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On March 15, 2015, Posted by , In Updates, With 3 Comments

It’s time for another release! We have a part of Fan Tong and another chapter of True Star today. Both are pretty short, but still enjoyable. Hopefully, we’ll have something longer for next time.

Onto another hand of business, we’ve noticed that there were a lot of spoiler-containing comments on the latest True Star chapters. Please refrain from posting spoilers. Some people don’t mind spoilers, but most don’t like reading them. If we see any more spoilers, we’ll start deleting comments. Another thing, a lot of people have been asking when and how often we update. For that, we’ll direct you to the FAQ page. That’s what it’s there for. You know, “frequently asked questions?”

We’ll also start introducing a series of polls from now on. They are just polls to gather information. No prizes involved. For the first one, well, if you don’t read the front page… Hmm, the “no” answer is kind of useless isn’t it?

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3 Comments so far:

  1. Pijon says:

    If it helps, I discovered the front page about a month ago. I enjoy reading the home page commentary and started looking there instead of going straight to the updates page. My bookmark to this site was previously the unspotted novels page.

    • Pijon says:

      …actually, it seems I discovered the home page 2 months ago. I remember getting a kick out of the post’s title.

  2. PiKairi says:

    LOL. I’m just waiting for that one person who’d click on “No” just because.

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