Poll’s current results

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Just a head’s up, the poll will be closing on the 30th. Get all your votes in before it closes! Currently, True Star is in first place. In second place is Gong Hua/Key of the Sunken Moon (they interchange sometimes) and last is Ti Shen.

With all the support for Gong Hua, I’m a little surprised it wasn’t first. Let’s go guys! Vote, vote, vote!  You’ll like what’s up after the poll ends! :DDD

Voting Commmence!

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We’re opening the poll a little early so we can at least guess which series will win before the next update. Haha. Please don’t all just vote on the last day because that’ll really cause us grief! So, without further ado, here it is. Have fun voting! As a reminder, as much as you love a series, don’t spam the poll with multiple votes. One vote per person! We have a limit on votes so if you do spam and we hit our limit, this poll will be void. Thanks for your understanding. Vote fast because only the first 200 votes will count. :)


What is your favorite series?

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Hello guys! Here’s something fun for you!

So, the members of our team have contemplated for a REALLY long time on whether we should do a poll or not. Should we have prizes? Should we not? What will we give the winner? Lots of questions. So, here’s the deal. We may POTENTIALLY update the series that wins. Potentially. Write that down. POTENTIALLY. Circle it. Draw arrows around it. Highlight it. Sadly, we can’t promise that we will. But we will make an effort.

Anyways, what does that mean for you? Well, for now, there is no poll up yet. However, it will be up along with the next updates (probably a bit before), which means it will be up some time around the 26th to 31st. We will leave it open for one week. After that one week, all the votes will be tallied and we’ll announce the winner. By then, we’ll probably have already decided what we would do. So, good luck to your favorite series and vote! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a huge reward at the end :) Get ready! And we will see you guys near the end of the month!


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Hey guys, in case you haven’t noticed, we have added a PDF page to our website! So if you want your own copy of volume one of The Sunken Moon, just head on over. Just a note, please do not redistribute these PDFs anywhere. If we find you, there will be dire repercussions (maybe >:D)! Anyways, look forward to some new releases on the 1st.

More Updates!

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I don’t know how late this was but LOOK! We’ve reached our goal of $122.54!  *insert fanfare here* Thanks so much to Keziah!!! Here’s a cute giraffe bento, made out of cheese apparently.

Cheese or not, I wonder how anyone has the power to eat those little things… especially those in the corner (*sneaking suspicion they’re not made out of cheese*)

And yes… apparently pigs do fly XD And look like giraffes for some very odd reasons I cannot fathom.