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On August 16, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 2 Comments

Hi guys, rather late release today. Sorry, we’ve all been busy lately so I’ll keep it short. Cough*Some of us are just busy playing Pokemon Go*Cough. Ahem. Today, we’re starting the second volume of Ti Shen along with four chapters of True Star. There are only ten chapters left to the first volume of True Star. Let’s begin the countdown! 10 more chapters until the end! Of the first volume anyways. There are a lot more chapters waiting to be translated. Anyways, enjoy your read!

As for the poll, “hiding my powers” ultimately took first place in the end with 71 votes. It was unchallenged for first place in any case. We are all paranoid, I say! Only 26 of you plan on dominating the world. I guess not many of us are fans of running a whole world. It is a lot of work. Too much work for the summer. Haha. See you next time!

True Star: Chapter 115
True Star: Chapter 116
True Star: Chapter 117
True Star: Chapter 118
Ti Shen: Chapter 1

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  1. Mew says:

    Whaaat? 4 chapters of True Star? You guys are so awesome~ Yes! Less cliffhangers, though the one you’ve let us rest on is pretty steep…

    Ahaha, you guys are addicted to Polemon Go too? I have no life outside of catching fake virtual animals now. Well, on the plus side, I’m willingly exercising for the first time. Dang, buff legs here I come!

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