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On February 16, 2016, Posted by , In Updates, With 1 Comment

Late release again today. We got some True Star and Ti Shen for you, no KSM or Gong Hua this time. Don’t worry, we’re working on them. We’ll probably get a Gong Hua chapter out in the next release. Emphasis on the probably. Anyways, Gino and Tang Feng are the main stars in these two chapters and we have some pretty amusing banter. Enjoy your read!

Some of you emailed me about joining. That’s great! Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy these few days to reply. After I survive these next two weeks of hell, I will get back to all of you!

As for the poll, “Laughing to death at your own prank on April Fools” took first place with 62 votes. Next was “Jumping off a cliff in an attempt to prove that you can fly” with 46 votes. Three of you picked molasses! I was expecting none to be honest. I don’t think drowning in molasses would be a very pleasant death. Neither would any of the other choices actually. I feel like the ridiculousness of laughing to death at your own joke would make people laugh at you instead, at your funeral. Well, at least it won’t be somber. What am I even rambling on about…

See you guys in March!

Ti Shen: Chapter 40
True Star: Chapter 91
True Star: Chapter 92

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  1. Lint says:

    Thanks so much for the True Star release! I can’t run to your website fast enough when I see these releases. Keep up the great work!

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