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On April 15, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Hi guys, happy 15th! Or I guess, happy Easter! We have two True Star chapters for you today. These were also translated at the last minute, so I apologize for the late release. I have to say, Tang Feng really does have a lot of men in his harem. Ah, the dilemma of choosing the best one out of the bunch. My personal pick would be Lu Tian Chen. Who’s yours? :D

As for the poll, I was lazy and didn’t come up with a new one, so I’ll leave this one here for another two weeks. We’ll be back in May, but that is around the time of finals, so I can’t promise that we’ll have something to release. It seems like all I’m doing these days is taking tests. If nothing else, I’ve been getting really good at filling out bubble sheets. Too bad that’s not something you can put on a resume. XD

That’s all for this time!

True Star: Chapter 5
True Star: Chapter 6

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  1. Loc says:

    Thanks so much. I’ve been waiting!

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