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Character Introductions

Indigo: One of the Danji Yate’s Four Colors. The one responsible for leading the Danyas’ attack against the humans.
Aquamarine: A blue-haired female Leaf. Indigo’s lover.
Jin Qi Er: An emissary from Danya. Seems to be friends with Indigo.
Zhan ∙ Chris ∙ Wollier: Commander of Zhan Yan’s Xialan Spiritmancer Regiment.
Zhan ∙ Gawain ∙ Yves: Chris’ nephew. One of the candidates in line to become the next commander of the Xialan Spiritmancer Regiment.
Zhan ∙ Andrew ∙ Dinadan: Commander of Zhan Yan’s Qi Sheng Spiritmancer Regiment.
Zhan ∙ Anselo ∙ Dinadan: Andrew’s son.
Yan Er: A red-haired female Leaf.
Hong Yan: A red-haired male Leaf.


This volume was a pain to write!

I had to advance the plot while writing about the past and foreshadowing the future at the same time… Hahahaha! In the end, I still didn’t manage to finish writing about what had happened in the past. 囧!

I still haven’t finished writing about the onset of Gong Hua’s hatred and what happened afterwards. I hope everyone will wait for the next volume with a heart full of curiosity (or complaints)!

I’ll mention here that the next volume will be called “Choice.”

As the name implies, there will be many choices to be made. Gong Hua always says that he doesn’t have a choice, but now he will finally have the leeway to make a choice himself. However, it’d be difficult to say whether it would be considered good or bad if you had the chance to decide something.

In this volume, I tried writing about military matters and war. It didn’t take up too many chapters, mainly because I didn’t dare write too much. After all, military matters are one of my weak points. If I had to write about the specifics of war chapter after chapter, I think my brain would turn into a goopy mess. That is why it’s best to take it slowly.

I also tried writing about love. While going through reader comments after volume one’s release, it seemed like everyone had mistakenly assumed that the romance is between Gong Hua and Cas. However, I believe that this misunderstanding has been resolved after reading volume two, right?

I suddenly have no idea what else I want to add to the afterword. There are a lot of unfinished plotlines, but I can’t mention any of them here!

All right, let’s talk about the cover instead. The upside-down Cas on the cover is so handsome! The background is also detailed and beautiful! Monto, I love you!

To be honest, Cas’ upside-down position is rather marvelous. But what’s more marvelous is that…it totally suits his style! He’s exactly the type of deranged fellow who would strike such a mysterious pose.

How shall I comment on this?

Cas, nicely done! That upside-down position is so striking! It’ll make girls scream for you!

I’ll mention right now that one of the things Cas hates the most is when someone acts more deranged than him. (Therefore, as the author, I am the person he hates the most).

Is it okay for me, the author, to be this happy in the afterword after writing such a tragic book? What if someone tells me that the afterword ended up ruining the originally serious novel that is filled with sorrow?

I should delete every word in the afterword and rewrite the whole thing… No, I’m normally this happy in every afterword I write. If I’m not happy, then someone might as well cut me apart and allow me to reincarnate.

What? Are you asking me for the reason why the author is capable of being this happy after writing such a tragic novel?

…Well, you should try writing a novel, and only after two long, arduous months manage to hand in the finished manuscript. You’d be hopping mad with joy, I’ll tell you right now!

That is why I’m always so happy in every afterword. I’ll only be serious and emotional after writing the last chapter of a series. As there would be no subsequent volume, my happiness would always be dyed with a bit of melancholy.

Unfortunately for all the readers, this series is far from being finished. Therefore, I am very happy. I’ll ask everyone here to be tolerant of an author like me who’s more deranged than Cas, who had his entire family killed when he was young. Please don’t cut me apart and force me to reincarnate!

Off topic, I’ll be writing the seventh volume of The Legend of the Sun Knight after this. To be honest, I’m rather looking forward to writing it because it has a lot of [spoilers]. I’ve been waiting to write it for a long time now. I’ll finally have my wish fulfilled and can play around to my heart’s content.

To everyone who’s reading The Legend of the Sun Knight, please look forward to all my schemes! (Blush).

Yu Wo


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Xuan, Sherry

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4 Comments so far:

  1. Vilkuss says:

    Authors afterwords are alway’s amusing to read!
    I’m really curious about all the choices promised in the next volume! And how things will develop with the revenges… What more happened in the past. Where is the other Owen…
    Aaa-aaaah! So many questions! (and such a long wait for the answers….)

    Thank you for your translations! Am very happy to read this series! (although wait can be a little painful…)
    Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Ashia says:

    Oh… So that’s why she very unnaturally forced GH and Mila together… I don’t get it, she writes a great romance when she’s not trying(GH and Cas), but her actual romance… Mhm, not so great…

  3. Allstarall says:

    Are you allowed to post the cover? If you are please do!!! I want to know what it looks like. Thanks!

    • Nannyn says:

      We’ll most likely put up the cover for volume three when the prologue is ready to be released. :)

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