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When he noticed that Ran Feng Ge’s muscles had suddenly tensed, Su Yi Mo paused and said, “What’s wrong?”

“… It’s nothing, continue drawing!” Ran Feng Ge relaxed, but his expression had sharpened.

Could it be… that Jing Qiu Han… is related to that person?

It stood to reason that, from Su Yi Mo’s status and point of view, he ought to be very clear about what this tattoo represented, so… was he deliberately ignoring its origin? He loved Jing Qiu Han too dearly… was that why… he could forgive the latter for everything?

“You and Jing Qiu Han… how did you meet each other?” Ran Feng Ge asked, pretending the words had accidentally slipped out; however, his ears had already perked up.

“Why are you asking? Are you curious?” Su Yi Mo’s pencil paused slightly, but he continued applying color to the tattoo soon after.

“It’s something a body double needs know. Someday, when someone asks how we met each other, I can’t say I don’t know, right?” Ran Feng Ge quickly found an excuse.

Su Yi Mo snorted softly: “You can just tell him ‘no comment’.”

“Okay. That’s your style, indeed.”

Actually, Ran Feng Ge did know how to deal with matters related to the original that a body double would have no knowledge of. He only needed to evade the question by saying, “That’s a personal matter, you have no right to get involved”, “I’m very sorry, I don’t want people to become overly involved in my private life”, “If you really like me and want to know more about me, please listen to my exclusive interview”, and other things like that.

Forget it. Su Yi Mo is no fool. The success he has today shows that he definitely has the skills and determination to support himself.

All I have to do is be a good body double.

“Done.” Su Yi Mo withdrew his hand, gazing at the eagle proudly displayed on Ran Feng Ge’s back with a satisfied expression. “It suits you.”

“Thanks.” Ran Feng Ge wanted to wrap himself in his bathrobe, but Su Yi Mo stopped him, saying, “Wait a bit, it hasn’t dried yet!”

“The materials I use are of the highest quality. The tattoo won’t come off as long as I don’t wash it off using a specialized method. Neither bathing nor sweating will affect it, so there’s no need for you to worry.”

Still, Su Yi Mo pulled away Ran Feng Ge’s bathrobe, pointing to the mirror with his other hand; “You don’t want to see what kind of tattoo it is?”

Ran Feng Ge rolled his eyes, but in the end he still obediently stood up, walked in front of the mirror, and turned his head sideways to look—piercing eyes, a pointed beak, razor-sharp claws, outspread wings; very lifelike indeed.

Only, this eagle tattoo seemed to be somewhat different from the one he’d imagined earlier and seen many years ago…

This eagle was somewhat fiercer, positioned higher, diving while tilted slightly, and its wings were spread widely. The grandeur it displayed was somewhat more powerful. It was an existence similar to that of a king; overbearing and awe-inspiring.

Could it be… that I was just overthinking things? This is just an ordinary tattoo. Had Jing Qiu Han just randomly chosen this design? Perhaps he has no relations to that person?

“Your drawing skills are pretty good!” Ran Feng Ge put on his bathrobe without batting an eyelash and dismissed Su Yi Mo with a smile, “Anything else I can do for you?”

Su Yi Mo did not speak; he just stole near Ran Feng Ge suddenly, his arm wantonly embracing the other man’s waist. Su Yi Mo then pulled the other to his chest and promptly pressed their lips together.

Ran Feng Ge was never one to react much. His eyelashes fluttered once, and his two arms reached forward to encircle Su Yi Mo’s neck as he deepened the kiss.

After the poignant kiss, Su Yi Mo pressed his forehead against the other man’s and said softly, “You just left the hospital today; get a good rest.”

“We’re not sleeping together?” Ran Feng Ge smiled alluringly.

Su Yi Mo’s eyes smoldered, but in the end he simply kissed the corner of the other’s lips. “Good night.”

“Good night.”

Only after following Su Yi Mo’s departure from the room with his eyes, and seeing the door close, did Ran Feng Ge relax. He threw himself onto the huge bed, turned over, and instinctively explored the back of his neck with his fingers.

He knew that the so-called tattoo had been drawn using his own special pigments and that it really wasn’t a real tattoo. Though he wouldn’t detect any differences simply through touch, he still couldn’t help wanting to touch it.

Is Jing Qie Han truly not related to that person at all? Ran Feng Ge couldn’t banish the thought from his mind.

Ran Feng Ge thought of the period of time he had spent “hospitalized.” Su Yi Mo had calmly and attentively taken care of him in subtle ways. He had been afraid that Ran Feng Ge would have stomach trouble, so every day he had brought the other man something to eat. Even though his character was as cold as ice and the aura he emitted was as distant as a stranger’s, he truly had been very attentive.

His previous employer had not been as attentive as Su Yi Mo, disregarding everything else after tossing him his commission.

All right, even though the main reason was that he was the body double of Su Yi Mo’s lover, and Su Yi Mo would probably care for anyone connected to his lover, Ran Feng Ge didn’t want to trouble him with favors for nothing. He decided, tonight he would properly look up the origin of this tattoo!

If it was just a coincidence that Jing Qiu Han had chosen such a misleading tattoo, then he’d drop it. If the other man really was related to that person, couldn’t he warn Su Yi Mo to have his guard up?

Taking off his bathrobe to change, Ran Feng Ge sighed—he hoped he’d just been thinking too much.Even if he warned Su Yi Mo, the other man probably wouldn’t believe him.

With his agile fingers, it didn’t take very long for Ran Feng Ge to lay a dummy onto the bed. Once the dummy was covered by blankets, no one could tell the difference.

After thinking a bit, he slowly took off the mask on his face, revealing his own handsome face. Because he’d spent so long wearing the mask, which wasn’t particularly breathable, his skin looked somewhat pale. The man in the mirror smiled, charming and handsome.

Sure enough, looking at his own face still was the most comfortable. When acting as a body double, he had to walk around wearing someone else’s face every day. Despite that, if he inadvertently looked in the mirror, he would still startle himself. Fortunately, his mental control was good enough that his expression wouldn’t change too much.

Tonight, I’ll act as Ran Feng Ge for once!

He placed the mask on the dummy’s face, smiling slightly. This way was even more foolproof. As long as no one took a closer look, they wouldn’t find anything wrong.

Ran Feng Ge opened the window and observed his surroundings. He had been about to jump down from the window, but he suddenly saw a light in the garage, followed by the sound of an engine starting up.

A black Jaguar slowly left the garage. Sitting in the driver’s seat, Su Yi Mo wore an indifferent expression. Ran Feng Ge hastily moved aside to hide behind the curtains, only sticking his head out when he sensed the car had left the mansion. He narrowed his eyes, watching as the car gradually disappeared from his field of view.

It’s already this late; where is he going?

A thought surfaced in his mind, and Ran Feng Ge raised an eyebrow knowingly. There was no need to guess; Su Yi Mo was definitely going to see the real Jing Qiu Han, wasn’t he?

Ran Feng Ge looked away and placed both hands on the windowsill, then jumped out lightly, like the flight of a nimble black panther.


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