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On September 29, 2017, Posted by , In Updates, With 5 Comments

Hi guys, I am the bringer of bad news today. As I have three tests next week, the chances of me having time to translate is pretty slim. Rather, it’s nonexistent. So you’ll have to pass the first of October without any releases from us. We’ll try to be back on the 15th instead!

For those of you who are also swamped with tests, good luck! :)

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5 Comments so far:

  1. Otakusan says:

    I need a chapter please~~~
    I can’t hold my curiosity anylonger since chapter 16 s ending was so interessting. Please ~~
    (Also I hope that you were able to pass your exams safly/school is annoying isnt it?)

  2. sam says:

    Good luck with great score.

  3. Flotsam says:

    Good luck with your exams!

  4. ari says:

    … ok
    good luck


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