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Because it was midnight, there weren’t many people in the hospital. Additionally, Su Yi Mo had booked the whole intensive care unit, so it felt even quieter.

As Su Yi Mo walked, he dug around in his pockets for a cigarette. Pulling one out, he held it between his lips. He then pressed the elevator button, and as he waited, he pulled out his lighter.

The elevator arrived quickly. As he stepped into it, Su Yi Mo hit the button for the underground garage.

The fire from the lighter lit up for a moment, and then swiftly died out.

Su Yi Mo took a deep drag on the cigarette, and slowly blew out a cloud of smoke, blurring his sharp profile.

Ran Feng Ge’s words reminded him of Jing Qiu Han, whose situation is still not good.

That’s right; it had already been half a month since Jing Qiu Han was shot, yet he was still in a coma.

Qiu Han…

Thinking back on those days when they had nothing, it was Qiu Han who stayed and walked beside him. The two of them had supported each other through the most difficult days. Afterwards, his business grew, and Qiu Han became a popular star that he himself had raised.

Qiu Han was not only the company’s important star; he was also Su Yi Mo’s true love.

Sitting in the car, Su Yi Mo quietly finished his cigarette. As he stubbed out the cigarette butt, the suffering on his face dissipated, and was replaced with fierce resolution.

It didn’t matter who it was; there was no way they were getting away after hurting Qiu Han!

And there was no way he would give anyone the opportunity to hurt Qiu Han again!

That body double…should be able to attract the attention of those people for quite a while yet. But in the meantime, he would definitely find out who had targeted his weakness.

Stepping down on the gas, the black Jaguar sprung out from the underground garage. It was like its master: cold and made people afraid to approach.

An irregular diet would always leave behind some hidden danger.

Holding his stomach beneath the comforter, Ran Feng Ge let out a quiet curse. He furrowed his brows slightly. After being starved for three days, he had stuffed himself unreasonably. Due to his long mistreatment of his stomach, it had started to rebel against him.

Wave after wave of throbbing pain pulled at his nerves. Ran Feng Ge heavily exhaled. Even if he wanted to turn on his side, he couldn’t, as several tubes were attached to his chest. He had spent a lot of effort putting everything together, so he didn’t want to break anything. Besides, it wasn’t like turning on his side would completely ease his pain. He usually carried medicine on his person, but unfortunately, while he was changing his hospital clothes, he had accidently thrown away the bottle. As he was supposed to be a heavily injured, unconscious patient who was on the brink of death, he couldn’t exactly stand up and look around for the medicine.

Sure enough, by being greedy, he was only digging himself into a deeper pit. What kind of food would be good enough to make up for the one million psychological trauma damages! That food was too expensive, he couldn’t even digest it!

Hah. Ran Feng Ge sighed again. He closed his eyes and forced himself to sleep. If he was asleep, then he wouldn’t feel the pain.

But even when asleep, he could still feel a dull pain plague him the whole time. Since he couldn’t sleep deeply, he didn’t feel very clear-headed.

When he heard the sound of the door being opened, Ran Feng Ge slightly narrowed his eyes.

Su Yi Mo was walking slowly towards the hospital bed while carrying a food container.

The corners of Ran Feng Ge’s mouth twitched, and he closed his eyes. There was no way he could possibly eat anything! After eating, he would suffer from even worse indigestion! His stomach would be in pain, swell in size, and suffer from a rise of gastric-acid levels!

Why was Ran Feng Ge acting so disinterestedly when he had brought food with him?! Su Yi Mo suspiciously turned his head, and saw Ran Feng Ge closing his eyes. He couldn’t help but cough once. He then walked over to the bed and sat down. He reached into the comforter and searched for the other man’s hand. Su Yi Mo gently squeezed the hand, indicating that the other could wake up.

The joints on Ran Feng Ge’s hand jutted out awkwardly, and felt slightly cold in his hands. Su Yi Mo raised his eyes and looked at the face that belonged to Jing Qiu Han—the ashen complexion, the knitted eyebrows; he looked as if he was being tormented by pain yet was still unconscious. Satisfied with the other’s act, Su Yi Mo inwardly praised him. He didn’t know how the other was capable of making that sort of expression. The look of pain, the ashen complexion, the knitted brows, the half-closed eyes, and the faint breathing, it didn’t matter if it was on the inside or the outside, Ran Feng Ge’s appearance completely fit that of someone who was finally waking up from a heavy injury!

“Ah Mo…” Ran Feng Ge certainly had strong work ethics; he knew it was time to put on an act. In a hoarse voice, he called out Su Yi Mo’s name. He blinked tiredly, a vacant expression in his eyes. “Where am I?”

Su Yi Mo gently gripped the other’s hand and lifted it to his cheek. Although his voice was fairly placid, it still bore a hint of emotion. “Xiao Han, this is A City. You’ve already returned to the country. Don’t worry, I’ll stay by your side. I promise this sort of thing won’t ever happen again in the future!”

“It’s good that nothing happened to you…” Ran Feng Ge smiled weakly, and said in a perfect broken voice, “What about filming…”

“‘Bu BuJie Lang temporarily stopped filming. The film crew went to film another series instead. They’ll wait for you to heal. During this time, you should focus on recuperating. Don’t waste your energy on anything else. Just leave the other things to me.”


“I’ll call the doctor to come and give you a check up.” Su Yi Mo moved to stand up.

Ran Feng Ge unexpectedly held onto his hand. His gaze was peaceful, and concealed a deep love within. “Ah Mo…stay with me for a bit more…”




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