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On April 1, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 9 Comments

Happy April Fools! We had some evil pranks planned, but you guys are saved from that because none of us had the time to put them in motion. I can’t say the same for next year though. Beware! >:D As promised, we have two Ti Shen chapters along with the last part of the KSM chapter. Enjoy your read. Be glad we didn’t fill it all with dummy text. Lorem ipsum anyone?

On the side of business, it has come to our attention that someone is re-hosting True Star outside of Giraffe Corps. Now, we don’t have any policy against that (unless it’s for profit), but we must remind you to credit us for the translation. If not, then it turns into plagiarization. Yes, the one word that gets pounded into all of us in English classes. Honestly, I’d rather there be no re-hosting as that draws readers away from our site, but that’s kind of asking for the impossible. The same applies to re-translation. Just credit us for the original translation. It’s just one line of text, all right guys?

Looking at the poll results right now, a good part of you have faith in us! Yay, I guess there’s still hope left. Haha. Until next time!

p.s. I wonder how many of you will actually read this post as most of you just disappear when there’s no True Star update.

Key of the Sunken Moon: Chapter 1 100%
Ti Shen: Chapter 41
Ti Shen: Chapter 42

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9 Comments so far:

  1. Asu says:

    I must admit my main reason for coming is to read True Star but Ti Shen comes in close as well. Nonetheless I read your every post just in case there’s hints of what might drop next.
    Sending lots of love so you’ll continue to feed my True Star addiction. :D

  2. Fox says:

    I cried when I saw that you didn’t update true star. WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE! l Hahaha. I might only come here to read true star, but I also read your posts . :D Happy April!

  3. Ladyenairra says:

    I always read the posts! and check out the polls..hehe..✌
    Though I only read
    True Star & Ti shen.. Updates
    Love you lots guys

  4. kezi says:

    I read the posts!

  5. Nm says:

    I only read true star but I read your posts too ;-)

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