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“Ding-dong, ding-dong—”

The door-bell suddenly sounded.

Ran Feng Ge guessed that the takeout had arrived, and yelled towards the second floor, “Ah Mo, your food’s here!”

After a few minutes of mood adjustment, Ran Feng Ge had already returned to his normal “working attitude”. There was no way to tell that he had been ruffled by what had happened earlier.

Su Yi Mo slowly walked down the stairs. He gave a slight glance at Ran Feng Ge, who was sitting on the couch, then went to the front door and opened it.

Sure enough, it was the takeout. Su Yi Mo paid the delivery person and closed the door, then walked into the room with the large pizza box in hand.

Ran Feng Ge’s right ear twitched, and his face suddenly grew pale. He swiftly stood up and ran to Su Yi Mo’s side. He tore the pizza box out of the other’s hands, kicked the door open, and forcefully threw it outside.

Ran Feng Ge’s actions were as quick as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, the pizza that had been in Su Yi Mo’s hands disappeared. The latter raised his head, and saw his pizza falling in a parabolic arc.



At the same time as Su Yi Mo started speaking, the falling pizza box exploded with an enormous bang. Bits of pizza flew in every direction, and the thick smell of gunpowder permeated the air.

Su Yi Mo looked, astonished, at Ran Feng Ge. The latter was still in the same position as before. After he heard the explosion and determined that the danger was over, Ran Feng Ge finally withdrew his hand. He slowly turned around and fixed Su Yi Mo with a deep look, “Exactly what kind of person did you provoke?”

“If I knew, why would I have hired you?” Su Yi Mo replied calmly. “Aren’t you the golden body double? Isn’t it your job to help me figure out who my enemy is as well?”

“You’re right. I’ll try to find the answer quickly. If you don’t need anything else, I’m going to go rest.” Ran Feng Ge walked towards the stairs. After climbing a few steps, he paused, although he didn’t turn around. “Don’t accept things that other people give you so easily. Next time, before you open anything, let me examine it. After all… I am a professional.”

“I understand.” Su Yi Mo looked at the other’s retreating back, his expression changing slightly.  He turned his head away and walked towards the kitchen.

When he saw the food in the trash can, he frowned slightly.

Forget it; missing one meal wasn’t that important.

Second floor.

Ran Feng Ge laid out across the large bed and sighed heavily.

After spacing out for a long time, he finally sat up. He pulled out the “tools” he always carried on his person and began to put the “make-up” on his body.

Because he wanted to clean himself thoroughly in the shower, he had washed away the scars he painted on himself in the hospital. Since he had decided to obediently do his work as a body double, he wanted to repaint the scars back on his chest and right side.

When Su Yi Mo opened the door, he was faced with the scene of Ran Feng Ge painting on himself.

Almost naked, Ran Feng Ge stood in front of the dressing mirror. Using something like a pencil, he intently “carved” the scar onto himself. Because he was so focused on his work, he did not notice Su Yi Mo’s intrusion.

Ran Feng Ge’s legs were long, thin, and straight. He had a nice backside and a flat stomach without any excess flesh. His skin was slightly pale, and his ribs faintly protruded against it. After showering, Ran Feng Ge had been busy in the kitchen making food, and after that he was in a hurry to grab the pizza bomb from Su Yi Mo’s hands and throw it away. This series of actions had given a slightly reddish tint to his skin. It made him exceedingly attractive.

Su Yi Mo’s eyes moved up to look at the face that was exactly the same as Jing Qiu Han’s, right down to the thickness of his eyebrows.  The other’s hair was still wet from the shower, and occasionally a drop of water formed at the tips. The drop of water would fall onto his shoulders, trail down his back, and stop just above the split between his buttocks…

Su Yi Mo quietly swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing with the movement.

When Ran Feng Ge finished drawing the scar on his chest, he let out the breath he had been holding. He suddenly sensed a heated stare on his back. He turned his head to look, and coincidently met with Su Yi Mo’s smoldering gaze.



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