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“Young master, Ran Feng Ge has already arrived. He is in the drawing room.”

“Ok,” Su Yi Mo replied to his butler coldly, his thoughts inscrutable. Although having heard the notice from his butler, he didn’t put down the newspaper in his hand. His gaze drifted from the newspaper headlines to the images displayed on the giant screen on the opposite wall. His furrowed his brows, slight worry on his face.

Lately, be it newspapers, magazines, entertainment tabloids, or TV shows, they all revolved around the same topic.

Movie star Jing Qiu Han had been shot while filming in Paris. He sustained two bullet injuries and was in critical condition. The case was currently under investigation and it was suspected that the shooting was due to jealousy from competitors. Jing Qiu Han had already been sent back to China and was currently undergoing treatment. However, the situation was still dire.

Half an hour later.

In the drawing room.

“You’re Ran Feng Ge?” Su Yi Mo stared suspiciously at the man whose back was facing him. He felt the surge of an indescribable feeling.

This profile… seemed… familiar…

Ran Feng Ge slowly turned his head.


Su Yi Mo and the butler froze. Instinctively, the butler tilted his head to look at Su Yi Mo; he saw the same shocked expression on the latter’s face.

The butler hesitantly spoke, “Young Master… He…”

Both Ran Feng Ge and Su Yi Mo had the same stone cold expression on their faces. More importantly, Ran Feng Ge’s facial features were identical to Su Yi Mo’s! Even the tiny mole at the corner of his eye was exactly the same.

At that instant, Su Yi Mo understood why he had had that familiar feeling. Anybody would recognize the sight of their own back.

Hearing his butler whisper “Young Master,” Ran Feng Ge turned sullen. “How are you certain that he is your young master? Ah Jiu, how dare you let strangers into the house! Say, how should I punish you for your mistake?

Even their voices were exactly the same! Furthermore, that man clearly knew his name.

Heavens… Ah Jiu didn’t know how to react.

The man that he had brought to the drawing room earlier was clearly a young man in his early twenties who was full of smiles. But why was it that when he asked the young master to come to the drawing room, the man inside had turned into the young master himself?

Su Yi Mo, being the master of the household, immediately snapped out of his daze. He fixed his eyes silently at the man whose appearance was identical to his. The corner of his lips curved up in a half-smile.

Ran Feng Ge walked elegantly towards Su Yi Mo, acting as if nothing had happened. He raised his eyebrows and looked up and down at the other man. “Ah, you’re actually taller than I imagined.”

Su Yi Mo steered his gaze towards the photo frame sitting on the desk in the drawing room, and understood what had happened.

Ran Feng Ge followed his gaze and laughed. “You guessed correctly. Although I haven’t seen you before, I saw that photograph while waiting for you. I know that you rich people are arrogant and like to put on airs. So while I was waiting, I changed my facial features to yours by going with that photo. But I’m guessing that photo was taken when you were in college. At that time, your height should be more or less the same as mine right? Ah, anyways it seems that I had miscalculated a little.”

I couldn’t guess his height correctly. Judging by the photo I’d say he’s about 182cm. I’m 179cm, so I had to change the height of the insoles in my shoes. I thought that I had the perfect disguise, but who’d have known that he was as tall as 187cm! What on earth did he eat to grow this tall?!

“Ah… Mr. Ran, can you show me your true face? I am… easily confused,” the butler Ah Jiu pleaded. After speaking, he snuck a glance at Su Yi Mo, whose expression was blank as usual.

Hah, that Ran Feng Ge, so troublesome. He went as far as to disguise himself as the young master. Knowing the young master’s temper… I don’t know what he’ll do to punish me afterwards…

Ran Feng Ge chuckled as he observed the butler’s flustered reaction. He felt sorry for the man, so he removed the thin mask he was wearing, revealing his own impressively handsome face underneath.

As the material of his mask wasn’t very aerated, at first glance, Ran Feng Ge’s face was very red, tempting one to give it a bite.

Of course, this did not include Su Yi Mo.

Young Master Su finally opened his mouth lazily, “Have you read the contract?”

“Yup. What about you? You should be satisfied with my skills right?” Ran Feng Ge puffed up with pride. A big smile stretched across his face. “If you are satisfied, then the next time we meet it would be best that you don’t let me wait that long again.”

His deliberately cold voice clashed greatly with his bright smile.

Sure enough, making him wait in the drawing room for half an hour had pushed his patience to the limits.

“Alright, I understand.” Su Yi Mo nodded his head in agreement. He then shot an icy stare at Ran Feng Ge. “Then if possible, please do not disguise yourself as me next time. It feels uncomfortable looking at someone with the same exact appearance as me, especially when I’m not mentally prepared.”

“I couldn’t help it, it was too boring waiting, so I could only play around by changing my appearance.” Ran Feng Ge shrugged and passed over the contract that was in his hand. “I signed it already. I hope I get my deposit when I arrive at home. Remember, it’s three million.”

“That’s not a problem.” Su Yi Mo accepted the contract and casually flipped the pages over to glance at them. At the bottom of every page was Ran Feng Ge’s flamboyant signature. “You have pretty good handwriting.” Su Yi Mo lifted his head and looked at the other. “But, instead of me, shouldn’t you have disguised yourself as the person who needs protection if you were trying to impress me?”

“Thank you for the praise. But I didn’t see a need to disguise myself as Jing Qiu Han. It’s not challenging enough. I see him every day on TV.” Ran Feng Ge spoke up blithely, “Besides, even though you haven’t paid the deposit, you’ve already seen me in action. I’m already letting you off easy.”

“Tomorrow, I will visit Jing Qiu Han at First Hospital. He will be in Room 608 on the sixth floor, as a patient in the ICU. Understand?” Su Yi Mo placed the contract on the desk. “Rest assured, I will pay you in full.”

“Ok!” Ran Feng Ge turned around to leave the room. He stopped at the door and turned to stare at the tall Young Master Su. “Dare I ask what your relationship with Jing Qiu Han is?”

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