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On December 1, 2015, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year again! It’s December, meaning the month of finals. Everybody’s pretty busy during this month. As a result, the Fan Tong chapter today has only been proofread once. If you spot any mistakes, leave us a comment! I always thought Wei Shi was an old man for some reason, maybe because he’s super cranky. It’s quite surprising to see that he’s a pretty boy like all the others. Oh, and a tsundere. Yup. We also have two Ti Shen chapters for you. Expect some True Star next time. That’s all for today.

I didn’t have time to come up with a new poll this time, so the villain one will stay around for another two weeks. As expected, Loki is winning by a long shot. Come on guys, don’t let him hog all the fun! Smaug is going to burn us all to a crisp at this rate.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Personal Account: Wei Shi
Ti Shen: Chapter 37
Ti Shen: Chapter 38

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  1. acouvis says:

    This post would have been more amusing if it was “I’m a Cat Lover! They’re Delicious!”

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