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Turning to look at the focused profile of Su Yi Mo, Ran Fang Ge was currently still in shock. Just like that, Su Yi Mo declared their relationship to outsiders. Sure enough, he was a daring but responsible man.  When his lover was injured, he immediately hired a body double to confuse the attackers. In that time, he relocated his lover to a safe place and protected him from further harm. Moreover, together with his lover, he wasn’t afraid to shoulder the pressure of being a same-sex couple.

This sort of man is what you call a real man.

Ran Fen g Ge felt a sudden surge of emotions and couldn’t help but sigh deeply. Jing Qiu Han, who was loved by Su Yi Mo, surely must be very happy?

“Is…he alright?” Involuntarily, Ran Feng Ge breached the forbidden topic.

Su Yi Mo’s hands tightened imperceptibly on the steering wheel, but he continued to focus on the road ahead.

Just when Ran Feng Ge thought the other would never reply, Su Yi Mo spoke softly, “The gun wound on his chest is very severe. It’s affecting both his heart and lungs… He will need a long time to recuperate. That’s why the contract I signed with you lasts for a year. One year should be enough time for him to recover.”

“Oh.” Ran Feng Ge leaned against the seat, and spoke no more. Instead, in a slight daze, he turned his head and looked out the window at the scenery flying past.

Su Yi Mo also didn’t speak anymore, and drove the rest of the way in silence. When they arrived at the mansion district, they stopped in front of a simple, yet luxurious white mansion.

Ran Feng Ge gazed at the building standing in front of him, his mouth unconsciously falling open—this was indeed a rich person’s house!

Ahem. After regaining control over himself, Ran Feng Ge coughed once. He then inwardly told himself: You are also rich. When you have accomplished enough and decide to quit this line of work, you can also buy a small mansion. You can raise two large dogs and drive a sports car everywhere. You can live a satisfied and elegant life…

“Are you getting out?” Upon hearing Su Yi Mo’s voice, Ran Feng Ge collected himself from his fantasy. He unfastened his seat belt, opened the door, and stepped out.

“At home, you don’t have to be as careful as you were at the hospital. I have already inspected the house; there aren’t any tapping devices inside. You just have to go in and come out of that house as Jing Qiu Han. When it’s necessary, follow the script and say a few of his lines. Other than that, you’re free to do what you want.” Su Yi Mo paused, and then continued, “Of course, when your ‘wounds’ have completely healed, you’ll have to replace Qiu Han and finish filming the postponed drama. When you’re with the filming crew, you must be Jing Qiu Han. You have to be careful of everything, and must not leave any holes in your acting.”

In other words, this period at home was time for him to adjust to what’s to come?

Ran Feng Ge nodded, revealing a detached smile, “Many thanks to Boss for reminding me.”

Following the other, Ran Feng Ge stepped into the house. The floor was covered with white carpet. His eyes drifted to the couch, coffee table, and flat-screen T.V. It was different from the cold house where they signed the contract. Here, every corner was filled with warmth.

It couldn’t be… that this was Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han’s secret love nest?

Su Yi Mo even brought him here…

Right, he was Jing Qiu Han at this moment…

“Your room is on the second floor, at the end of the hall. Do you want to take a look first?” Su Yi Mo took off his tie, and threw it on the couch. He gave a questioning look at the other man.

“Okay,” Ran Feng Ge readily responded.

The room on the second floor had a completely different style from the first—it had hardwood flooring with large floor to ceiling windows. On one side of the windows, there was a big row of bookshelves with a mahogany desk connected to the shelves. The latest laptop sat on the desk, with a white, desk lamp behind it. Opposite of the desk and shelves was a piano.  Beside it lay a king-sized bed with pale, blue sheets. A double closet stood beside the bed. Upon first glance, Ran Feng Ge took a liking to the room.

“Do you like it?” Su Yi Mo softly asked.

“Is it alright, for me to live here?” Ran Feng Ge fixed his eyes on the picture frame sitting on the desk—it carried a photo of Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han. In the picture, they looked to be around eighteen or nineteen years old. They looked young and pure, with brilliant smiles on their faces.

That must be their most important treasure, right?

“It doesn’t matter. When acting, you have to act until the end. I don’t mind it. Moreover, I believe that the golden body double won’t destroy what’s in here. Am I right?” Su Yi Mo met the other’s eyes, and after a long while, he added another sentence, “What’s more, right now you’re Jing Qiu Han. Of course you need to live in his room.”

Sure enough, body doubles always had to use the original’s belongings. It didn’t matter if they were good or bad, because in the end, they didn’t belong to the body double.

After all, they were merely shadows.

“Alright, it is better to accept than to decline courteously.” Ran Feng Ge soon settled into the situation. He walked to the closet, opened it; and was amazed by the amount of different clothing inside. “Are there pajamas in here? Since you said I can be freer inside the house, I would like to take a shower. Would it be convenient?”

Since he had stayed at the hospital for so long, Ran Feng Ge hadn’t had a chance to shower. Every day, a nurse would help him wipe down his body, but that sort of thing didn’t do any good. Whenever he thought about the fact that he hadn’t showered for nearly a month, he would feel uncomfortable all over.

Staying where he was, Su Yi Mo replied, “The pajamas are in the second drawer, underwear in the third. They are all new, so you can pick whichever you want. I have to go sort some things out in the study. When you’re done with your shower, you can call for takeaway to eat. There are takeout menus on the coffee table on the first floor. You can order whatever you want; don’t worry about me.”

“Oh, okay.” Looking for pajamas and underwear, Ran Feng Ge was currently crouching in front of the closet, opening drawers. Looking at the drawers full of white pajamas and white underwear, the corners of his lips couldn’t help but twitch in a wry smile. He cursed Su Yi Mo inside his mind; the man had a severe case of mysophobia. Ran Feng Ge picked out a loose-fitting bathrobe and a pair of plain, white underwear. Before, when Su Yi Mo was speaking, he had answered thoughtlessly. When he finally stood up holding the clothes, Su Yi Mo was already gone.

Uh…what was he talking about earlier? I didn’t even catch it…something about takeout?

Whatever, let’s just go shower!



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