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Happy New Year! May you get all your wishes granted in 2017!

We’re back with some long overdue chapters of Ti Shen. Short chapters, but the chapters never get really long in this series unlike True Star. Since I totaled up the chapters for True Star last time, I’ll do it for Ti Shen too. There are 238 chapters for the main story, plus nine extras. At 52 translated chapters, we are 22% of the way through the main story. Ahhh, the prospects for this one look even worse than True Star. The offer for a dedicated translator for this series is still up in the air. Anybody want to join? 😁

The chapters are unproofread, so you’ll have to use pie for a bit longer. Let me emphasize that, password is pie. They’ll get proofread eventually. Hopefully. That’s all for this time!

Ti Shen: Chapter 4
Ti Shen: Chapter 5

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3 Comments so far:

  1. celine chang says:

    I’m interested in helping with the translation for Ti Shen… although I am not very confident, but I’d like to try.

    • Nannyn says:

      That’s great! You can try your hand at the translation test we have under the contact tab. Nothing too difficult, it’s just to see how readable your translations are. After you’re done, you can send it to me at nannvalle@gmail.com!

  2. Sunaryo says:

    Happy New year

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