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Sorry guys, late release today. We’re releasing a KSM part and two chapters of True Star. Just a note, chapter 90 of True Star has not been proofread at all, so we’ll be locking the chapter with a password. It’s been ages since we’ve had a password-locked chapter. In case you don’t remember, the password is pie. Haha, I guess this is also a test to see how many of you actually read the front page. >:D

I’ve decided to make the polls month-long from now on. For one, it saves me the brain power of having to think up new ones every two weeks. For two, more people vote if we leave it on longer. Right now, “Laughing to death at your own prank on April Fools” is tied with “Jumping off a cliff in an attempt to prove that you can fly.” They are probably the better choices among all those unfortunate deaths. Did you know that the molasses flood is actually a real thing? It happened in 1919 in Boston and people actually drowned in it. Fear the Molasses Monster!

Psst, does anyone want to join our group as a proofreader? We’re all kinda bogged down with schoolwork at the moment (hence the unproofread chapter), so help would be appreciated. Go download the test from the contacts page and send it to us at giraffecorps@live.com! If you don’t get a reply in a week, send it to me at nannvalle@gmail.com.

Jeez, I’ve written an essay. We’ll be back on the 15th!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 1 ~34%
True Star: Chapter 89
True Star: Chapter 90

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  1. Lint says:

    True Star!!! I’m doing my happy dance inside…Thanks so much for the release and the translation. I’ve read a lot of BL manga and M/M novels and I tell ya True Star ranks at the top of my list as one of my favs. Keep up the great work and thanks again!

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