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Hi guys, super late release today. I didn’t have as much time as I expected to translate this time around, so we only have one True Star chapter ready this time. We’ll try to get some Ti Shen and KSM out next time. As for Gong Hua, uh yeah, I need to get translating on that. We’ll probably break the record for longest gap between chapters this time. Haha. Should I be laughing?

In any case, for our Christmas poll, only nine of you were positively sure you were good for the last year. 53 of you are in the limbo between good and bad. So then what would you guys get? Grey charcoal? White charcoal? An encouragement prize consisting of a reindeer hug? Well, whatever the case, until next time! And of course, Happy 2018!

True Star: Chapter 21

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