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People often revisit the past to sort out their memories in order to avoid forgetting things. A person of my nature also has this good habit.

Before looking backwards, I’ll greet everyone first. Hello everybody!

Now then, the years flew by in a blur, time marched on in an unforgiving manner, and before I knew it, many long years have passed… Actually, not much time has passed at all. In the end, we’re still stuck on the mission of killing chickens and plucking their feathers. Of course, my name hasn’t changed in this short amount of time either; I’m still called Fan Tong.

Now for my routine advertisement for a girlfriend. I’m still the same as before. I’m an honest and sincere person who doesn’t have any bad habits. I’ve never gambled, smoked, or drank. If a kind, considerate, and gentle young miss who could ignore my speech problem could come along and marry me despite my faults, I would be extremely happy. Her appearance and social standing wouldn’t matter, I only look at what’s on the inside. Of course, if a beautiful girl passed by me on the road, I still wouldn’t be able to resist looking back at her a few times.

Hey hey, what do you mean Yue Tui fits my requirements very well! Please, the most basic requirement among all those is that my marriage partner is a “girl!” I only want a girl, anything else is impossible! Men and transsexuals are out of the question! She must also be human!

Ahem. In these few weeks, besides killing chickens, we’ve done many other things. For example, we attended school, ate, and toured around Shen Wang Dian… The most heart-breaking thing out of all of those was when we went to buy weapons. Yue Tui and I now both have weapons, but I don’t feel happy about it at all. My life in this world is filled with despair.

Now that I’ve also been declared hopeless in Fuzhou, can anyone tell me exactly what I can rely on to become stronger? How am I going to find my place in the Eastern City and become a respected man now? I have no money, no power, and no woman. I’m nearly a destitute man. In the end, what is my reason to continue living? Why should I struggle not to die? I even have a huge debt on my head. Right now, I just need a friend to pat me on the shoulder and tell me, “Fan Tong, you need to be strong and keep on living. We really need you.” Unfortunately! I don’t have anyone at my side at the moment.

Can anyone tell me what that thing was? We were all collecting chicken feathers, but then that strange thing suddenly appeared and scattered everyone. I have no idea what happened and I don’t know where I am right now. Moreover, I seem to have lost my Fuzhou communication charm as well.

I wonder if this is a good time to carry out the plan I was thinking about before we left? I commit suicide and abandon Puhahaha―that is, my unremarkable mop (I really don’t want to call it my weapon)―then I can conveniently return to the rebirth pond and not have to worry about being lost. It’s just that, if I go down like that, my debt will reach as high as the sky and I won’t be able to repay it this whole lifetime.

Yue Tui! Zhu Sha! Where are you? I’d be happy even if Luo Shi were the one to drop out of the sky right now! This place doesn’t look like a great place to be lost in. What am I going to do if some beast shows up? Someone, quickly save me! Right now, the only thing accompanying me is that unreliable mop, although it still insists on being called a horsetail whisk. In short, sigh, I have no one to depend on.

All right, let’s see how unfortunate I can be. I really haven’t given up on my life! I just… got so used to saying the opposite of what I really meant that even my thoughts have been jumbled. That’s all really.


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Translator: Saviesa
Proofreaders: VRVain, Sherry, Nannyn

The term is supposed to be 青平風暴 (qīng píng fēng bào), which translates to “a teal storm from the plains.” Fan Tong misheard it as 青苹疯豹 (qīng píng fēng bào), which translates to “a crazy, apple green leopard.” As one can see, the two terms have the same pronunciation, hence why Fan Tong misheard it.

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  1. i says:

    Wouldn’t that translate to windstorm from the cyan lands?

    • Nannyn says:

      Well, it’s described as a natural phenomenon in the next chapter, so I think it’s only a description term used for storms. Similar to how we sometimes refer to storms as El Niño or La Niña. In any case, we’ll just be leaving it as “Qing Ping Storm.”

  2. teckie says:

    lol xD that last part… that’ so sad xD

    thanks for the chapter!! :D

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