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0. So I noticed a lot of mistakes in your grammar and translations…

We would love to have you as our proofreader! Just a note, all proofreaders will now have to take a proofreader test before joining. Please email us if you want to join! If not, just leave us a comment and we’ll fix it ASAP.

1. When is the next release?

We update every two weeks, meaning twice a month. We typically update on the 1st and the 15th. Updates may come at any time during the day, but we’ll get it up before the day is over (probably). Another thing, we’re mostly based in the US, so depending on where you live, updates might be on the 2nd and the 16th for you. Also, as we are working on four series at once, please be patient. There are no guarantees that we’ll update every series each time, though we try really hard to be fair to all of them. To see current updates, click here.

2. Is it legal for you to translate novels like this?

Although we haven’t heard from the publishers, we do have personal permission from the authors themselves. Since this is only a non-profit fan-for-fan translation group, we believe that it is O.K.

3. May we host your work on our website?

First of all, the work isn’t ours. It’s the authors. If you do want to share the love, please provide a link to the author and publisher’s website and a small credit note to us for translating. If any of the projects are licensed by an English publisher, it cannot be uploaded, redistributed, or hosted anywhere. Instead, support the author and publisher by buying a copy. If you are a for-profit website that’s making money through ad revenues (not even Google AdSense!), required payments, etc etc fees, then you are not welcome at all!

Click here to see other translation sites currently offering stories seen on this site in another language. If you would like your site added to the list let us know.

4. What are donations for?

They will be used to buy the actual novels, products, merchandise, etc. from the authors we are translating from. We will then use them as raws or give them off as free gifts to fan visitors of this website.

5. Why is the layout so simple and dark?

Dark colors are less straining on the eyes, right? Plus, we wouldn’t want fancy decorations to distract your reading. If it’s too hard to see for you, do tell us how we should improve it.

6. Password-protected posts?

The pw is “pie” without the quotes. Password protected posts are translated entries that have not been fully proofread. It means that they are the first-second drafts the translator has written, but are still made available for readers who are too anxious to know what’s going to happen next. Grammar Nazis will have to try their best and just avoid them…


Help Us Out!

There are many, many ways to help indeed…

0. Buy from the Authors
More than anything, we want our authors to become famous, rich and happy. That way, they can continue writing wonderful works for all of us to enjoy. I believe both of these two websites ship internationally: books.com.tw and bookspring.com.tw. For BL series, you can visit LCRead and JJWXC. They are both very popular online publishers.

Here is a tutorial on buying VIP chapters on LCRead.

1. Join Giraffe Corps
You can either join as a translator or a proofreader. Please see the contact page for details.

2. Donate to Giraffe Corps
You can send us novels you want translated to an address, but email us first for that. We long-necks will also be jumping-jacking with joy if you contributed through that little button under this sentence.

Donate 3. Report to Giraffe Corps
If you see any websites who are using our translations to make money or are distributing titles already licensed or prohibited by English publishers, please email us.

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