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I just wanted to clear up the events that have happened so far. I know everyone’s forgetful. I am too.

My name is Fan Tong, Hmm— At least this isn’t something that’s easily forgotten. That’s the good part about my name. I died for some reason, and came to a world called Huan Shi. Currently, I live here as a New Resident of The Eastern City. I was a total star after coming here, amazing everyone around me. Because I was exceptionally talented, my skills improved rapidly each day. Everyone adored and respected me, and thousands of young girls held crushes on me. I can be considered one of the most famous celebrities in The Eastern City nowadays. My future is unlimited and my charisma unequaled…

Okay, I know. No one would believe that. Even I wouldn’t believe what I’d just said. I just wanted to satisfy myself a bit, you know. It’s not like it bothered anyone, did it? Everyone dreams of becoming an important figure and becoming great by following their dreams. Is there really a need to keep reminding me of my tragic fate by mentioning that eyesore of a white tassel?

Let me start over. I’m Fan Tong, and I only found out I died after coming here. I’ve been deemed talentless in Shufa, and Wushu just isn’t a match for me. I think the only subject worth studying would be Fuzhou. Black, purple, red, blue, green, white. As of now, I hold the lowest of them all, a white tassel that indicates I am useless and have no salary. I have died five times in this world so far and now hold a debt of one hundred ninety-five strings. My first friend is called Yue Tui. We both live in dorm room 444, along with another roommate called Zhu Sha.

There’s something important on top of this. I’m currently single and have very few female friends. I don’t look for much. If you’re a kind, understanding person that can withstand my irregular speech, we can tie the knot with each other. I’m being serious.

What am I doing now? Some companions and I are trying to kill chickens along with the people in Resource Area 1. Why do we have to kill chickens? Because we need their feathers and skin. Don’t correct my idiom. This is humor, humor! Fan Tong-style humor!

According to my precise calculations, if we’re to all finish this honorable chicken-killing mission, we must kill one thousand two hundred chickens. Yet, we haven’t progressed through even a fraction of the task as not even one chicken has been killed. We’ve got a denominator without a numerator. The situation is perilous.

As for our comrades, there’s this pretty girl called Bi Rou who stood up against the evil forces who were bullying us, and she… called for help. She didn’t look like she was going to fight with them herself, but it’s fine calling for backup. It’s just that the person who’d arrived… looking at him from any perspective, he’s just a bit too odd, isn’t he?

In all honesty, I’m really grateful this person decided to teleport here using Shufa. As for being killed by a beast trampling all over you, I don’t want to experience it a second time.

If your riding skills suck, don’t try it! If you can’t control a beast, don’t bring it out! If he really did ride the moshou here, according to everyone’s level of luck here, I can still say I’d still be the one to get hit and die. That’s why stupid actions like that should not be allowed.

Alright, the expert is here now. Does our glorious chicken mission have hope now?




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