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Early update for the New Year! We have the last tidbit of volume two of KSM for you today along with two True Star chapters. A while ago, I said we would finish volume two of KSM before this year ends. As it’s still December 31st in some places, we did it! Volume two is finished. That only took us a few years. We’ll start releasing volume three in the next few weeks. We already have a few chapters translated. Hopefully, we’ll be able to release them in larger parts this time around. We’ll probably have a Gong Hua chapter next time. Along with some Ti Shen. Probably.

As for the poll, I was lazy and didn’t come up with a new one, so these three bearded old men will duel it out for another two weeks. Gandalf is in first right now. Santa right behind him. Really, how do they manage to keep their beards so neat and not tangled up in everything?

Oh yes, Happy New Year! Hope that 2016 will turn out good for everyone! Until next time!

Key of the Sunken Moon: Character Profiles (Yue Tui Version)
True Star: Chapter 87
True Star: Chapter 88

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