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On June 1, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Hi guys, happy June! We have two True Star chapters for you today. Finals are over (at least for me), so hopefully that means we’ll have more time to translate and proofread now. :D We’ve been racing against the deadline multiple times this year. Haha. In any case, things get pretty heated in these two chapters. ;)

Looking at the poll, Lu Tian Chen seems to be in the lead right now. When we had the poll last time, Charles had won without any questions, so it’s interesting to see the change this time around. Haha, the iceberg might not be so icy after all. That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 9
True Star: Chapter 10

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  1. Lint says:

    Thanks again so much for the release!

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