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In the evening, the doctor came to do a routine checkup. Shortly afterwards, he left and closed the door behind him.

Ran Feng Ge rubbed his hungry stomach and quietly sighed.

What was he going to do now? He had forgotten that the person he was substituting for was a critically injured patient. Not only did he have to pretend he was unconscious, he also couldn’t eat anything. However, he wasn’t a patient himself. Su Yi Mo couldn’t expect him to survive off of the IV all day now, could he?

Outside the room, reporters who were unwilling to give up were guarding the door. He had no way to slip out and get something to eat.

What a stupid miscalculation of his!

With three bullets supposedly in his body, he would have to pretend to be out for at least a few weeks. Was this how he would have to live for the next few weeks?

Damn, what was the point of high pay? Didn’t he have to go hungry either way?

Ran Feng Ge silently cursed, his resentment obvious. He took a deep breath and continued playing a mummy.

Three days later, he finally had some visitors.

Su Yi Mo was also a very talented actor. After the doctor told him that he could go in and visit, his cold face revealed a rare look of excitement.

Sitting in front of the hospital bed, he reached out to grab Ran Feng Ge’s bruised hand, which currently had a needle stuck in it. Not in the least embarrassed, he put the hand on his own cheek. His whole body exuded a feeling of endless love.

The moment his hand was grabbed, Ran Feng Ge got goose-bumps. His next thought was to pull his hand back, but Su Yi Mo was too strong. Su Yi Mo glanced sideways at Ran Feng Ge, giving the latter a warning look.

Ran Feng Ge squinted slightly. Biting down his resentment, he looked at Su Yi Mo. What are you doing? Aren’t you afraid that those reporters will see?

Su Yi Mo’s eyes were like a calm sea, without a single ripple. I’m doing it so they can see. Just obediently lie there, don’t move, and be careful not to give the act away.

Ran Feng Ge gave him a disdainful look. Su Yi Mo squeezed his hand forcefully, warning him that actions indicating he was conscious were not allowed.

“Until when do I have to pretend I’m unconscious?” In the end, Ran Feng Ge could not help but ask this. His eyes were closed, his lips parting and closing as he breathed. He took the chance to whisper those words, but because he didn’t want to be seen talking, his voice sounded slightly unclear. “For the past few days, I’ve been living off of only the IV. I might die of hunger at this point. I’m a normal person, not a real critically injured patient! The nutrients from the IV won’t be able to satisfy my needs!”

Su Yi Mo was surprised. This voice…

That’s right. When Ran Feng Ge spoke, his voice was exactly like Jing Qiu Han’s. As he was pretending to be Jing Qiu Han, he had to prevent being exposed anytime and at all times. Therefore, talking was not an exception.

“Just endure it for another day. I’ll come by tonight with something for you to eat.” Su Yi Mo put Ran Feng Ge’s hand on his lips and moved as if to kiss it. In reality, though, he was trying to block the movements of his lips in order to hide the fact that he was talking.

The feel of the soft and warm lips scared Ran Feng Ge so much that he tried to pull his hand back. Su Yi Mo gave him a strict look. Move one more time and there will be no food for you tonight!

Ran Feng Ge stopped moving and obediently let the other person kiss the back of his hand. However, he was cursing in his mind. Shit, this time my assignment really is an unlucky one. Not only do I have to pretend to be a mummy, I also have to pretend to be someone’s lover while that someone flirts with me in the open. This sucks! I want a pay raise! A very high pay raise!



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