Chapter 14: Personally Drawing a Back Tattoo

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Almost instinctively, Ran Feng Ge bent over to grab the bathrobe on the bed and wrap himself in it. He lifted his eyes. “Need me for something?”

“About earlier… I’m sorry… Also, thank you.” Su Yi Mo didn’t withdraw his gaze yet, and continued to stare at Ran Feng Ge calmly and expressionlessly.

Was the sorry for what happened in the kitchen? Naturally, the thank you was in regards to the bomb.

But, why were his words so stiff?! Whether it was the apology or thanks, Ran Feng Ge found that neither was spoken from the heart. However, seeing that Su Yi Mo had, exceptionally, given him an apology, he decided to temporarily forgive him. He was his boss, after all.

Shrugging his shoulders, Ran Feng Ge simply decided to resolve this quickly. “No worries. You’re welcome.”

“You’re drawing a scar?” Su Yi Mo awkwardly scratched his nose. It was quite hard for a wordless iceberg to start a conversation.

“You’ve seen it already. There’s no need for me to say more, right?” As expected, even the topic of conversation this iceman chose was clumsy!

“Why don’t I help you?” Su Yi Mo’s gaze started becoming more presumptuous. He stared at Ran Feng Ge’s chest, almost fully exposed due to the loosely wrapped robe. He couldn’t help but sigh to himself, wondering if it was correct to hire this thousand-faced devil to live with him day in and day out… He kept getting provoked, like when Ran Feng Ge inadvertently revealed certain expressions or unintentionally acted a certain way, especially while he wore the face of his lover.

“Hm?” Ran Feng Ge was slightly shocked by what he had said. He suspiciously eyed Su Yi Mo, then smiled. He politely rejected the offer in an alienating tone, “I’m already finished.”

“But you haven’t drawn on your back yet.” Su Yi Mo stubbornly stood in his ground, “Qiu Han, he… has a tattoo on his back near the neck area, an eagle in flight.” Pausing for a moment, he continued to explain, “I’ve see that eagle many times, so I can accurately draw it back out. Not to mention… it must be really hard to draw on your own back, right?”

Ran Feng Ge really wanted to rebut that by saying, “Nothing is that hard to me. If I feel like doing something, then it can be done.” Didn’t he always draw by himself when he’s working alone?
He opened his mouth to answer, but ultimately said nothing. He unfastened the bathrobe to reveal his upper body, then slowly turned around.

Su Yi Mo apparently had no awareness on how to avoid suspicion. When Ran Feng Ge walked around in the half-loose bathrobe earlier, he had taunted him and misinterpreted his actions. Now he requests him to strip down. Just what is he thinking?

“The tattoo is very complex. It might take me a while…” Su Yi Mo said softly, “Lie in bed. It might be more comfortable that way.”

“Wouldn’t have thought, but you’re actually quite considerate…” Ran Feng Ge muttered, and obediently lay in bed, eyes closed, chin resting on the back of his hands.

Perhaps Su Yi Mo had found the conversation earlier too unpleasant, so now he’s trying to find an excuse to chat with him? They can’t be in a cold war forever, right? Su Yi Mo’s his employer and source of income, and he was his trump card, the substitute for his lover.

One could say they’re in a mutually dependent relationship. You couldn’t just cut out one or the other. Bickering or fighting wouldn’t do either of them any good.

Thinking this, Ran Feng Ge calmly rested in bed, waiting for Su Yi Mo’s personal artwork.

A somewhat cold texture landed on his back and roamed around to make an arc: a pair of wings, an eye, a mouth, a pair of talons…

Ran Feng Ge suddenly opened his eyes, and a glare of light flashed across his eyes. This tattoo…



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