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Hi guys, I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! We’re back with two True Star chapters to make up for the past few releases that got pushed back because of the domain change. We are still working on the website, so there are probably some broken images or links here and there. I just got around to putting up the cover images for all our novels yesterday, so hopefully it doesn’t look too bare now. In any case, enjoy these chapters!

I noticed that some of you want a new poll, so I finally closed that old one. Ahem, yes we’re behind on a lot of stuff. As for the results of that old poll, you’ve all probably looked at it for so long that you don’t need me to summarize them, but I’m going to do it anyways. 162 of you said yes, you would go on a date with Charles and 81 said no. I mean since Charles is rich, you could probably get some nice free stuff from him, but I wouldn’t want to go on a date with him either. Because you know, he’s a drama queen. Haha. We’ll be back next time!

True Star: Chapter 19
True Star: Chapter 20

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