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NOTE FROM NUDDLE 06/16: Hey all! We’re currently working on updating the theme and setup of GC so that it’s easier to read/navigate/includes more options. We have a test theme set up at We moved some things around and tried to put things at different spots. If you scroll to the bottom right of the main page, you’ll now see that there’s an option for a light vs dark theme. We are thinking of putting the dark theme as default, while the light can be chosen if desired. Let us know what you think in the comments box so that we can make additional changes before actually switching!

An earlier update today too. As promised, we have another part of the Adventures of Rice Bucket for this release. I never knew Wei Shi was a pretty boy. Like for real? We also have two True Star chapters this time. Does anyone even remember Gino’s first name? Everybody just refers to him as Gino. Quiz time, what’s Albert’s last name? No cheating and looking it up in the chapters! Anyways, there will be a Gong Hua chapter next time, so look forward to it!

I am quite surprised that chopsticks won in the last poll. Can you really use chopsticks to eat everything? Even yogurt? Or are you guys just all aspiring kung-fu masters? In any case, a poll about the weather this time. It’s been raining pretty hard where I live, so I’m curious what it’s like for you guys.

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