inside, but maintained a calm expression on his face. “Thanks for the reminder. I will do that.” After he spoke, he looked helplessly at the handprint on Lan Kuang’s shoulder. He didn’t want to push the other again, so he struggled with all his might. “Please put me down!”

Lan Kuang stared at the other for a few seconds, and then finally set Ran Feng Ge down on the floor.

Was he playing hard to get? Ah… How childish.

Ran Feng Ge felt a wave of dizziness hit him as his feet touched the floor. The wound on his side was painful, but with the help of the anesthetic, it was tolerable. He couldn’t help but thank An Chen for that; otherwise, the pain would be too much for him to bear.

The injured man covered his wound. Although he was on the verge of collapsing, he forcefully straightened himself. Ran Feng Ge earnestly looked at Lan Kuang and said, “I’m sorry I bothered you while you were taking a soak in the bath. Aside from that… You can go back for another soak to wash off the blood on you…”

Lan Kuang watched on humorously as the soaked man in front of him earnestly apologized. After coming into contact with water, the other’s wound was bleeding even faster, yet the man appeared to not mind in the least.

When Ran Feng Ge saw the other wasn’t replying, he let out a sigh of relief. He had met Lan Kuang two years ago when he was acting as An Mu. The latter was familiar with his personality and way of handling things to some degree. Since Lan Kuang was acting totally indifferent towards him, it meant he could make a safe getaway. Even if he was bleeding more than necessary, it was worth it. It was better than associating with people like Lan Kuang.

Ran Feng Ge slowly turned around and dragged his weak legs towards the elevator. He wondered how he would get home tonight. Right now, he was a terrible mess, leaving a trail of blood and water everywhere he went. It was a no-brainer that he wouldn’t be able to hail a taxi. Even if he did manage to flag one, the driver might end up taking him to the police instead of home. Furthermore, he didn’t exactly want Cheng Xi Ran and Mi Le to see him in this state.

As for An Chen who had brought him here…

Ran Feng Ge smiled wryly and shook his head. Even if An Chen brought him to the hospital, it would probably be another trap waiting for him.

Lan Kuang watched as the injured man patiently bore the pain of his wound and took shaky steps towards the elevator. The other’s soaked-through shirt was sticking to his back, faintly revealing the tattoo on his neck. Lan Kuang fixed his eyes on the familiar mark, his expression deepening as he gazed at it.

Just when he opened his mouth to speak, he saw Ran Feng Ge turn around and head back towards him.

Lan Kuang quietly stood in his spot. Even if he was completely naked, not an ounce of embarrassment could be seen on his face. Instead, his expression was one of arrogance, an everything-will-go-my-way, brazen kind of arrogance.

The water that was hanging on Lan Kuang’s body mixed with the blood on his shoulder and trailed down his body, making three faint, red lines down his refined collarbone, broad chest, and his prominent six-pack. The lines gathered into one red droplet, stopping just above his groin. The blood had been diluted with water and was light in color. The droplet wavered in its spot, as if undecided whether to fall or stay. The whole picture gave off the feeling of wild, unrestrained beauty.

Lan Kuang watched Ran Feng Ge placidly, waiting for the latter to speak.

“Sir, I’m sorry, but could you lend me a set of clothes to wear?” Ran Feng Ge gave his trademark brilliant smile. Naturally, his smile was weaker than normal, but it was enough to catch Lan Kuang’s attention.

“I don’t have a reason to lend you any clothes.” Lan Kuang glanced over the other from head to toe and said, “Besides, you won’t fit in any of my clothes.”

“Then forget it.” Ran Feng Ge wasn’t insistent. He coolly waved his hand in a goodbye and turned to leave.

Lan Kuang rubbed his chin in thought as his eyes followed Ran Feng Ge into the elevator. Why did the other man appear so familiar to him? He desperately searched his memories for a trace of the man. When had he seen him before? That pair of eyes… A pair of eyes that were at times clever, at times quiet, at times reflective, and at times joking…

He felt that he had gotten lost in that pair of eyes before…

When did it happen?

… An Mu!

That person’s eyes, they were too similar to An Mu’s eyes!


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