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On September 15, 2015, Posted by , In Updates, With No Comments

We’re back with another part of KSM and two chapters of True Star. The format for True Star 076 is kind of weird as I tried to arrange it like a discussion board. If it’s hard to read or just looks plain awful, leave a comment and I’ll switch it back to the normal format. That being said, there will be a Gong Hua chapter next time! Look forward to it.

As for the poll, charms and transfiguration were battling for first place, but ultimately charms won with 87 votes total. Potions and defense against the dark arts tied for third with 64 votes each. Not many people voted for herbology and muggle studies. No one likes mangdragoras? I have to admit they are a bit creepy. The new poll is up!

See you guys next month!

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