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? Why are you acting so distant? Didn’t you used to call me Xiao Mi?” Mi Le skillfully shook the cocktail shaker she had in her hand. She smiled brightly, appearing especially charming with the faint dimples in her cheeks.

“There are a lot of people here today, so I’m saving you some face.” Ran Feng Ge sat down on one of the tall stools by the bar. He put both elbows on the counter and unconsciously leaned forward. “Hand me a glass of absinthe.”

Though his posture was casual, it caused a bunch of girls in the bar to scream in delight.

“No problem!” Mi Le replied frankly, and then teased the other, “Are you here to pick up girls tonight?”

Cheng Xi Ran sat down beside Ran Feng Ge and looked at him with similarly questioning eyes, waiting for his answer.

He had already asked that on the road, but Ran Feng Ge hadn’t replied. The other man had only said to wait until they reached Tian Lan. They were already there, so it was time for him to answer.

“If you let me, then let’s say I am!” Ran Feng Ge said with an evil smirk.

Mi Le blushed, and let out a “tch” to voice her displeasure.

Cheng Xi Ran promptly spoke out when he heard Ran Feng Ge’s words, “One shouldn’t bully their friend’s wives! Le Le is mine! Don’t you dare get any funny ideas!”

Mi Le smiled and tenderly looked at Cheng Xi Ran, her eyes filled with happiness.

Ran Feng Ge stopped joking around and pulled out his phone. He zoomed in on the photo of the tattoo he had taken earlier, and then handed his phone to Mi Le. “Please check for me which organization this tattoo is associated with.”

Cheng Xi Ran also leaned closer to take a look at the photo. Mi Le handed the glass in her hand to Ran Feng Ge,“ Here, your absinthe is ready.” She then took the phone from him and studied it with Cheng Xi Ran .

“A goshawk?” Mi Le’s expression became serious. Her long, slender fingers tapped the screen, “Where did you see this?”

“Don’t worry about that. Just tell me what the tattoo represents.” Ran Feng Ge gave his usual genial smile, making Mi Le unable to ask anything even though she was suspicious.

Cheng Xi Ran, Ran Feng Ge, and Mi Le were the three best body doubles in the industry; they were even better friends. They had started in the industry around the same time. Ran Feng Ge was well-rounded and versatile, and because of that, the other two appeared like amateurs when compared to him. However, Cheng Xi Ran and Mi Le had their own talents.

Mi Le had an exceptional memory. She loved researching the culture and customs of every country in the world so much that she was like a living map. She was knowledgeable about every country’s criminal organizations, and she had recorded mental notes on the leaders, sizes, makeup, and financial sources of these organizations. Other than that, she was also well informed on the inner workings of the business world, or in layman’s terms—gossip. Which companies were rivals, or which ones had hidden secrets, just ask her, and it’ll definitely be accurate!

On the other hand, Cheng Xi Ran enjoyed playing around with weapons. Knives, guns, staffs, he liked all sorts of weapons ranging from ancient history to modern day. It didn’t matter if they were old weapons or products of current technology; he had thoroughly studied them all! Sometimes, he’d even remodel weapons to create new ones of outstanding power. However, he had a problem—he was extremely lazy. Unless it was for a special circumstance, he wouldn’t bother remodeling anything. He’d only study things he wasn’t familiar with. Once he did become familiar with them though, he wouldn’t ever touch them again.

Of course, when Mi Le and Cheng Xi Ran became a couple, they lost all interest in the body double industry. The two gradually faded from the circle. With the help of society, which was enamored with decadence and extravagance, they hid themselves and began their new lives. And they’re doing quite well at that.

Ran Feng Ge didn’t want to bother them at first, but he missed the two after barely seeing them for two years. He wanted to know how they were doing. Not to mention, he himself had come across a few problems. Having another person meant having another way of solving these problems.

As his friends were studying the tattoo, Ran Feng Ge felt warmth in his heart. A moment later, he asked, “Thought of anything?”

“Yes, you shouldn’t provoke them.” Mi Le solemnly advised him.

“You know where this tattoo comes from?” Ran Feng Ge’s eyes brightened and cast an eager look at the experienced and knowledgeable woman.

Mi Le exchanged a glance with Cheng Xi Ran, and then sighed, “If you want to know, then I’ll tell you. I must warn you though, don’t get involved!”

“Yes! I understand!” Ran Feng Ge nodded sincerely, showing that he would be cautious.

“This tattoo can be traced back to three hundred years ago. It was first used by a gang called Falcon. Falcon dealt with the grey area of many types of business. They would smuggle firearms and ammunition for the armies of countries that shared borders. They also dabbled in the drug trade. After three hundred years, the group has split into many different branches. The branch represented by this vicious-looking goshawk is one of the most powerful—Chasing Hawk. Compared to Falcon, Chasing Hawk is much more organized and disciplined. I’ve heard that they have people in the government, law enforcement, and the business world. Their leader is even more mysterious. Apparently, no one has ever seen his real face, and no one knows who he actually is. The rumors say he is a cruel, merciless, and vengeful man who rules with an iron fist!”


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米乐, pronounced as mee-luh.

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