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City A.

First Hospital.

Floor 6 Room 608, outside the ICU.

A crowd of reporters and photographers each directed a microphone at the caretaker of the patient inside.

This morning, major news channels and papers received a notice: the hospital Jing Qiu Han was receiving intensive care at was the First Hospital! Reporters rushed there, all hoping to get the first scoop.

This was big news in the film industry! No one was willing to be even a second slower, afraid another company would rob them of their story. Everyone pushed and pulled, wishing their arms were just a bit longer, head a bit taller, voice a bit louder, and questions a bit sharper!

“Mr. Su, Jing Qiu Han was attacked and is now in the hospital. Is the filming of “Bu Bu Jie Lang” now canceled?”

“Mr. Su, how is Jing Qiu Han’s injury? Is he going to recover soon?”

“Mr. Su, is SHINE considering switching out the male lead in “Bu Bu Jie Lang”?”

“Mr. Su…”

“Mr. Su…”

Su Yi Mo dumped the questions on his secretary to answer, and turned around to look at the person lying on the hospital bed inside.

A frighteningly pale complexion, lips chapped with blood, eyes sunken in, and weak breaths. There was barely an indication of breathing on the oxygen mask. A drip needle was inserted into the hand, of which wounds from previous insertions remained. His chest area was half-bared, the light blue clothing couldn’t hide the white gauze spotted with blood. Various tubes connected to his body; even the slow line running on the heart rate monitor looked as though it would run straight at any moment.

Su Yi Mo almost thought the one in bed was the real Jing Qiu Han!

But, just almost. If he didn’t just come back from Pingan Hospital, where Jing Qiu Han actually was, he really would have fallen for it.

Ran Feng Ge. He certainly was deserving of the title of Trump Card. He looked exactly like a sick patient.

As though he felt someone looking at him, Ran Feng Ge secretly opened a slit of his eyes, looking at the person’s direction. Seeing that it was Su Yi Mo, Ran Feng Ge curled his lips. From the motion, his chapped lips actually split and oozed blood out!

Instinctively, Su Yi Mo’s heart ached slightly.

That face…

Damn! Su Yi Mo stared bitterly at Ran Feng Ge, then reverted back to his former icy composure.

Ran Feng Ge didn’t see Su Yi Mo’s expression. He shut his eyes quickly, closed his chapped lips, and continued to play dead, or, well, a critically ill patient.

He was curious about Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han’s relationship yesterday, but the iceberg just brushed him off.

Ran Feng Ge wasn’t discouraged. Who was he? He was the best body double in the industry! If he had decided on a job, he’d definitely get his facts down to the itty bitty details.

After the three million was deposited into his account, Ran Feng Ge researched on Su Yi Mo and Jing Qiu Han’s background. At the same time, he got the answer to his question yesterday.

Apparently, aside from their business partnership, the two… were lovers.

No wonder Su Yi Mo got him to be a substitute after Jing Qiu Han was attacked.

When he peeked earlier, Ran Feng Ge discovered the commotion outside. Without even thinking, he knew it was the reporters.

As for the one that leaked out the information, he couldn’t think of anyone other than Su Yi Mo.

If he wanted to protect his lover, of course he would get all the guns to point at the body double instead.

That Jing Qiu Han, he must be at a safe place now?


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Translators: Pumpkin
Proofreaders: Bijun Liang, PiKairi, Nannyn

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  1. Navleu says:

    Ran Feng Ge signed but they never started for Joe long he is going to be in disguise.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. xena nais says:

    did he go for plastic surgery?

  3. xena nais says:

    how did Ran feng ge change his face did he put on a mask?

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    Is it Yan Feng Ge or Ran Feng Ge?

    • Nannyn says:

      It’s Ran Feng Ge. Yan Feng Ge might’ve been a translation error the previous translator made.

  6. Very touching and cute can’t wait to see how this unfolds

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    Thanks a lot for your hard work in translating this! <3

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