Chapter 3: The Demonstration Competition

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“Lord Wei Shi, may I ask what New Year’s fortune you drew?” – Journalist

“No comment.” (Gnashes teeth) – Wei Shi

“Meow meow meow.” (Translation: He drew “Yin Shi”.) – Blackie, Folded Ear, White Feet

Vacation is great, but the start of the new school term is cruel.

They had a lot of fun over the holidays, but their leisurely days numbered only a few, and it felt that they hadn’t really had any time to enjoy themselves. In the blink of an eye, they had to return to school life, which was truly an unhappy occasion.

But fortunately, they only had morning classes on their first day back.

Fan Tong heaved a sigh.

The reason they only had morning classes was because the general tournament’s demonstration matches were in the afternoon, the very same competition that Lord Yin Shi nonsensically called the Eastern City’s Five Attendants’ Marriage Tournament.

Actually, about that, Hui Shi has already disappeared for two years, maybe nearly three years, and they are still called the Eastern City’s five attendants. It really sounds awkward.

Clearly, there are only four left – does the Eastern City have any particular taboo about the number four? We can all live in room 444 on the fourth floor, so I’m not sure it’s considered taboo here…

After class, even though it wasn’t mandatory, they still decided to go watch the demonstration competition.

After all, it’s going to be a lively activity. Just going to see Lord Yin Shi and the rest put forth their best effort should be quite interesting, right?

Moreover, this is a rare opportunity to see experts exchange blows. How could we pass it up?

I’m very happy about going to watch it together with Yue Tui, but Zhu Sha is also coming along… I’m not rejoicing about that. Even though we will be comrades-in-arms for a while, but, but… Ah, forget it, it’s just like that.

In addition to an elevated stage for the competitions to take place on, the general tournament had a resting area for the competitors.

Currently, there were a few people who had gathered there ahead of time to wait for the competition to begin and discuss a few private matters.

“Yin, I’m going to first carefully warn you, you’re not allowed to defeat me in one blow. This is a demonstration competition, no one came to see you get rid of people in one second.”

In addition to keeping with the demonstration competition’s nature, Ling Shi blank-facedly made his request to Yin Shi so that he could save a little face.

“Eh? Why? Since it’s an exhibition, wouldn’t it look better to go all out?”

It was clear that Yin Shi’s problem was not that he couldn’t follow instructions. It was just that you can’t carve rotten wood. After he asked this question, Ling Shi almost got angry.

“Do you really want to kill me…?”

“Ah, how could that be, you shouldn’t be able to die. Your master skill is not dying even after an explosion, wouldn’t people think that’s worth seeing?”

“…In short, you’re only allowed to use fifty percent of your strength, do you understand?” Ling Shi completely did not accept his terrible explosion idea and directly ignored his excitement, giving him instructions.

“Eh? But I don’t want winning to be difficult; that would be so tiring. Whenever I do that, my entire body aches, and my bones feel loose. Why does an easy win have to turn into this…?” Yin Shi was not particularly pleased with Ling Shi’s plan. He felt annoyed that a simple matter had become a complicated one.

“…Ten minutes! At least let me stay on stage for ten minutes! If worst comes to worst, I’ll give you a massage once we return. If that’s impossible, then what kind of comrade are you!” Ling Shi squeezed the words out through clenched teeth, and after hearing them, Yin Shi beamed with joy.

“Ah, alright, alright, well said, remember to come find me later this evening.”

“What are you so happy about?” Seeing the other person’s attitude, Ling Shi found it hard to avoid feeling like he had been cheated.

“Ah, because I’m feeling happy… Having such a good comrade as you is truly great! I feel reassured! On stage, after ten minutes have passed, I’ll immediately make you leave!”

The first part of that, he refused to comment on. The middle part, he refused to comment on. The last part… Ling Shi deeply felt that Yin Shi still basically didn’t understand.

After ten minutes, he would immediately dispose of him? This wasn’t saving face at all, right?

“Is getting you to defeat me slowly that difficult?”

“Eh? Is defeating you quickly a bad thing? It’s not very painful, and I don’t want you to get hurt. Otherwise, what would I do if you couldn’t come over this evening?”

Ling Shi didn’t know what to say to that. Those words were open to misinterpretation, although he was fully aware that Yin Shi’s words were brainless.

No, did he actually have that thing called a brain?

“Also, you’re not allowed to use magic and curses. This is the Eastern City.” He absolutely had to warn him about this point. In the Eastern City’s public activity, in front of the entire city’s however many citizens, if Yin Shi used techniques from the Western City to show off, that would be too outrageous.

“Ah, let me use magic! I can pretend that it’s Shufa! Apart from Ying, no one would be able to tell!”

“If I tell you you’re not allowed to use it, then you’re not allowed to use it! It’s not like I’m telling you not to use swordsmanship, so it’s not that bad! Shufa Xuan’s rector!”

“Alright, alright…” Yin Shi’s vigor diminished. The more confined he was, the more unhappy he felt. He always felt suspicious about why he had to listen to Ling Shi’s words.

“You’re already here?” Luo Shi entered the rest area. When he saw them, he seemed amazed that they had arrived early. After all, Yin Shi was always doing all sorts of crazy things, messing things up and fooling around as if there wasn’t enough time, and then shamelessly showing up late. This time, he’d unexpectedly arrived early; it looked like all the credit should go to Ling Shi.

“Nn. I didn’t want this guy to make a careless mistake, do I dragged him over here first to educate him.”

“Educate him? Yin Shi can be taught?” Luo Shi’s tone sounded like he had just discovered that Yin Shi had a brain and looked towards him. Yin Shi refused to accept this.

“Xiao Luo Shi, how come you don’t know better than this? You’re following a bad example! That damn Wei Shi always says annoying things, you can’t follow his example!” After saying that, he still didn’t wait for Luo Shi’s reply. Because he suddenly thought of Wei Shi, Yin Shi jumped onto this other topic. “Ah, that’s right, Ling Shi, how is the demonstration competition conducted? You and I fight, and then, won’t Xiao Luo Shi and that damn Wei Shi fight? That’s too pitiful, that damn Wei Shi will certainly bully this child!”

Wei Shi never hung around the rest of them. He would feel uneasy being in the same space as them, so, before the competition started, it wasn’t very likely that Wei Shi would show up in the rest area. They could discuss freely without fear of him overhearing.

“Regretfully, that’s how it is,” Ling Shi confirmed his guess. This made Yin Shi immediately start worrying.

“Ah! What can we do? Old man, quickly thing of something! Although that damn Wei Shi is weak, Xiao Luo Shi is a red tassel, this is simply unfair!”

Only he, a pure black tassel monster, had the qualifications to call Wei Shi weak. No matter where you went, Wei Shi’s deep purple tassel didn’t fall short; only in front of Yin Shi could his strength be considered lacking.

“Luo Shi didn’t say anything. What do you do with all of your free time? In the end, who is it that keeps looking more and more like an old maid?” Ling Shi replied, swallowing the observation that as long as Luo Shi was carrying a cat, Wei Shi definitely wouldn’t harm a single hair on his head.

“It doesn’t matter to me, I’m also one of the five attendants.” Luo Shi’s personality was strong. Even though he also knew that Wei Shi would certainly defeat him, he still wasn’t afraid to fight.

“Xiao Luo Shi – ”

“The people who win the first two demonstration battles will fight each other. If you beat me, you can fight Wei Shi, there’s no need to be in such a hurry.”

“Eh? So that’s how it is! Then I’ll definitely eliminate you! I’ve wanted to beat Wei Shi to death for a long time!”


For the time being, regardless of whether he said ‘fight damn Wei Shi’ or ‘beat Wei Shi to death’ [T/N: “打,死違侍” VS。“打死, 違侍”Maybe it would be better to change this into something understandable in English, such as “regardless of whether he really wanted to beat Wei Shi to death or if it was just an expression”, since I can’t think of a good way to translate this play on words.], he only heard that Yin Shi, in order to come to blows with Wei Shi, said he wanted to eliminate him. Ling Shi’s thoughts took a dark turn.

However, telling Yin Shi that he was upset was no use. His standard course of action was always to not say a word, then transfer his revenge to Wei Shi. Wei Shi truly got any misfortune that he may have deserved.

“Xiao Luo Shi, I’ll help you get revenge!” Yin Shi patted Luo Shi’s thin shoulder in a ‘leave everything to me’ manner.

“…Fight or no fight, please don’t so quickly say that you’ll help me get revenge.” Not only did he make it sound like he was sure he would lose, he also made it sound like he was sure that he would lose very miserably. Black lines appeared on Luo Shi’s face. He didn’t have the slightest intention of accepting Yin Shi’s good will.

“Then should I ask Wei Shi to get vengeance on my behalf?” Ling Shi shot a glance at Yin Shi, not cold, not fervent, as he asked this question.

“Ah! Old man, how could you say such a thing? We’re comrades! Among comrades, there’s no such hatred, regardless of whatever happens!” Yin Shi seemed completely unable to understand why he asked such a question, and his face showed an astonished expression. He even placed a hand on Ling Shi’s forehead to make sure he didn’t have a fever. After deciding that his temperature was normal, he continued using a baffled expression to look at him.

“Sometimes, I really want to dismember you into ten thousand pieces,” Ling Shi said in a low voice.

Due to the time it took to arrive after class was dismissed, when Fan Tong and the others arrived at to watch the competition, it had already begun.

Because they showed up late, cramming their way through the crowd to the front was not at all easy. There were no good places, except for tall people who could see over the human wall. Even though the stage was elevated, it would be very difficult to see anything. Therefore, at Zhu Sha’s recommendation, they simply climbed onto the roof of a neighboring building to get a good view. There wasn’t even a need to fight the crowd.

Of course, Yue Tui pulled Fan Tong up.

“How long has it been over? Did we miss anything?”

Hearing Fan Tong’s strange statement, Zhu Sha gave him a look, then answered coldly, “If it’s already over, then we’ve completely missed it, so why do you need to ask?”

It’s merely the curse again, nothing more. Of course I know that it just started and hasn’t ended yet, I really do!

On the stage stood two people, Luo Shi and Wei Shi. They had asked around, and this should be the first match. It seemed they hadn’t arrived too late.

Standing on the stage, Luo Shi looked serious and one hundred percent cautious. Wei Shi maintained a constant expressionless face. Apart from the occasional sound of Fuzhou or Shufa being launched, there were n o other sounds.

In this match, it wasn’t very likely that anyone supported Wei Shi or cheered him on. As for Luo Shi… Even though everyone wanted to support him and hoped he would win, everyone knew from looking at his tassel that it simply wasn’t possible.

Moreover, the fight was rather boring. Luo Shi would make a move, which Wei Shi would counter without any trouble. Then, Wei Shi would casually launch an attack, and Luo Shi would become flustered dealing with it… Luo Shi could not do anything, and Wei Shi did not want to seriously fight him, so the fight turned into more of a teaching session, and was thus boring to watch.

“Oh… So this is what’s going on…” Fan Tong was a little suspicious about the demonstration competition. As far as he knew, shouldn’t a demonstration be less boring? Shouldn’t it be more hot-blooded and dynamic?

Even if they couldn’t advertise ‘participate in the competition, and you can become an expert’, couldn’t they at least give people the impression that ‘fighting is very exciting, you get to engage in a life-or-death situation’?

How come Lord Wei Shi feels it’s beneath his dignity to hit Luo Shi?

“Yue Tui, does Luo Shi have no hope?” Although Fan Tong himself thought that he had no hope, he still asked Yue Tui. In general, he felt that Yue Tui’s opinion was more credible than his.

“Nn. For Luo Shi to deal with Lord Wei Shi, it would be too difficult.”

Since Yue Tui said so, then there really is no hope. Luo Shi, you need to quickly admit defeat.

At this time, Luo Shi finished reading a Fuzhou, tossed the paper in the air, and it scattered in all directions, each link connecting and multiplying the attack’s power.

This Fuzhou was a fairly high-level skill. After Luo Shi successfully used it, Ling Shi, who was watching the fight, cheered up a little. However, he still lightly shook his head. He thought that the spell wasn’t bad; what a pity it still wouldn’t have any affect.

Sure enough, when the Fuzhou network appeared in front of Wei Shi, he easily made out the center of the Fuzhou and quickly struck out at it, breaking the entire network.

“Hmph, a minor accomplishment,” Wei Shi said. After breaking Luo Shi’s attack, he didn’t scramble to retaliate. It looked like he really didn’t intend to be active in this fight.

“Wei Shi! Do you want to fight or not?” Continually being treated to this uncaring approach, Luo Shi got the feeling that he was completely being looked down on. He knew that he was unable to defeat Wei Shi, but he thought Wei Shi should at least take their fight seriously.

“I’ll wait for you to upgrade to a purple tassel. I have no desire to fight you until then.” Wei Shi’s answer was clear – he simply didn’t consider Luo Shi a worthy opponent.

The volume of the people speaking on stage wasn’t deliberately low, so some of the spectators also heard them talking. A lot of people were disgusted with Wei Shi’s attitude.

“This person really looks down on others.” Zhu Sha furrowed his brows. Although he had never seen Wei Shi before, his first impression of him certainly wasn’t great.

Exactly! He’s a snob! If you look down on a child, sooner or later, you’ll make that child cry!

After hearing Wei Shi’s answer, Luo Shi’s face became taut. This wasn’t the first time Wei Shi had taken a jab at his inferior strength. Every time, he could only silently exercise patience, since he couldn’t come up with a way to refute him.

After clenching his fists and then releasing them, he gave his reply. “I admit defeat. I won’t fight.” Finished speaking, he immediately turned around and left the stage, going straight to the rest area. It seemed he had not interest in watching the following competition.

Since Luo Shi admitted defeat, the match was over. After the announcer declared the winner, Wei Shi also left the stage. Next was Yin Shi and Ling Shi’s match.

“Ah, ah, Ling Shi! Can I quickly finish this! I can’t wait ten minutes; I want to beat him up now! I won’t kill him, but I’ll at least handicap him!” Preparing to go on stage, Yin Shi looked ready to blow his top. Ling Shi looked towards him coldly.

“You can’t beat him up too much. Ying is also here, do you want to make Ying angry?”

“Hateful – why can’t I beat him up once? With that kind of person, it’s necessary to use fists to communicate and violence to settle disputes! If he always has it easy, there will be no justice!”

“It’s only because you’re an uncivilized person that you want to use this method.”

“Ah! Damn old man, whenever I’m mad at Wei Shi, you won’t take my side! What kind of comrade are you?” Yin Shi was flustered and exasperated, with no way to vent his anger.

“I’m also not on Wei Shi’s side. Hurry on stage, and don’t forget that you promised me ten minutes, big idiot.”

Yin Shi still wanted to say more, but it really was time to go on stage. He was forced to go with Ling Shi, and each of them went to stand in their corner of the stage.

“My brain is full of thoughts about that damn Wei Shi, how can I fight with you…” Before the match was announced, Yin Shi muttered one last sentence to himself.

“I forgot to say, although you will be failing on purpose, I probably won’t go easy on you.”

“Eh? Slow down! I’m not like you, who can’t be beaten to death – ”

However, as soon as the beginning of the competition was announced, Ling Shi drew a golden Fuzhou that filled the entire stage. It was the same skill that Luo Shi had used, but on an entirely different level. As soon as the Fuzhou took affect, it was almost as if billowing clouds were rolling towards Yin Shi.

He didn’t need paper to bring out the Fuzhou’s innate power – many people had heard that rumor. Now, they could see it with their own eyes and confirm that this rumor wasn’t fabricated. All of the rolling clouds exploded in sequence, not giving the target a chance to attack. At the same time, no one could see the hand that stopped the clouds midway. At the last moment, Yin Shi gained control of the situation. Ashen-faced and struggling to survive, he opened his mouth to scold.

“Damn old man! You’re trying to kill me! As soon as you turn your head, I’ll certainly get my revenge on you!”

“Oh? So there’s no ‘coming to an agreement between comrades, and not holding a grudge, regardless of what happens’?”

“You, you…” Having Ling Shi throw his words back at him, Yin Shi wanted to bite his own tongue. He didn’t reply for a while. In that time, waves of Fuzhou fire formed again and assaulted him, nearly knocking him off stage.

Ah, a woman with a fiendish mind…

Sitting on the roof and watching the competition, Fan Tong sighed with sorrow.

Although Lord Ling Shi is a man, using those words to describe his appearance is really quite suitable. Lord Yin Shi, if it comes down to brains, you have no chance of success. I think everyone strongly believes this.

However, Lord Ling Shi, do you guys really share a secret, deep hatred? Do you basically consider Lord Yin Shi to be an enemy from Luo Yue to fight? Is this lethality due to old, accumulated resentment? How do I say this, using your own comrade of many years, as target practice isn’t a good thing? Or do you have so much confidence that your storm of Fuzhou will give him a new lease on life?

Nn, how come it doesn’t look like he’ll be alright? Rather, it looks like you seriously want to kill him.

Fan Tong switched his gaze to the lively crowd, then the other side of the stage, and then towards Queen Xi Ying, who looked just like an ice sculpture as she watched the battle with a detached air.

Even if someone on stage were to die, Xi Ying looks like she wouldn’t interfere.

“Ah! Lord Yin Shi! Be careful – ”

“No! Don’t harm Lord Yin Shi – ”

“Go, Lord Ling Shi! Long live Lord Ling Shi!”

“Lord Ling Shi, you’ll definitely win!”

Off stage, the masses were split into two groups to cheer. One side, supporting Yin Shi, didn’t have a single man, while the side supporting Ling Shi was made up almost entirely of men. This kind of division was understandable; however, their fervor was headache inducing.

This kind of noisy atmosphere makes the demonstration competition feel more public. However, the girls supporting Yin Shi will make him more enthusiastic, while Ling Shi’s supporters will make him fight more viciously; there is a subtle difference here.

I’d say the girls supporting Lord Yin Shi have the advantage in numbers, but I also think there are more people who want to get rid of Lord Yin Shi. Because Lord Ling Shi has a gentle and beautiful face, no woman would have reason to kill him.

Fan Tong reasoned that a man like Yin Shi, who had handsome good looks, money, and status, could often stir up another man’s desire for murder.

It was a pity that, even though Ling Shi’s Fuzhou was extreme, Yin Shi still avoided the danger on stage, making a lot of noise as he worked hard to preserve his life. It seemed like he was having a difficult time, but that didn’t mean he was no match for his opponent. Fan Tong could only once again asked Yue Tui.

“Yue Tui, who will lose?”

Yue Tui looked engrossed in watching the competition. It wasn’t until he hard Fan Tong’s question that he came back to himself. He didn’t have to think about the question for long, so he quickly answered Fan Tong.

“Lord Yin Shi will only lose if he wants to; otherwise, he won’t lose.”

Oh? Meaning that the outcome of the battle rests completely in Lord Yin Shi’s hands, even if he was just chased down so miserably by Lord Ling Shi’s Fuzhou?

“Yue Tui, how do you figure that in?”

I’m saying ‘how did you figure that out’, thank you very much.

“Lord Yin Shi still hasn’t attacked…”

The majority of Yue Tui’s focus was probably on the demonstration competition, so he didn’t pay attention to Fan Tong’s strange speech.

He still hasn’t attacked? But wasn’t he forced to counter that attack?

Fan Tong resigned himself to not being able to tell what was going on. That being said, every time Yin Shi had fought before, he has always held some boring weapon. This time, in the rare demonstration competition, would he bring out some godly weapon?

Thinking about weapons, Puhahaha came to mind. Fan Tong became depressed again. Mop, why are you definitely a mop?


As if it was responding to his thoughts, Puhahaha sneezed in a very timely manner.

…You’re still sleeping, right? I think it would be better for me to not remember your existence.

I still want a handsome weapon, ah –

From the point of view of the spectators, the two people on stage had not yet reached the climax of their battle, but for those two, the competition had already entered its final stage.

Ling Shi’s fighting method seemed to involve not considering his next step after each action. He basically thought of the demonstration competition as a duel, but all he wanted to do was to seize control of the time while he had the advantage.

Did he really want to win that much?

He searched his heart; perhaps he was interested in seeking victory. Because he knew Yin Shi’s power, even if he were to win in a situation where Yin Shi was limiting his strength, he would count it as a victory.

If Yin Shi knew that he thought so, he would probably point his finger at his nose and yell something like ‘wouldn’t it be refreshing if you beat me once!’

Yin Shi wouldn’t understand. Perhaps the sudden deep competitiveness in his heart was due to the person he was fighting.

In the middle of battle he almost forgot everything and abandoned all reason, all constraints, and his heart seemed to be restored to its most primitive state – from birth he was meant to fight, and it was in order to defend victory that he was born.

Even so, he couldn’t compare to Yin Shi. Because of his nature, he was unable to step across the wide gap between their strengths.

Condensing his Fuzhou power into one move, Ling Shi lifted both hands. His left and right hands wrote Fuzhou at the same time, and when he released them, they perfectly fused together into an enormously powerful force, expanding instantly.

He watched as Yin Shi’s hand moved towards the sword at his waist. This movement hinted that he was going to use it for something, and at that moment, he finished his terrifying Fuzhou, the spell resolving into orderly rings of light and shooting straight towards Yin Shi. At the same time, he retreated as far as he could in response to the inevitable shock from his attack.

Victory or defeat would be decided with this.

This time, Yin Shi made a move.

He drew a broken sword from the sheath at his waist. From its dull luster, it was easy to tell that the weapon didn’t have a soul. It was only the lowest-leveled, forged to be defeated weapon, but in his hand, it pierced through the rings of Fuzhou light, causing them to explode, and no weapon could compare to its golden radiance.

That sword made the inseparably close rings of Fuzhou split up and collapse, using the greater power of his attack to defeat his opponent’s. That sword was missing its front half, but the blade extended into a sharp golden point resembling a normal sword blade. After breaking through the rings of seemingly invulnerable Fuzhou, it still unyieldingly swept towards Ling Shi.

After Ling Shi had attacked, he had already moved himself into a strictly defensive position. However, seeing the power Yin Shi was using, he already knew that no matter how many defensive barriers he put up, the final outcome would be the same.

Just as if it were tearing through empty space, that gold-tipped sword encountered no resistance, making a clear sound as it broke through the layered barriers. Since it penetrated too quickly, people got the misconception that it had only broken through one barrier, but in reality, that piercing sound was the overlapping sounds of multiple barriers breaking. Perhaps only Ling Shi himself was able to perceive this.

Just as that sharp ‘sword blade’ was about to clear his head from his neck, it was gripped forcefully and brought to a stop, the extremely sharp aura surrounding it cutting a few strands of Ling Shi’s hair.

Yin Shi was already right in front of him, and he felt the golden aura of the sword’s point barely a hair’s breadth away.

“Ten minutes, Ling Shi.”

On that extremely handsome face, there was a look that only appeared occasionally; a serious expression that meant he was not to be toyed with. But despite the crushing strike, Yin Shi still remembered propriety and didn’t injure him.

The clearest point was that he wreathed the blade in a brilliant gold color, and not the ice-cold, battle-ending silver color.

“Indeed, you didn’t agree to a second more.” Ling Shi felt helpless. In fact, the fight could still continue – after all, his most resilient defense wasn’t Fuzhou. But exposing too much of his strength to everyone around him wouldn’t do any good. This was only a demonstration competition, so it didn’t matter if he lost.

Even if he didn’t care if his audience would scared after seeing him receive no injury despite being chopped by a sword, if he continued like this, his odds of success weren’t very good.

Yin Shi didn’t even need to use all his strength; only seven of his skills were enough to defeat him.

“Ah? Damn old man, in the end, do you know what it was that you threw at me just a moment ago? If I waited another second, I would have been turned into scattered ashes and smoke! Do you admit defeat?” After hearing Ling Shi’s grumbling, Yin Shi hollered at him again. His cold and fearsome good looks from just a moment ago were completely obliterated, making many people sigh in disappointment.

“I admit defeat.” Ling Shi tranquilly surrendered. Only then did Yin Shi remove the gold light from the sword and return the broken sword to its sheath.

At the side of the stage, Xi Ying nodded her head, appearing to verify Yin Shi’s victory. After the announcer declared the winner, the young ladies supporting Yin Shi began cheering, releasing their stirred-up emotions. They felt admiration for the battle’s participants and applauded them continuously. Thus, the demonstration competition’s second battle was over.

“So, he’s the real deal,” Zhu Sha commented after the fight was finished. Fan Tong already didn’t want to find out what his previous opinion of Yin Shi was.

“Yue Tui! Was that not originally your knife?”

Why did it become a godly weapon in Lord Yin Shi’s hand? Then, didn’t you suffer a great loss by trading with him?

“It’s a sword, not a knife. That is indeed a broken weapon, there’s no doubt about that.” Compared to Fan Tong’s suspicions, Yue Tui did not think much about that sword.

Actually, Fan Tong was also well aware that, if it really was a godly weapon, the weapon shop’s boss wouldn’t have sold it to Yue Tui unless he were a blind person who didn’t know up from down. What’s more, that boss could sell him a mop for two hundred strings; if Yue Tui’s sword had any quality, he absolutely wouldn’t have given it to him for free.

“Yue Tui, what was that light? Why did it glow?”

“That’s…” Even though Yue Tui was typically the kind of person who answered questions if he could, when Fan Tong asked this question, he still hesitated. “I don’t know. It’s really not that important.”

In the end, Yue Tui drudged up an ambiguous answer again. He didn’t know why, but Fan Tong felt that he knew the answer and just didn’t want to say it.

After the winner of the second match was declared, the third match began.

Compared to the other two matches, this one made the spectators especially fired up. Almost the entire crowd was shouting for Yin Shi, enthusiastically cheering for his victory, each person influencing another and getting the entire crowd worked up.

The appearance of this one-sided favor was, of course, because Yin Shi’s opponent – Wei Shi – was too horrible. For a long time now, the New Residents had suffered his bullying, so they absolutely did not like him. He also appeared to suffer the dislike of many of the Natural Residents he tried to take care of. There actually weren’t many people who had a good opinion of him; this could probably only be blamed on how he conducted himself in failure, and how he behaved with excessive harshness in society.

Lord Yin Shi, do your best! Beat up Wei Shi until not even his mother would recognize him!

Fan Tong also inevitably yelled out the common opinion in his heart. Everyone probably wanted to beat up Wei Shi; in their hearts, they hoped to make use of Yin Shi’s strength to sort him out.

However, they didn’t know what was going on in the rest area at the time.

“You may not beat him until he’s permanently disabled, do you understand?” Ling Shi once again made this clear to Yin Shi.

“Even if Ying gets angry, she won’t stay angry for long!”

“That’s not the problem. You must depend on Ying, so how can her anger not move you? Won’t you be violating her expectations?”

Yin Shi wasn’t happy about being criticized by Ling Shi like this.

“When all is said and done, what does she expect? Does she expect that we’ll get along well? Does she expect me to lose to him? Those things are impossible!”

“She has not said as much. But if you cripple her only government official, are you prepared to sit at Shen Wang Dian all day long and handle all political affairs large and small? Who do you think has the ability to do that work, making it so that you can have free time to go out and run around every day?”

Yin Shi all of a sudden found himself at a loss, but very quickly, he continued to argue.

“Of course I don’t want to sit at Shen Wang Dian and handle those matters, but Wei Shi doesn’t handle them well! He’s basically a psycho! Isn’t choosing another government official better?”

After Wei Shi’s fight with Luo Shi finished, he hadn’t gone to the rest area. Instead, he had walked over to stand by Xi Ying’s side. After Yin Shi and Ling Shi’s match ended, Luo Shi had returned home, so it was only the two of them. Thus, Ling Shi decided to discuss matters openly.

“I understand what you’re saying; I admit that Wei Shi is a questionable person, but if it weren’t for Ying’s favor, he couldn’t promote his policies. Do you believe that Ying cares about national politics? She only wants to be able to defeat Luo Yue’s army, nothing more. The New Residents are a continuous source of soldiers to face danger, and the Eastern City’s population will soon mostly consist of them. Severe politics and war are merely for the purpose of getting rid of the weeds and keeping the flowers. She wants to keep the people she can use, so some New Residents are sentenced to death, even if this punishment doesn’t fit their crime. She would prefer to take ‘flowers’ and invest resources in them so that she can turn them into useful military personnel.” Speaking to this point, Ling Shi arrived at his conclusion.

“So, Ying uses Wei Shi, just like you said, and maybe even because she can’t find anyone she’s more satisfied with as a government official?” When Yin Shi heard his words, his first reaction was lifeless, and he found them difficult to accept. “How could it be like this? Even if it’s on this premise, this is just bullying, not gathering people together. How could it make the Eastern City’s people useful?”

“Ying doesn’t need the hearts and minds of the people, she doesn’t want sincerely loyal soldiers; she only wants to use their fear, and maybe their longing. As long as the pros and cons are relevant, they will listen to her commands.”

“Ling Shi, you… How could you say all this as if it were of no concern to you? Don’t tell me you think this is ok?”

“It doesn’t matter whether I think it’s ok, that’s not something I need to judge. Ying is our master, so we ought to support her and not pay attention to side issues. Don’t tell me you seriously want to stop her?” Ling Shi’s tone clearly said ‘How could you have never realized this matter? But you still have no control over it’. Yin Shi couldn’t come up with a reply.

He had no problem going out to have fun with New Residents, and when those New Resident girls blushed, he felt that they were very cute. He never wanted to harm them; however, he had never thought about what to do for them.

According to Ling Shi’s words, this was normal. There were too many people in the world, and they could only know and care about a small portion of them.

Was it like this?

Was it truly like this?

Yin Shi again thought that perhaps his brain was broken. He wasn’t good at pondering over these complicated matters.

“If you don’t go on stage, the audience may come tear apart the resting area.” Hearing that the crowd outside was becoming louder and louder, Ling Shi indifferently reminded him of the current issue.

“Ah! What! I also need to rest! So impatient!”

After all that, where had his inability to wait ten minutes to beat up Wei Shi gone? Ling Shi already didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

“Do you remember? You must not beat him until he’s disabled, you must not kill him, and you also must not use soul-purging force on him…”

“Ah – so damn wordy, how come I have to treat him the same way he treated Xiao Luo Shi?”

This wording was a little vague. Ling Shi felt unclear on what exactly he was going to do.

“Don’t use excessive force.”

“Hmph!” Yin Shi didn’t answer; he just directly pulled open the curtain and left the resting area.

Everyone looked towards Yin Shi when he appeared, and the cheers were already approaching thunderous levels. Wei Shi had been standing on the stage for quite a while, and after one look at him, his face immediately twisted with hatred.

“Making people wait, causing problems for others, is this your constant style?” After one look at the other person, Wei Shi coldly ridiculed him. This was their first step of interaction with each other.

“Ah, how long were you waiting? Don’t tell me you were waiting for me to come on stage so that I can properly make you admit defeat?”

“Who is admitting defeat?! If you want me to admit defeat, you’ll have to beat me fair and square!” He was quickly becoming infuriated; this was their second step of interaction with each other.

“Oh? I still think you’re afraid of me, will you not admit defeat? Are you certain you won’t admit defeat? No matter what happens, you won’t admit defeat in order to escape? Are you really so courageous?” Yin Shi used an inciting tone, challenging Wei Shi without restraint.

“Don’t speak so much nonsense! Do you believe that you have a one hundred percent chance of victory? If you want to fight, just fight, who would be afraid of a big-talking, uncivilized idiot?!” The third step was being driven mad and losing all reason. Afterwards, speaking was no use.

“Damn Wei Shi, you didn’t bring your weapon out first? You’re so weak, maybe once the battle starts, you won’t even have a chance to draw it.” Yin Shi extended two fingers to strike him, completely looking down on him and showing off.

“I’m already holding it!” Wei Shi looked like he was itching to take over the announcer’s job and announce the beginning of the match so that he could teach the disgusting enemy before him a lesson.

Even though the entire city didn’t believe he could so much as touch Yin Shi, his heart could never admit that he was weak compared to his opponent.

“A fan? What sissy weapon is that?” After discovering the folded fan in Wei Shi’s hand, Yin Shi completely disregarded the material it was made of and looked towards Wei Shi with a provoking gaze.

“Don’t tell me your brain is only filled with knives and swords! Such a narrow way of thinking!”

Thoroughly infuriating his opponent before the battle began could do one of two things; it could either cause his opponent to lose, or it could increase his opponent’s strength. Were it not for Yin Shi’s incredible strength, everyone truly would have felt that Wei Shi killing him was a distinct possibility.

The announcer’s voice was expectant as he announced the start of the match. After hearing the announcer’s voice, Yin Shi still stood uncaringly in his original place, waiting for Wei Shi to make a move.

Straightforwardly using martial arts to vent his anger, Wei Shi immediately sliced his fan towards Yin Shi. Yin Shi looked as if he wouldn’t dodge or avoid it, but just as Wei Shi’s attack was about to hit him, he dodged so quickly that he seemed to disappear.

Once he reappeared, he was already at the opposite corner of the stage, his hand holding a handkerchief as if he had just performed a magic trick. He meticulously held it out in front of him and spoke in a bored voice.

“Ah, a handkerchief? You don’t have anything more interesting on you?”

After looking at that handkerchief, Wei Shi suddenly realized that it was his own, and that Yin Shi had sneakily snatched it off his person. His face turned ashen.

“You thief, give it back to me!”

“Give it back to you? Won’t you come and fight me for it?”

Stricken with indignation, Wei Shi didn’t want to make any excessive moves. He wanted all of his attacks to land on Yin Shi, but he had once again lost all trace of Yin Shi’s presence.

“Oh, this is a little bell? Why did you bring this?” Yin Shi had a finger hooked through the cord of a small bell, swinging it around in a circle… He caught it, and then continued swinging it again.

“Stand still!”

“Oh, a seal.”


“Ah, a cookie. You brought food with you?”

“Shameless! You have no sense of shame!”

“No sense of shame? … Ah, I grabbed the wrong thing. I’ll return your belt to you. You won’t get upset, right?” Yin Shi gave an innocent look as he tossed Wei Shi’s belt back towards him. Wei Shi was already angry enough that he didn’t want to catch it, because doing so was practically accepting the other person’s charity.

“I am going to kill you –!”

The audience was in the awkward situation of not knowing whether to cheer. Sitting on the roof, Fan Tong was silent, caught up in the stupidity of the situation.

Lord Yin Shi, we came to see you sort him out, not to see you take liberties with him!

Like this, in public and in front of a large crowd, openly manipulating him is not right – don’t tell me that you’re going to carry out what you said at Xuan Dian and strip him in front of everyone…

Can I not watch? Ah, Yue Tui isn’t even an adult! Yue Tui, you also must not watch!

Don’t watch this harassment – in the end, just who is this exhibition for –

Fan Tong’s heart was indescribably stirred up. Yue Tui also looked dumbstruck, and Zhu Sha’s expression was unchanging, as if he didn’t know what to think.

And the farce on stage was still continuing.

“Damn Wei Shi, you brought so many things, do your pockets have a hundred treasures?” Yin Shi was always amazed at the new things he stole, though it was unknown whether his words were sincere.

“You’re such a thief! A filthy thief! Scum!”

Saying that he had been driven mad with rage was probably right. Yin Shi considered Wei Shi’s abuse to be unfounded.

“I just want to take a look, that’s all, why are you taking it so seriously? Silver thief? I didn’t steal your wallet.”

[T/N: Wei Shi called him淫賊but the first character, 淫, and the character for silver, 銀, are both pronounced ‘yín’]

Because he hadn’t taken that many things, apart from Wei Shi’s belt, which he had given back, Yin Shi had put everything else in his own pockets. After all, he felt that throwing them on the stage was unsightly, so it would be better to take them for his own; no one would know.

“Give back by hand-made puppet! It’s one-of-a-kind!”

“Didn’t I say you have to fight for it?” Yin Shi brought out that puppet again and showed it off, waving it in front of Wei Shi’s face.

“Give it back!”


“Give it back immediately! At once!”

“Ah, who told you to bring it on stage?”

At that, Wei Shi had enough. He threw himself in Yin Shi’s direction. Every time he reached out, he fell just a little short of reaching the thing in Yin Shi’s hand, but Yin Shi was deliberately allowing him to nearly grab it; he was toying with him.


The thing that Yin Shi had stolen from Wei Shi and was now showing off was truly an alarming thing.

Its form should not… Its form should not… Lord Wei Shi, why do you have these kinds of things? If you said it’s to plant evidence on Yin Shi to frame him for something, I could accept that as the truth, but looking at your attitude, it doesn’t seem like it…

“It’s really a pity that Luo Shi already left,” Yue Tui said suddenly.

Yue Tui… I say, if Luo Shi had remained here, he wouldn’t get any pleasure from this revenge. He would merely get to know more about Lord Wei Shi, that’s all…

Beside the stage, Xi Ying’s expression was just as indifferent as before. At her side, Ling Shi had also remained silent as he watched the competition up until this point.

“This stupid Yin Shi…” Ling Shi could not help lowering his head and covering his face. He didn’t know if he should continue watching, but he thought that if he went home, Yin Shi would run to find him after the match to share his ill-gotten things. He wasn’t sure if beating him up could save his brain.

Alright, he really hadn’t disabled Wei Shi, and he also hadn’t killed him. He hadn’t even bruised him, which meant that he had listened to Ling Shi’s explanation, but what should he say about this?

Ling Shi observed Xi Ying’s face from the corner of his eye, then looked at the humiliating scene on stage again. The Eastern City’s prestige, the Eastern City’s prestige, ah…

“Isn’t that enough?!” Wei Shi wasn’t attacking anymore; he was simply protecting his chest, afraid that something else would be stolen.

However, the fact that he still had anything left after being robbed so many times was quite amazing.

“Ah, I’m tired of being a small-time thief, I’d rather be a bandit.” After succeeding in snatching a spice bag, Yin Shi pointed towards Wei Shi’s head. “I’ll tell you in advance, I’m going to steal your hat.”


Afterwards, there was a ‘whoosh’ sound, and just like that, Yin Shi robbed him. He appeared behind Wei Shi, and Wei Shi’s hat was already in his hand.

“You barbarian, what exactly are you trying to do!”

“What would be good to steal? Ah, that’s right, your glasses.” Yin Shi simply ignored his protests, using his far greater speed to get a hold of his glasses.


Losing his glasses, Wei Shi immediately sliced in a vague direction, his unstable movements making it difficult even to curse. If resentment could kill, perhaps Yin Shi would have already been hacked into a thousand pieces.

“Is there anything left to steal…? Ah, do you finally want to admit defeat? If you say that your skill is inferior, admit that you can’t go on…”

“Absolutely not!”

If the rest of Wei Shi’s things were too far away to steal, then maybe he could maintain some self-respect, although at this time, too much self-respect wouldn’t do him any good.

You’re just going around in a big circle, trying to get him to admit defeat with his own mouth… Out of the entire audience, more than half of them were speechless and thinking something along those lines.

“This is a demonstration match, and you’re only showing off these dirty tricks. You’re not fighting honestly; I’m going to sue you for violating the rules!”

“Ah, I stole and stole, robbed and robbed, aren’t you too slow in getting around to this point?” Yin Shi’s tone of voice succeeded in its goal of further infuriating Wei Shi, but since Wei Shi had put forth that suggestion, they decided to get another person to settle this dispute. Thus, they both looked towards Xi Ying.

However, since no one had actually asked her a question, Xi Ying didn’t give any instructions. Suddenly, since Yin Shi wasn’t standing very far away from him, Wei Shi hatefully grasped his fan and struck out ruthlessly.

Of course, he did it out of resentment for being toyed with. Since Yin Shi’s attention was on Xi Ying, he didn’t move until the fan cut into him, the sharpness making him cry out in surprise. Even though he retreated without delay, he was still a little slow, the sharp fan leaving a shallow, bloody cut on the left side of his upper chest and neck.

“Yin Shi!” When he saw Yin Shi injured, Ling Shi stood up in astonishment, but at his side, Xi Ying was even faster, and her voice had a rare hint of panic to it. All of a sudden, she vanished from her terrace and appeared in front of Yin Shi, urgently wanting to look at his wound.

“Ying, it’s nothing, don’t make a fuss about nothing…” Looking at Xi Ying’s outstretched hand that was too close to his body, Yin Shi felt a little uneasy, but he didn’t dare recoil. Wei Shi grit his teeth at the side; the Queen came on stage to intervene, so this fight naturally wouldn’t continue.

“This competition is over! Wei Shi, stay behind and sort things out.” Xi Ying used a severe voice to give her orders, and then looked at Yin Shi. “Come with me.”

“Oh…” Yin Shi didn’t say anything more. Xi Ying could always make him feel as if he was in the wrong.

He silently followed after Xi Ying and left. Ling Shi came down from the terrace and kept pace with them, and on the originally noisy stage, the only person left in charge of the situation was Wei Shi.

However… Before he left, Yin Shi hadn’t returned Wei Shi’s glasses, which was a little cruel.

Fan Tong’s Afterword

The surprising end to the demonstration competition was truly beyond anyone’s expectations.

Ah, seeing those few fights seem to have shortened my life by a few years, how did this happen?

Lord Yin Shi, you clearly wanted to go up there and sort out Lord Wei Shi, but instead, you got yourself injured, this is truly laughable. Was it to teach us a lesson, letting us know that it never pays to be careless?

After this, will you wear your armor? It’s still no use! Lord Wei Shi cut you in a place that you don’t have armor for, and he couldn’t even see clearly because you stole his glasses! Are you just really unlucky?

But the fortune from Xuan Dian came true. This should be considered a ‘bloody disaster’, right? Because the words on Yin Shi’s fortune aren’t nearly as numerous as those on Yue Tui’s, it was only a small injury?

If it’s that accurate, then I’m worried about Yue Tui. Regardless of the fortune he drew, there was still Zhu Sha’s fortune to consider…

Oh right, also, also, I think Queen Xi Ying showed emotion when she saw Lord Yin Shi injured, which is very unusual.

She ordinarily looks indifferent, but when Lord Yin Shi was injured, Her Majesty’s entire face changed. Compared to the burns from the driven fire spell, the injuries from being trampled by a moshou, etc., that obviously tiny injury was not worth paying attention to! When my injuries killed me, no one looked at me so nervously…

Adultery! You’re having an affair! I smell adultery!

Sure enough, Lord Yin Shi is unjustly handsome, has he already won over Her Majesty?

This world is indeed too unfair – one man can have so many women, this is such an uneven distribution! No wonder there are so many pathetic guys who can’t find a partner, like me…

Even Yue Tui’s circumstances are better; so far, he only has half a woman, so his chances of romance are difficult to determine…

If I had the chance, if it weren’t for my unshakeable mouth breaking my feng shui, I would certainly study even more to increase my knowledge about marriages predestined by fate. After all, wasn’t that my best moneymaking knowledge up until recently?

Most importantly, after studying, I would immediately put my knowledge into practice to help myself find a life companion…

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