Drowning in a Whirlpool of Melodrama

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Hi guys! Happy March! We have some Ti Shen for you today. The lovey-dovey atmosphere in these two chapters made your neighborhood translator cringe quite a bit while translating. I’ll never understand how couples are capable of saying such mushy things without wanting to bash their heads against a wall. I certainly wanted to while I was typing out those words… Maybe I am exaggerating. There really aren’t all that many lovey-dovey lines.

We’ll probably have some True Star next time. Probably. Your neighborhood translator is really busy for these few weeks/months/semester. Having several papers, projects, and whatnot to work on. If I were graded only on my multitasking skills, I’m pretty sure I’d have a 4.0 every semester. Alas, that is not how the world works. 😭 In any case, until next time!

Ti Shen: Chapter 6
Ti Shen: Chapter 7

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