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We’re taking a break from True Star this time and instead we have two Ti Shen chapters for you. Don’t worry, True Star will be back for the next update. In addition, we have a chapter of Gong Hua for your reading enjoyment. I have to say the romance in Gong Hua is kind of sudden. There weren’t any mentions of it in the previous chapters, so it’s rather odd to see it now. Well, let’s see where Yu Wo will take us.

As Nuddle has mentioned in the last post, we are working on updating the theme of Giraffe Corps. We have a test site set up at so check it out if you haven’t yet. The dark theme will be set as the default theme later on, so it definitely won’t be that hard on the eyes. If you have any suggestions for features we could improve/add, be sure to leave a comment!

From the poll results, I see we have some aspiring Noahs out there. I expect to see some arks pop up over the summer. If not, I’ll be quite disappointed. Anyways, until next time!

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