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Donate? Goal: $122.54. Current: $106

Hi everyone!

From all of us at giraffecorps, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! Hope you had an awesome time and lots of money. Just wanted to say that even though we’re a few days late.

If anyone wanted to know, Body Double’s chapter 6 is out! And by the way, we are still in need of translators and proofreaders. Someone who is willing to compile our releases into txt/pdf/ebook files would also be nice. Email giraffecorps@live.com if interested. No experience needed. ^_^

Lastly, a few of us were curious. Would you guys participate in polls or competitions? What about prizes? Just something we wanted to hear your opinion on ^^


Have a great day!


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  1. Lushola says:

    Yeah, will participate in polls.and belated happy New year, too!
    And thanks for the wonderful translations, esp Gong Hua and True Star.not particularly keen on BL but I gotta say the I really like the MC and the plot and style of the author.
    And Gong Hua just truly taken me.:-)

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