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On July 2, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 2 Comments

Hi guys, thanks for waiting! We’re back with some Gong Hua and True Star. So I lied about having some Ti Shen chapters this time. Those chapters will probably be ready in time for the next release. In any case, after nearly two years, we’ve finished another volume of Gong Hua. Yay! I can now say I’ve translated a whole book. That’s definitely an achievement. Anyways, enjoy your read!

On the side of business, we’ve received an email notifying us that someone is posting True Star on Wattpad. Now, we’re actually aware of this. In fact, we mentioned it in a post a few months ago, though we didn’t point out the site back then. I guess the thing we wanted to make clear here is that we are the ones translating True Star, not someone else, so don’t let the Wattpad account mislead you otherwise. If any of you spot something similar, shoot us an email!

That’s all for today! It seems like flying is leading the poll. Though a lot of you seem to be laid up in the hospital. XD. See you guys on the 15th!

Gong Hua: Chapter 10
Gong Hua: Character Introductions & Afterword
True Star: Chapter 109
True Star: Chapter 110

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2 Comments so far:

  1. alex_ana says:

    Thanks for the translations.
    But there is a problem with the links.
    When I try to open new True star chapters, it opened older one -104 and 105.
    They are not shown in the book releases too. The last one there is ch. 108.
    I could open them from the main page last, releases for the novel only.
    Is it only me, or other have the same problems?

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