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Their lips met in a kiss. Su Yi Mo’s lips were ice-cold, just like his personality. When their lips touched, both felt something like an electric shock. Ran Feng Ge unconsciously glanced at the killer out of the corners of his eyes, but then Su Yi Mo forcefully pinched the other’s waist, as if he was hinting at something.

Ran Feng Ge’s eyes brightened and he immediately understood.

They were putting on a show!

So this guy wants to put on a show before the killer’s eyes!

Ran Feng Ge immediately stopped paying attention to the killer and wholeheartedly kissed Su Yi Mo back.

In his previous assignments, there were also times when he had to put on an act and kiss someone. However, it was his first time kissing a man!

Of course, due to Ran Feng Ge’s stubborn and unrelenting nature, there was no way he would let Su Yi Mo kiss him until he was dizzy and muddleheaded. The only reason he was losing right now was because he was too nervous!

He accidently bit Su Yi Mo’s tongue, but the latter was totally unaware. Su Yi Mo continued plundering his tongue and mouth tyrannically, kissing him breathless.

Then Ran Feng Ge realized something – he was a patient recovering from a serious injury, so he shouldn’t be acting so lively. Therefore, he slowly let his body go limp, as if his consciousness was fading.

Su Yi Mo finally stopped kissing him and drew in Ran Feng Ge’s waist, hugging him tightly. Holding the other’s limp body, Su Yi Mo let the man fall into his embrace. He then suddenly turned his head and looked at the killer who was nailed to the wall by the dagger Ran Feng Ge had thrown.

Waiting outside the door were men under Su Yi Mo’s command. Once they received the signal, they immediately charged into the room and restrained the killer. He did not struggle; without a word, he took off the brooch he was wearing on his chest and clutched it in his hand.

Su Yi Mo noticed the man’s small movement but pretended not to see. After his men took the killer away and closed the door, he finally let go of Ran Feng Ge.

Ran Feng Ge hurriedly withdrew from the man’s arms. He turned his head sideways and stuck his tongue out in an attempt to clean his mouth. He knitted his eyebrows; the kiss just now had made him even more uncomfortable.

“Your performance wasn’t bad.” Su Yi Mo, on the other hand, felt nothing and merely gave slight praise to the other. “Next time, remember to call me Ah Mo.”

“Ok, boss!” Ran Feng Ge casually waved his hand and then quickly walked towards the door. He picked up the dropped food container and eagerly opened the lid. Although the container had fallen on the ground, the lid was still attached; the quality of this food container was quite good.

The only problem was that he didn’t know what Su Yi Mo had brought him to eat.

When he lifted the lid, he saw several exquisitely made, steaming bowls placed inside. Although the bowls were quite small, about the size of his palms, they were also quite deep. Because of this, the amount of food they contained was not small. There were five bowls in total, four different types of food and one soup. The bowls were arranged in the shape of a plum blossom, with the soup bowl in the middle. There was even a small porcelain spoon.

Wave after wave of the foods’ delicious aroma hit his nose. Ran Feng Ge inhaled deeply, swallowing down some saliva. He then exaggeratedly expressed his thanks: “Ah Mo, you are too awesome! These are all my favorite foods!”

Hearing the other call him “Ah Mo” with such ease, Su Yi Mo could only stare blankly for a moment. He took the opportunity to sit beside the bed. Holding his arm, he gazed unblinkingly at Ran Feng Ge, who was squatting on the floor. The other man had a steamed bun in his left hand and a pair of disposable chopsticks in his right. Using his teeth, he tore off the paper package of the bamboo chopsticks, and using his teeth again, he split them into two. After he’d jabbed the chopsticks onto the lid of the food container to align them, it was time to eat. He picked up some food and stuffed it into his mouth; he then picked up some more and stuffed it into his mouth again. He continued biting and tearing off pieces of the steamed bun, chewing one large mouthful of food after another. It looked like he really was starving.

As Su Yi Mo watched the other man wolf down two steamed buns, the corners of his lips lifted slightly in a smile, but only for a split second. His face quickly changed back to his ever-present icy expression. He then nonchalantly opened his mouth to speak: “Just now…”

“It was a fake performance! I know!” Ran Feng Ge swiftly cut in. He didn’t even raise his head to look at Su Yi Mo, instead focusing on devouring a third steamed bun. His mouth was already stuffed to the point of almost bursting, yet he still continued to stuff pieces of meat inside. After merely chewing twice, he swallowed it all down. He then continued in a muffled voice, “The brooch he was wearing on his chest was a tiny video camera. He didn’t come here to kill me; rather, he was trying to find out the truth about us. Am I right?”



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